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  1. I didn't like midnight club, I prefer the more 'sim' style of racing games myself. But yeah I know the feeling man, I too like starting off with something like like a honda civic or toyota tersel or whatever, winning some races, getting a few other RL cars I'm familiar with before getting some 'dream' cars of mine. My bro got project cars recently and It ried it but I couldn't get into it because the game has virtually no 'normal' cars in it. Likewise I find them lacking in asetto corsa as well but I haven't tried it, just from what I've seen I d idn't see any car lists that featured what I wanted. sucks that the new gran tourismo seems to be focusing on trying to be an e-sport rather than a normal GT game upgrade. sucks how game franchaises are shitting on their 'normal' old fans to try and cash in on some e-sport craze (and not even succeeding all the time). sigh.
  2. 7 jrpgs people should study article... I have much to say but why bother, nobody cares. If I'm not a 'professional' journo, I'm just a moron. Me posting this here isn't my attempt at farming sympathy but simply my expression at something I care about, not because I know it matters to anyone, but because it matters to me, and after years of trying to express myself, I know nobody gives a shit, and despite my knowledge of sharing my opinions i hopeless, i care enough to refuse to give up anyway for my own sake as selfish as it may be. I don't even disagree with the article, in fact I even agree with it more than disagree at the start. Valkyrie profile 2... the thing wasn't the 3d, it was the fact that 3d gave the body part hitbox location material drop thing that everyone is currently creaming their nether regions about. Valkyrie profile 2 did it first, the surge's attempt sounds cool, i do not deny, but why the fuck do people praise it for what valkyrie profile 2 did first and NOBODY gives credit for like 10 years ago... instead, even now they credit it being '3d'? FUCK...sigh... i give up.
  3. Som ereason this thread reminded me of PSO2 west... sighhh. *1 year after it was supposed to be released* "it has been delayed"... no shit sherlock. *3 years after it was supposed to be released without anything so much as a status update* "It has been delayed". Just admit you canned the thing. ffs. Not only that, but the south asian release copy, which has since been SHUT DOWN, was released with the content that was from West, as indicated by datamining the files and seeing comments mention it. FUUUU.
  4. Yeah I never heard of anyone being unable to select any levels other than the storm-whatever its called thing with the crazy ninja cartwheeling skeletons of doom, at least you weren't forced to play the stupid catwalk blight-town alike zone. ugh. The skeleton one is actually not that bad if you do level up a bit first, but the blightown esque one is always horrible. The only thing I like about it is that the boss drops the materials for the blueblood sword, a weapon no other souls game has an equivalent of (mostly cuz they dropped luck as a stat). Here's the thing. I love difficulty in games, like love, for real. I find opinions like mine get overshadowed by the modern edgelord 'hurr I'm so cool cuz I can play this hard game!' thing that became trendy with dark souls. I mean I like dark souls, but I do hate that aspect about it. I hate that it created this division in gamers on the subject of difficulty, particularly when it really isn't that hard. Ninja gaiden on the harder modes is harder, Mushihimesama is harder, Dodonpachi is harder. hell, even some 'normal' indie games like Enter the gungeon is probably harder. Normally I don't compare games of completely different genres, but I think it's safe to say those are harder because well...Let's just say my ability to articulate is lacking in demonstrating how obvious it is to me. But that's not the point. My point is I love hard games, and seeing the whole macho thingcome along and hijack difficulty discussions fucking sucks. It's like another passion of mine. Spicy food, I LOVE spicy food, but more often than not people think my love for spicy food is like some kind of macho show off thing when it's not. I'm not going to order the hottest thing on the menu every time because while I like spice, I also like other foods, and sometimes I want those other ones I like, I don't have a need to 'show off' and get the hottest item. I don't make a point of it in public, I never 'dare' people to eat spicy food, and I never brag about it because it's just a fucking food preference. I think there's a market of gamers like me who truly enjoy difficulty who don't feel the need to brag about it or something, and it's frusterating as hell that I can't try and argue the perks and benefits to difficulty options and compliment games people are familiar with as a tool to communicate without being given some kind of unconscious judgement of being amongst the 'git gud' brigade. that being said, I think the souls community gets an unfair rep. I've seen many people post on souls fan forums asking for help on various things, and 'git gud' is almost never said unless they are joking about themselves. The only time I see people say 'git gud' without overing advice first is when the user isn't LOOKING for advice, and just comes on to rant talking about how the game is shit, it's poorly designed, it's unfair, you need luck to win, and your taste is shit for liking it... THATS when 'git gud' happens, and frankly I think that response is POLITE in comparison to what it's addressing.
