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  1. I am currently the only remaining officer (Barring Niels Juel) in the Guns of Icarus game. Artose and the others have joined another clan, and I'll probably be leaving them shortly. But that will leave the clan with no officer to do the general officer stuff. So there will be a meeting on Friday (Check the in game clan page for details). Please join and spread the word. I'm trying to see if either I can set up decent leadership for the few remaining active members, or give them the correct information. If you have any questions at all, please contact Church Shepard on steam
  2. Pyramidion Combat Wombat class Developed by Niels Juel Opening Note The Combat Wombat is designed to strip balloons and weapons, but not to directly destroy the target. It’s a disabler, made to drop the ship fast, and allow allies to finish them off with more hull damaging weapons. This doesn’t mean the Wombat is incapable of dealing a kill, it simply takes far longer than that of another ship. The advantage to this, is that the Wombat, if flown properly, receives very little damage. Weapons The forward guns of the Wombat, are its most important feature, as is the case with most Pyramidions. Gunslot 1- Flamer Gunslot 2- Carronade Gunslot 3- Flamer/Gatling Gunslot 4- Misc Slot one is the gunner’s seat, and should only remain as such. Their job is to burn the enemy, a rather simple task that even the lowest levels should be able to manage. Slot two is reserved for the gun-gineer, and should be placed next to the balloon. This allows an engineer to keep careful watch over both firing, and the health of your balloon. They should also keep the flamer from falling into disarray. Gunslot three allows for some flexibility, depending on what you need. This is only if your main engineer is able to shoot, and no repairs are needed to be made. With it, you can position an enemy ship into the arcs of all three guns. You may wish to bring the flamer, to lay on the disabling effect even further, or the gatling to strip the enemy armor right before it reaches the ground. The final slot is reserved for utility, and should be equipped with something you might need during the flight Crew Equipment The gunner is to remain on the flamer, bringing lesmok and heatsink is a mandatory. The third ammo can be flexible, but it is recommend to bring burst, as it does a bit more damage at closer range. Gun-gineer can bring either heavy ammo, to give you a bit more range with the carronade, or greased, which allows for very up close fighting. This engineer can bring chemspray, or an extinguisher, depending on the circumstance. The final engineer should have lesmok ammo, as it is useful for both the gatling and the flamer. Otherwise, they can run a standard set, or a buff, all determined by the Captain’s preference, or the engineer’s skill. Repair When every crew member is needed to repair, there is a very easy and efficient way to do it. The main engineer should babysit armor, if carrying a standard set, they should repeatedly hit it with the spanner. This is to avoid the quick strip from an enemy gatling. The gun-gineer should jump down and assist with the engines, being able to hit all three in a big swoop, and then quickly switch to armor if it goes red. The gunner, he is to babysit the balloon, until the Captain wishes him to return to gun. In which case, the gunner drops everything and returns immediately to the flamer.
  3. It's time we had an official guidebook for ship's and appropriate equipment to use for them. As such, this topic will be periodically updated with different strategies Captains may wish to try with their crews. Or it may be used as a starting point when developing your own ship and strategy.
  4. Church Shepard reporting for duty!
  5. For those of you who were unable to join us during our meeting on Saturday, here's a quick rundown of what you missed. We have a new facebook group and twitter account. We'd like you all to follow us there, if you are able to at all. Facebook: http://https://www.facebook.com/pages/AJSA-Guns-of-Icarus-Clan/504486779693271 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajsagoi We'll be posting news and events there, as well as in the forums and steam groups. If you have any questions pertaining to this, please contact Geze. There is also some new information for all those part of the clan in game. We're adding a new fleet system dynamic, in order to better get a handle on those who are actively playing in game. This is going to work similar to a military hierarchy. We will have admirals, who are the head of fleets. Each fleet will consist of captains who are in charge of specific ship crews. These captains will be in charge of crews and will have some free reign on what they have to do with them. If you do not have an assigned ship, or would like to be a captain, please contact Church Shepard either in game or on the team speak (You can also reach me on twitter @ChurchShepard). Everyone will be a part of a crew. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. Is anyone still actively playing this game? I've joined the team speak for it every time I've played, but I haven't seen a soul pass through there. If you're on PC and want to play, please hit me up. Would love to actually get a proper squad for this game and have a fun go at it! -Shepard
  7. Hey guys, we're looking for ideas for fun community events to run in game. Go ahead and shoot out some things you want to do, or have seen done around the community. We're just looking for some rough ideas, so no one has a bad one. Share all that you would like. -Shepard out
  8. Haha! Oh the times spent with my poks and ASSFACE were indeed numerous and enjoyable. We may just have to destroy them first, for Nostalgia's sake.
  9. Good suggestions there mates! I'll be searching them up, and getting into contact with their leaders. If you are able, point them my way. I've become the head of the war. Now, I need some members to volunteer for ships. We're going to war here, I need some bloody grunts for the front lines. Give me your ingame names, and tell me when you'll be on next. We'll put you on a ship, and get you a captain.
  10. Alright, to help increase turnout, we've decided to start us a little war. So if you are at all interested in a grand war for Angry supremacy in the skies, please post accordingly. Go ahead and give us ideas of clans who you may have a secret vendetta against. We won't be ready for battle for now, but I hope you are all willing to take up arms for the fight ahead.
  11. This is well written and rather informative. I will fins myself coming back if I have need for a goldfish
  12. My body is ready for this hopefully epic civ game
  13. Perhaps I should introduce myself as well. The names Shepard, Church Shepard. I've been playing GoIO for a bit now and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. The only personal stuff I'll say is I'm male and a nerd, as anyone will see by any of my ship names. I hope to see everyone in the skies =D
  14. I've seen community events where people play games with themes such as Mine Monday where everyone puts mines on the ships. We could do something similar.
  15. I would like to also say a way to help join the clan faster. If you're able to go online try to friend the sergeants such as myself and message us if you see us come online. The longer you are online the more likely you will be able to find us.