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  1. wrangman liked a post in a topic by TracyJackson in Forgive me Lord Joe for i have sinned   
    There's plenty of games that I will play regardless of if it's good or bad. Those are the only ones that I'll just go ahead and preorder. Otherwise, I'll wait for launch day or an early review from my usual review sites.
    Like I've already preordered Halo 5, Fallout 4, Deus Ex, and XCom 2. But those are the 4 games that I am 100% positive I will be playing either way.
    But just don't randomly preorder games...don't do it for every games, just the ones you are absolutely sure you will be playing on launch day.
  2. Mr. Molotov liked a post in a topic by TracyJackson in [Forum Game] The Banned Game   
    banned for indirectly causing the Red Scare and Joseph McCarthy.
  3. Corporate Agent liked a post in a topic by TracyJackson in Forgive me Lord Joe for i have sinned   
    I have every Halo games, and have spent over 120 hours on every Halo games...especially Halo 3, which I've logged close to 500hrs in it.
    I know that I will play Halo...if it's good, if it's bad, I'll still be playing it for a couple hundreds hours in the end. So that's why I preordered Halo 5...but yeah, people need to be careful with this. Don't preorder games that you are iffy about...just DON'T!
  4. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by TracyJackson in One Life, A Game That Locks You Out When You Die   
    Kind of weird, I down-voted it on Steam. But! But, I hopes this gets Greenlit...I just want to see the rage from all the videos. It's gonna be hilarious!
  5. Brokensteel119 liked a post in a topic by TracyJackson in Fallout 4 Pre-Order   
    I'd say wait...but I still have a lot of trust that Fallout 4 will not disappoint.
  6. DoctorEvil liked a post in a topic by TracyJackson in Newcomer TracyJackson checking in!   
    Hello all, been a long-time fan of the AngryJoe channel myself! I first found AJ via one of his Angry Reviews back in 2011, and have been a fan of his YT channel ever since. I've also followed Joe's Twitch channel for almost 2 years now, and decided to come here and check out the community. Figured it's about time I did!
    Personally, I'm an attorney in the state of New York. I works at JPMorgan Chase in NYC at the main office, technically as a Legal Compliance officer for them...in theory that is. I'm really just a lawyer who shakes hands with JPM's corporate and political clients and try to keep them happy and their investments within the company, instead of elsewhere. I was born in the UK (Londoner for 7yrs), but moved and grew up mostly in Texas. Spent the last 13 years in and out of the Houston area, and 2 years in New York City before the family moved down south.
    Sport-wise...I'm a staunch supporter of the Texas Longhorns, the Houston Astros and Rockets, flips between the Texans and Patriots, and a Chelsea person for football/soccer.
    Gaming-wise...I've been a long-time fan of Halo, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Swtor, Fallout, CSGO...and erm, yeah, Madden. I've read up on almost every publications for Halo and Dragon Age. Currently reading Halo: Glasslands...it's pretty good so far!
    I loves AJ's brutal honesty when it comes to game reviews...and his antics, of course. That, and I sort of needs a community to settle down in (been an officer and Board member for 4 different gaming clans before). Hoping to be here for a long time yet!