  5. I apologize, I actually enjoyed Demon's souls before dark souls so I kinda intermingle the two, so when I read Demon's souls, I just instinctually thought dark souls which is the 'popular' way of referring to the whole series, and though you were griping about the whole series. Personally I don't think demon's souls was as bad as you make it out to be (dark souls and Diablo 3 were the 2 and only games I day one midnight release got because I loved diablo, and dark...fuck... demon's souls sold me so much). I can respect if someone doesn't like the game, or the series, but to flat out say it's not a challenging game that is fun when it so clearly is a successful series. Yeah, I wont agree to it ever. Frankly I'm not convinced I have the wrong opinion even if yours is specific to demon's souls either, but I can't be certain either, so eh. I mean I have no interest in star wars, and it seems juvinille to me, but I wouldn't say it isn't entertaining, that it only panders to people who are still mentally in grade 2 or something.... not only wouldn't I say it, but I don't even think it. back to difficulty though, I think people misunderstood my point. You folks seem to be arguing that by having the 'cheap' difficulty adjustment systems, the other ones you guys prefer cannot exist. I specifically mentioned why not both. Honestly, I think game devs resort to the 'cheap' ones because they can't be bothered to implement the m ore work-intensive ones either because of budget, time, management, or maybe they just DGAF. But if they have the time to implement the 'better' options, why stop implementing the quick easy and 'cheap' one too when it's so easy and fast? Some people can enjoy it. I mean one example I can think of is Zelda and the minish cap. I really didn't enjoy it because it was *WAY* too easy, and one of the reasons why it was was because enemies hit like wet noodles... no joke, even bosses would hit for like a QUARTER of a heart. I did an experiment, and I was able to slay many of the bosses making absolutely no effort whatsoever to dodge any of their attacks, but would just stand in front of them swinging (after doing necessary things to expose their weak points or whatever...while not bothering to dodge attacks too btw), and alot of the time they were owned. I particularly thought that 2nd fire dragon boss thing was a cool concept, but the amount of damage it put out just plain was not enough. You can argue what is good difficulty and what is bad all you like, but at the end of it, nobody has ever addressed why simply having the option available to the player to adjust it to their liking is bad.
  6. Alternative means of adjustable difficulty are always cool, but I think 'cheap number changing' is flat out foolish to NOT utilize as well. If you don't like harder modes that only adjust numbers, protip: don't play them. Some people DO enjoy them. I don't know why armchair game designers have to trash something that's optional AND takes almost no time to develop to boot. Making new AI and readjusting the level design, that DOES take time, but slapping a *1.2 on things takes all of one minute. Sometimes having some extra hp on enemies actually changes the dynamic completely, because many times players get a build or something that allows them to 1 shot or 1 combo enemies, and it's not really a fight but just kind of a speedbumb as they cruise thru a stage, one that doesn't even fight, but just kinda makes them stop running and mash attack 1-3 times and proceed running with absolutely no regard for retaliation or whatever. But if they can survive that initial hit, then all of a sudden you have to worry about their attack range and speed and all that jazz. Honestly I think the people who complain about such mechanics are just bad and wont admit it to themselves. Take rpgs for example, you can say that having enmies with higher stats doesn't change how you play, it just needs more grinding. This is in fact the lazy way of thinking. Do you strive to beat content leveling/grinding as little as possible? If you fail at a boss or hard part, do you assume 'I need to grind more'? I ask this because I've seen hundreds if not thousands of times where players whine that a game needs grinding too much because they got game-over'd at a certain part and I find that th eir level is in fact much higher than needed or whatever. They just don't want to bother learning to better themselves or the mechanics, blame the game. Saying Souls isn't a challenge but a test in insanity is bullshit. I'm not saying this as a souls fanboy, but as a human telling another human, who the hell made you the supreme judge of what's challenging and fun and something maddening. Whenever you say things like that, it just makes it look like your patience and respectfulness is shit. I mean if you don't like it, that's fine, but to actually state that something is NOT what people say they like about it, and that it's actually ____. Anyway, back on difficulty. I've been asking for it for years, and I'm actually seeing a few games actually do it. But I would like to see difficulty be player-adjustable beyond easy/medium/hard... But have sliders for all of the variable stats, so that they can adjust it as they see fit to their own personal liking. Maybe they think the game is too easy but the enemies are also a bit bullet spongy, well they can up everything a bit and maybe nerf the enemy hp. Now I'm not saying the alternative means of difficulty that couldn't be adjusted by a simple slider need to go, no they're cool too. But honestly, why not both? don't say development time, adding sliders to variables is piss easy, trust me, I HAVE done programming. Yes it can't be done to some games as mods because they hard-coded numbers sometimes, I have no freakin' idea why game devs hardcode numbers in their games, seriously. Short sighted as hell. But provided they just take the decision to not do that from the start, it wont really increase development time.
