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  1. The makes me happy in places, I hope that they have a password system in place for friends to join each other and they fix that fucking tree you have to scale with the petrifaction toads and mushrooms
  2. Have you join the ps4 rooms? If so post a msg in the rooms people will run monster hunter with you. If not look for the room sign up sheet in the ps4 side of the forums. or msg WITHASTICK.
  3. is this turning in to a staff chat thread?
  4. I plan on seeing what happens in the next couple weeks and see what members and such look like and then i'll be posting event nights and such very loosely " managing a community thing, but non the less for events to remain there must be turn out to make it worth time investment to plan and host events with out clan options. With that being said i'll need all participants to add me to the psn so i can inform you about plans an events coming up starting hopefully April 1st week and no this isn't some fool nonsense but it would be funny, with the amount of research and planning going in to this I'm not looking to waste it on a joke so be patient as we get this figured out.
  5. my best recommendation is to add people to your friends list from this thread and i can host random events for leveling, HM's, dark zones with gear and weapon farms
  6. Apparently there is no ingame Clan system as of yet so I apologize for the hype on a game that shit the bed on clan systems. I'll update you if they add it later.
  7. "Kevin on Facebook asks:How many players will be part of a clan/guild? Right now we have no plans to cap the number of players who can be affiliated to any particular clan. We are also looking to have a very extensive web-based clan support system for all players in The Division. But we should have more to come around all this soon."
  8. The first order of business is to get the current RSVP's in the clan, It will take awhile to get everyone in but the hierarchy will determine the events line up and such (hierarchy will be made up of people with experience in the way clan systems work and keeping a peaceful interaction all around) I will start addind members tomorrow, So if I'm not responding to people right away it is most likely I'm adding members or getting coffee. So don't worry if you RSVP'ed I'll get to you an those who RSVP'ed through PSN friend requests I need a msg through the psn because it doesn't save who RSVP'ed through the Friend msg, So if i missed added you just shoot me a msg like " Hey asshole you forgot me or a formal msg will work its cool either way. I'll speak with my commander about if we need to set base exceptions from members but if we do it will pretty much just be respectful with each other and all the basic stuff that pretty much doesn't need to be said but we will determine this within the week an let you know Thanks Nerds, SyrupyWolf
  9. I'll have our commander add you to the ps4 chat rooms and I'll add you to the friends list
  10. Any game night questions should be directed to Recon_avwf I'm just his GN host you sly mofo that neat lol
  11. 90% guys feeling like we are the living definition of "Sausage Fest"
  12. I'm looking in to playing some PC games like the free to plays for now cause my rig is trash an I'm currently building a new rig http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/hshCGX . So i'll play around on pc but its a place for where Stick doesnt need me i'll do a pc things, If need someone to run something let me know i'll let you know if I can.
  13. The adding and creation of the clan will take awhile to have it configured correctly so your clan invites maybe delayed but it will get to you so don't worry if it takes awhile to get invited.
  14. Due to recent news about The Division. It is not required to have to season pass for Clan content, I'm trying to make this as open to the community as possible so don't stress if you cant get the season pass.
  15. Hey fellow Nerds, I'm a Game Nights host on the PS4 and through maybe I can help out more then just once a week on the Games Night so I decided to choose the path of hosting the PS4 AJSA Community Clan so if your interested shot me a msg here or on the PSN letting me know what your looking for ex. "Wanna Join the Division Clan" PSN ID : I know its still a ways off but if we can get a list of all the names we can see if there is a cap and plan according So my fellow nerds let me know so we can let this Clan implementation go as planned