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  1. I still only have vanilla. I enjoy it a lot but I refuse to get the dlc even though the price and what they offer seem good (provided you enjoy new difficulty settings, if you don't, I wouldn't say it's worth it). Why? Because last month the psn had a sale for the season pass which I TRIED to get but the psn store wasn't working for me for like 2 days until the sale was over, I called their tech support while the sale was still up and they were like 'we locked the account for 24 hours cuz of these issues, just try again later", and I'm like "the sale is OVER later. can you at least 'reserve' buy it for me until then'? 'you can try buying it later'. "yes I know I can buy it later, but it will be 30 bucks more later, may I buy it at its current price now and simply download it later or something'? 'you may buy it later'... fuck... it would be less frusterating if the moron was like 'sorry but no'. but no, he just said the same line like a fucking robot. aghahg.
  2. I'm having a blast with Nioh myself. I also played nier but... nioh's better imo. I cannot WAIT for YsVIII. EEEEEK
  3. I take back what I said before about sale 'quality'. It just came to my attention that while I think what I said is true for most indie games. Alot of the 'old' AAA games do in fact seem to have higher slashes than normal across the board. I generally don't pay attention to those though so didn't notice em.
  4. well back when they had those weekly, and 8 hourly flash deals during summer/winter, the deals often WERE better. But th en they got rid of that, and they said the deals would remain just as good as if you had waited for the flash deals, and that was true... for like 1 year. Now I can't help but notice they are pretty much the same as ordinary sales now.
  5. Legitimately, I realize some random website that gives you a generator is probably a scam or a virus. but I was wondering if there's a legitimate way kinda like you can often find green man gaming codes like every other week just by googling for one. If not anyone have a spare I may use that they don't need?
  6. I don't follow e3 too much but I j ust kinda keep an ear out for games mentioned as a 'we are hoping to release this eventually' preview thing. That said xcom2 stuff interests me but it's weird, now that I finally got xcom 2, I haven't even finished it yet, I just haven't been in the mood lately. I think it is long war's fault. I got like 80% thru the game and was having fun then I heard long war came out and was like, I want that more, but I refuse to play it until I finish vanilla, and never felt like vanilla cuz I want long war, but refuse to play long war cuz... yeah I'm stupid sometimes (shut up). I heard people mention Etrian Odyssey 5 localization, yay! I heard people mention Zwei!! but uhh. I kinda knew about that already, and I'm not sure if I want that game or not. I generally like all falcom games though so I'll definitely keep an eye open. Uhh...OH! Monster hunter! I think that's it.
  7. I can just see the very beginning the beta will get slammed with traffic and servers wont work for the first 2 days making the pre-order beta near worthless... not saying it will happen, or even probably happen, just that if it does, I wont be THAT surprised.
  8. monster hunter on a non portable/nintendo. yes please. I've heard some people call 'prepare to dine' or whatever it's called 'weeb-souls'. Honestly... I wish there really was a weeb souls game, no seriously. That doesn't count. BIG fugly BDSM gasmasks aren't moe, if it's not moe, it's not weeb.. gimmie a REAL weeb-souls damnit! I was hoping sony had a shot of delivering one, but here I am left without, qq.
  9. I don't mind collecting all the party members in 2, that's fine in of itself. But I wish that you kinda had some adventures together for more than just like 1 mission after. Getting back to where you left off shouldn't even take half the game, much less 90% of it.
  10. I wont judge of andromeda is a bad game or not. I can accept it may be actually a good game despite the facial animations. But given I thought 1 and 2 were way overrated (1 was boring as fuu with shitty combat, copy-paste environments, horrible planet exploration, and the story was honestly only noteworth because it was sci-fi which is less common in a higher budget story-driven game, which I am reluctant to call it as is. 2 was better game-play wise, but you spend pretty much the entire game collecting your crew, and then you get like 1 mission and its over. wut), I don't really have love for the franchaise in general. Compound that with the lead designer or project manager or whatever that racist fuck was, I forgot his position, yeah, no. I don't want to give them a penny. I'll try it if my brother gets it, or if it's included in a humble bundle I'm getting anyway, or a key trade on here or something, but I sure as hell am not going to buy it on its own.
  11. Mascot platformers are kind of a genre I'm permanently sick and bored of. But the original Bubsy was actually pretty good amongst the pile. Bubsy just has a legacy of suck because of that one 3d game, which isn't something to judge the whole IP by.
  12. I don't give a flying @%#@#% about e3 but I watched the video cuz I like most of his vids so yeah. But I did find it really weird that his #1 pick was like 'I don't know, maybe, who knows, nobody knows, I CANT WAIT'.. what the fu?
  13. Yeah I really liked NFS 3 and 4. Hot pursuit 2 had some fun tracks but the car selection was pretty stupid because all the cars felt pretty similar to the others per class with 1 or 2 that were 'op', like they didn't even try to balance them. I mean balance is overrated I often say but at least make the 'weaker' ones feel different or have something fun about them to compensate, but nope, they're just worse.
  14. Actually Forza 3 is one of my faves, but I don't have an xbone, or windows 10, I hear the windows 10 versions of the forza games are gimpy in content compared to the xbone ones anyway. blah.
  15. I didn't like midnight club, I prefer the more 'sim' style of racing games myself. But yeah I know the feeling man, I too like starting off with something like like a honda civic or toyota tersel or whatever, winning some races, getting a few other RL cars I'm familiar with before getting some 'dream' cars of mine. My bro got project cars recently and It ried it but I couldn't get into it because the game has virtually no 'normal' cars in it. Likewise I find them lacking in asetto corsa as well but I haven't tried it, just from what I've seen I d idn't see any car lists that featured what I wanted. sucks that the new gran tourismo seems to be focusing on trying to be an e-sport rather than a normal GT game upgrade. sucks how game franchaises are shitting on their 'normal' old fans to try and cash in on some e-sport craze (and not even succeeding all the time). sigh.