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  1. I haven't played it yet but it looks to me like it's definitely worth it if you enjoyed destiny 1 and you really wish you could play it on a pc. If you didn't try destiny 1 BECAUSE you can't play it on pc... Well let's just say I enjoyed 1 more than I ever though I'd enjoy an fps on a console. I mean I love my consoles but I would never play a fps game on a console if I ever had the choice. I think my pc is too old for 2 though qq. Upgrading hurts right now too cuz the price of pc components is sky high atm cuz of stupid e-currency data mining or whatever its called. grr.
  2. Sorry that I can't help with advice, but I'm just curious if you don't mind indulging me. But what's wrong with using a 3ds or psvita, or a switch I guess? I'm guessing that you don't want to whip out an object that is strictly a game device while your'e working because it will look unprofessional or something while a phone you can kinda get away with but I dunno for certain. I personally have the same reason but my 'sit around and do nothing' time for my job is not really high. It happens on occasion but not terribly often. Normally when my boss' boss calls my boss to a surprise meeting juuust as I happen to finish all my paperwork and tasks. My job isn't something where I can 'find' something else to do either since it involves lots of confidential information so taking the initiative to do something else without permission is bad.
  3. On phone eill type like dung. I have mixed opinions on boss skipping. On one hand its no big deal to me because its basically a lesser level select skip. Rather than skippable bosses you can just have a stage/scene select cheat. But at the same time it IS a chest of sorts and I cant help but feel people who are calling for such a feature are simply bad gamers or dont want to be gaming. The former are gamers too and I have respect for people who can enjoy something even if they arent good at it. The latter shouldnt be playing games. And game critics simply shouldnt fit in either catagory unless they are playing a genre they hate, in which case the publication or site should have another staff cover said game. Also about difficulty being non existant or whatever. Thats just sophistry imo. While its true that a developer likely has intentions and guidelines to how a player will play to beat said game, and while each player follows them the vast majority of the time. There is still a level of sifficulty to follow that path. Just like a team sport. The path to victory is always the same where you try to shoot balls into your opponents net or whatever, and keep the ball away from your opponants in general. However beating. The local schoolkids in basketball is going to be easier than beating the chicago bulls or whatever even though your fundamental strategy is going to be much the same.
  4. I got multiple opinions I wanna share on this... 1: I like difficulty options. I get sad when games that are loads of fun but dirt easy have no hard mode like zelda (most of the older ones, I haven't played breath of the wild yet which I hear is actually challenging, I dunno if it is or not just saying). However I can respect someone who may want an easier setting for games perceived to be too hard for them. I honestly think it's stupid to be like 'hurr, the game would be RUINED if it had an easy OPTION'. Bear in mind however, that someone said something about people being entitled or something. I think games should have an easy mode every time if possible and believe me I wouldn't be wanting that for myself. I almost never touch the setting myself. Whenever I do, it's pretty much only when someone says 'omg this ___ on easy is harder than hard!' and I'll be like 'really?' and check for myself. Last game that came to mind was Kanako's final spellcard in Mountain of Faith, which incidentally, I didn't find it to be much harder. I find a lot of the time people have expectations for difficulty settings, that they MUST be done 'right', with completely different AI and mechanics and such, that tweaking numbers and speeds is 'cheap'. I completely disagree. I mean yeah changing enemy behavior and strategy is great and all. But that takes time to develop. I would like that time to be invested. But many games have no difficulty settings at all, so I would at the very least like them to include a 'cheap' number/speed tweak for easy/hard settings. You'll still have the normal setting to play it 'as it was designed'. So why the hell would you deny a simple option that takes no time at all to develop when there are plenty of people who would enjoy it? 2: Reviewers sucking at games thing. I don't think anyone thinks game reviewers need to be great gamers. But they should at the very least play better than a senior with brain damage who can only use one hand because of a bad stroke... And don't think I'm being ablist here. I volunteer at a care home and I regularly play games with a guy with just that issue. Frankly... he sucks. But the reviewers who get caught doing worse. I'm sorry but it really is telling that they have no passion for games if they suck that bad. I mean I hate fighting games, and I never play them, but give me a controller or keyboard and a fighting game, and I'll still figure out that the object is to hit the enemy and try to not get h it in return, and not whiff at the clouds or whatever. I know there are only a few examples of reviewers being caught playing a game like they never touched a controller in their life but I've seen reviews where it's painfully obvious they spent very little time with a game before judging it, or flat out spew incorrect information because evidently they didn't care to learn or understand the game... I'm not talking about hard to understand games involving alt-tabbing into wikis or whatever. But just simple things like.. oh i dunno. That you can gain perks when you level up. 3: dark souls/git gud. I'm starting to side with the dark souls community here. Why? Because I've must have seen people rag on them over a hundred times now. Talking about how awful they are, how they scare everyone away with 'git gud'. Guess how many times I've actually seen them 'git gud' away newcomers who don't already come at them swinging. zero. literally honestly zero. What I DO see in regards to 'git gud'. Is them responding to people who make their first post something like this: "This game is bullshit, the hitboxes are so unfair, I don't see why everyone loves this game, hard but fair my ass. Maybe if From could code a hitbox better than a preschool student, I'd try the game more, but it's obvious it's overrated and shit'. THATS when I see 'git gud'.. and then people will actually get on a high horse about how the community is bad.. really? I mean sometimes I even see people post something like "Zomg, the twin dragon riders keep owning me. How do you guys not get killed by the melee one while looking up at the archer?!"... Did I see 'git gud'? No, I saw "you can knock the archer down and stun him alot by making the melee one break the pillar he's standing on".. The thing is I didn't even fucking know that MYSELF. I wasn't stuck on that boss, beat it plenty of times, and was like holy shit I learned something and I wasn't even trying to!" Toxic community my ass.
