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  1. I dont like: Bromando and Bro in black for the same reason: the destruction caused by their weapon in often getting me killed...and it seems I cant live long whenever I play with Brochete...so i dont like him either I realy like: Snake brokin (long range primary weapon) and Brodell walker (super awesome secondary weapon)...if I want to get far in a level those are the bros i count on. THE BEST BRO (IMO): MacBrover: playing with him is not only more challenging but its also more fun. Sticking bombs to caratecters and seeing them run hopelessly until they explode is too funny. And like i said passing a level with Macbrover is just a little more complicated than with any other bro. I still realy like all the other bros, they just didnt do as much of an impression on me.
  2. It is and will remain a very good game...definitely in
  3. GTAV....you dont have to spend your time refusing to waste time with roman or other dudes/girls...Los Santos is wayyyyy bigger than liberty city and the gameplay itself is far more better than in GTAIV.. its like playing a movie ....for days. The MP is also far more superior in GTAV in its online version....
  4. Bienvenu parmis nous et salutations de MTL! @ topoblack and legionQC happy to see that the AJSA is developing a network in Quebec
  5. Just sent the invite request for ps3 crew... nickname: s.j.g.d. Thanks
  6. As long there is hope, there is life... http://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-seeking-dev-to-make-game-in-well-loved-strategy-series/1100-6419490/ ...What stresses me though is that im as much exited to see one of these titles resurected than im anxious that they will ruin such classic games :S... I still prefer to see that glass half full...
  7. China is a good mid-game warmonger (the chu-ku-nu replace the arbalester and you get great general twice as fast with your UA)...GIven that, you should aim for a domination victory, especially since by taking that route, your preventing other players to get the cultural victory as fast...if you get a couple city-states in the process, youre also preventing a future diplo-victory from an opponent. The best way to play any game of civ 5 (or civ 4) is sinergy, i.e. combine the advantages of your UU, UB and UA with your civilisation developpment (wonders, policies, religion)...so dont be shy to go to the civilopedia before starting a wonder or picking up a policy, as how to make it more usefull for you than it would be for other civs...exemple: Temple of Artemis gets you +15% in ranged units porduction...wich is handy too pour out chu ku nu in the middle age to march toward the domination victory. Im not telling you to learn all the game's mechanics by heart, but when your not sure of the usefullness of a desicion...go to the civilopedia, it take 5 seconds. If youre interested, there is a bunch of guides on steam that are pretty helpfull to grasp the power of sinergy, that tells you how not to waste (oh so precious) turns in the early game, bref they tell you how to make the best out of a civ. I personnaly like the ones by Zigzagzigal, but he asnt made one for china in BNW as far as i know...but there are still other simple but helpful guides out there ...here is one : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetai/?id=213044270 But yeah...B17 are deadly in the late game...and domination is surely more tough when 95% of the world is going for the same objective. Sounds like a fun game you had, even though you didnt won Civ is just the best
  8. I know it doesnt...but i see Hulk Hogan fitting pretty well in that game...If not, ltn. Albro Raine from inglorious basterds...clubing peoples heads or carving their forehead (litlle hard with broforce's graphics)...But Jackie Chan is probably not there because he doesnt sweat american patriotism like all the other caracters...in that way, a captain america parody could be fitting too. Just love this game!
  9. Broforce!!!!!! and SP: stick of thruth....both awesome and NOT borring
  10. Just join the army and as my first move, I give my worthy support to this idea! The steam group is also a good backup solution for AJSA civ 5 players. Ill join your group on Steam...got pretty much all the DLC's (except scrambled nations) and i cant wait to play against humans insteat of the predictible ai!
  11. @DemonsColt yeah of course!!! @nickyzhere i'll do that Sir!
  12. Well I discovered the angry joe show recently and for all the money it made me save, the least I can do is adding my support to your work. What you do is really usefull so im pround of being part of the AJSA, even though i feel like a complete noob. Im a huge fan of the civilization franchise...I played a big lot of each civ 3, civ 4 and civ 5, witch is finally worthy of name since BNW. I also enjoy other country rulling/empire managing games like EU4, CK2, AoE2...even smaller games like Catan and especially Memoir 44. These games beign all on Steam, if you like the genre, I reccomand TripleA (axis and allies) witch is updated frequently and offer tons of maps and modding. Its not on Steam though. A part from that i recently got addicted to Broforce...really addicted...but my idiot friends refuse to buy it because <<it stinks american patriotism>>.........thats the whole point of the game....anyway getting out of track here. On PS3, I mostly play EA's NHL latest edition (when youre from Montreal...), but have allot of fun with GTA5 and pretty much every big rockstar titles (Red Dead, LA noire, GTA 4). Just bought the South Park game thanks to Angry Joe's Review and so far its a lot of laughters. So i think thats it...I hope im playing at least one game similar with the AJSA...If not im sure i will enjoy finding new games in witch ill be able to play with the community! SJGD