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  1. Why do you use another's sign of bad ass in your review?
  2. Those two categories are blending a lot these day, you can easily count Final Fantasy, Shadownrun and Warhammer as both, but they can not be great without both fantasy and gun, and this list is awful short for the thread's title. But, I have to say I prefer fantasy. Fantasy means more dream. Fantasy game has a lot of title out there, great exclusive Fantasy genre games are much more easier to find, and enough to call a treasure. You just have to find a true geek of your genre and ask away. But maybe that's why you come here.
  3. Having time to ask oneself this question means ones just don't know what they want to play, what style of game they need or which game should they play, regardless of their knowledge of gaming, bot physical and digital. This is not reaching gaming puberty, ones simply feel bored. I find wonder in games from time to time, back from 199x games to this day. Last time? Witcher 3 hand down. Before that? Metro series. And then, Agricola board game. So on... The point to this question is why you are playing? The game's world is vast, ones have to look more. Good luck.
  4. This is internet, unless you are hosting a party for female gamers only, you should aware that women gaming as hard as men nowadays. In general, I don't see many people goes around the board and saying "Hello, I'm a guy/girl." Everything is because thought's progress, by default, whenever you a nickname you call it "him".
  5. If it's not in the game already, I like everything(soldier stats, event, number of foes in one mission, ...) happen at random, not follow the course of the game.
  6. Totally agree with Mad Max at top ten of any list.
  7. Game in fun when playing with friend, offer 2 ways to play, challenge yourself in hard and troll your friend in easy. No guild present in game, though, only party of 4.
  8. Arcania fall of Setarrif is a standalone expansion, which means you don't need the base game. It continues the story of the base game.
  9. Other than what said above, the game itself is actually nice to play, but you may find COH1 more appealing than COH2.
  10. You should try Princess Maker 4, imo, it's the best in the series.
  11. Just don't kill the girl, please.
  12. Very nice.
  13. Well, their milestone is not stop there. As I can see, with double the money, the game expands, like, to a full game?
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ysnet/shenmue-3 Is this everyone, who is shenmue fan, dream? Let this spread out and help them make our dream come true. Sign a letter to make it comes with English version too.