  5. G2a is a crap company, and not because of loot boxes. I agree that loot boxes are lame but they are like the least of g2as problems. Also I thin GMG is great but their loot boxes are shit. My sucker brother gets them all the time they are on sale and it gives you a list of popular games you MIGHT get from them. But nobody ever does. Instead you get no name games nobody has ever heard of that look stupid, and you check forums, and nearly everyone else gets the same shit pretty much.
  6. Its the originally named roguelite and is called such over a metroidvania but its kinda a roguelite metroidvania. Rogue legacy. I just cant bring myself to enjoy that game much.
  7. I know, which is why I'm bishing. it's a golden age for cars, but a dark age for racing games which offers a PASSIBLE selection of semi-realistic cars.. even gran tourismo s port looks like it'll be shit in that regard, I hear its car selection is going to be very low because they are yet another game company who think they have w hat it takes to be some kind of 'e-sport', and are willing to shit on their existing fans to do it. to clarify, I'm just being a whiney bish, I wont disagree. that said WHINIINNEEEE, BIIIISSHHHHH!!!. still not enough? *MORRREEEEE WHINIINEEEE AND BISSSSHHHHH!!!*. Honestly, these last couple years are effing amazing for gaming, I feel spoiled...mostly, but when I feel like a racing game mood.... *BAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!11111111111oneoneoneoneoneElevenElevenEleven!!1*
  8. so honestly, I really really NEED a new Gran tourismo or forza.. but I'm not willing to buy an xbone just for one game, and I'm not willing to upgrade my OS for one game. So forza is pretty much out the window (qq). But seriously. I am NOT a car buff. I just like games, and I like racing games too. So the number of Real life cars that make me go 'oohhh' are extremely few and far between. That said, it's like we are in a golden age of looker cars. The new Corvettes look interesting unlike EVERY OTHER corvette to date. BMWs have always looked boring as fuck, but the new electronic ones look completely different. Lamborghini's have been boring ever since after the diablo, until the reventon and the aventador. Electronic cars are now a thing, not just hybrids. And tha toffers great potential for tournament limitations given there are now some sporty as fuck electronic cars (mentioned vettes, bmws, and more). I so want to play around with SOME level of realism with these new cars to get a rough idea of how they handle, AND have fun playing a racing game, but none have been delivered for so damn long. Project cars and asetto corsa have shit for car selection, and f1 is only f1 cars, and nobody drives those on the street, so le sigh.
  9. I still only have vanilla. I enjoy it a lot but I refuse to get the dlc even though the price and what they offer seem good (provided you enjoy new difficulty settings, if you don't, I wouldn't say it's worth it). Why? Because last month the psn had a sale for the season pass which I TRIED to get but the psn store wasn't working for me for like 2 days until the sale was over, I called their tech support while the sale was still up and they were like 'we locked the account for 24 hours cuz of these issues, just try again later", and I'm like "the sale is OVER later. can you at least 'reserve' buy it for me until then'? 'you can try buying it later'. "yes I know I can buy it later, but it will be 30 bucks more later, may I buy it at its current price now and simply download it later or something'? 'you may buy it later'... fuck... it would be less frusterating if the moron was like 'sorry but no'. but no, he just said the same line like a fucking robot. aghahg.
  10. I'm having a blast with Nioh myself. I also played nier but... nioh's better imo. I cannot WAIT for YsVIII. EEEEEK
  11. I take back what I said before about sale 'quality'. It just came to my attention that while I think what I said is true for most indie games. Alot of the 'old' AAA games do in fact seem to have higher slashes than normal across the board. I generally don't pay attention to those though so didn't notice em.
  12. well back when they had those weekly, and 8 hourly flash deals during summer/winter, the deals often WERE better. But th en they got rid of that, and they said the deals would remain just as good as if you had waited for the flash deals, and that was true... for like 1 year. Now I can't help but notice they are pretty much the same as ordinary sales now.
  13. Legitimately, I realize some random website that gives you a generator is probably a scam or a virus. but I was wondering if there's a legitimate way kinda like you can often find green man gaming codes like every other week just by googling for one. If not anyone have a spare I may use that they don't need?
  14. I don't follow e3 too much but I j ust kinda keep an ear out for games mentioned as a 'we are hoping to release this eventually' preview thing. That said xcom2 stuff interests me but it's weird, now that I finally got xcom 2, I haven't even finished it yet, I just haven't been in the mood lately. I think it is long war's fault. I got like 80% thru the game and was having fun then I heard long war came out and was like, I want that more, but I refuse to play it until I finish vanilla, and never felt like vanilla cuz I want long war, but refuse to play long war cuz... yeah I'm stupid sometimes (shut up). I heard people mention Etrian Odyssey 5 localization, yay! I heard people mention Zwei!! but uhh. I kinda knew about that already, and I'm not sure if I want that game or not. I generally like all falcom games though so I'll definitely keep an eye open. Uhh...OH! Monster hunter! I think that's it.
  15. I can just see the very beginning the beta will get slammed with traffic and servers wont work for the first 2 days making the pre-order beta near worthless... not saying it will happen, or even probably happen, just that if it does, I wont be THAT surprised.