  7. I have mild interest in party hard but I dont' want to 'claim' it if someone else wants it because frankly I do n't think I'll get around to even playing it for like a month. Trails in the sky 3rd wooo. and I still gotta get dark souls 3 now that fire fades edition is out. I'll snag it in like a week if nobody wants it by then, but lemmie know if someone takes it please then I wont have to check back then.
  8. Greenmangaming's Free game thing is 'sold out' qq.
  9. Well yeah considering there are stories of people getting doom to run on refrigerator menus and calculators. Now we just need to get doom to run on a thermometer.
  10. There are some 'back in my day's that I know people wont believe by the time I'm 60 or so. Back in my day, whenever something electronic wasn't working, you hit it to fix it. Back in my day, every game made you start over if you died, and they weren't called roguelike for it. Back in my day, websites had telephone numbers, and some of them charged you for dialing them...and there was no such thing as a search engine. Back in my day, people really did plonk 10 C batteries in a ghettoblaster for 'portable music'.
  11. Everyone who ever complimented a game on its story should play trails in the sky...unless you need ninjas, explosions, and 'fuck ya, 'murica'-style moments within the first hour or so like many rpgs. That said, I really really do not suggest playing 3rd without playing FC and SC contrary to what the preview says you can do. It would be mortal sin. don't do it... just don't.. no... stop... dont.
  12. It wouldn't be the first time mario kart did this. I went from the SNES classic to the one on the ds and I was really alarmed at how 'casual' it was in comparison. Turning was much easier, jump drifting didn't seem nearly as pivotal (if it even helped at all), you'd get noticeably more powerful items if you're doing bad than if you're doing good. AI rubber banding seemed more pronounced. Lots more speed-things sitting on the track which make it easier for a bad player to keep up with a good one since exiting a turn at speed or too slow means you'll be on equal grounds afterwards due to the speed thing. I honestly coudln't find myself able to enjoy the game much at all.
  13. can't effingf wait to finally get my paws on dark souls 3. I still don't have it though because I only have 100 bucks (canadian) atm, and as much as I love dark souls, Trails in the sky 3rd gets priority, which is out in less than 2 weeks, that'll bring me down to like 70 bucks, but I'm waiting to see what golden week brings to the table.. if nothing, dark souls 3 get.
  14. Sad. I saw that alex jones thing but thought it was gonna be about Sewer Shark. On a personal note, Sewer shark was a game that took me a LONG time to beat because...well I thought it was a stupid ass game, but as the years went by, I just couldn't bear to look at my game library, and see that one game that I still didn't beat. So I tied myself down and beat that mutha@%#@%. I'm going to reply, most likely for no reason at all cuz does anyone even read replies in these threads? To the dark souls 2 defense video (why did you link a video an hour long.. sigh). Before I begin however, I just want to point out that I've been a souls fan since Demon's souls, and unlike many long time fans, I was NOT disappointed by dark souls 2. I think it's a fine game, and a 'worthy' sequel... I don't know if I'd say it's better though. I'm going to sound like one of those 'hurr dark souls 1 is better' folks, but it's just I feel this video is just not true in its observations much like people were who hated on dark souls 2. 1: Healing thing. I actually think Bloodborne has the worst healing mechanic, not the best, because that whole tantalizing risk that can kill you thing... It is in fact part of the appeal. Just because you never got the hang of the mechanic means it's bad. While it isn't objectively good on its own either, it's clearly a souls staple at that point, so I can safely say bloodborne's change was 'bad' for souls fans in that regard. That said, I don't think lifegems 'ruin' dark souls 2. I don't even think they HURT dark souls 2... Thing is, lifegems are an option, you don't HAVE to use it, and if you DONT use it, you WONT shoot yourself in the foot really because there ARE still estus flasks. yes they potentially make the game easier, but not using them doesn't make it unfair or devoid of some core mechanic either... I fyou hate them, don't effing use them. I don't... So yeah, I think dark souls 2 is actually the best game in the series for healing mechanics, because estus flasks capture the souls feel, but lifegems are there as kiddie-wheels for those that need them too. Not to mention they're really good for learning a boss you aren't familiar with. It can be a tedious process to run back for 3 minutes to a boss that killed you in 10 seconds because you just don't know their tells yet and can't heal safely cuz again you don't know them yet. Lifegems act as a good way to mitigate that IF YOU WANT IT. My policy in games is that options are always good unless they are balanced to you NEEDING specific ones, and DS2 is not IMO. 2: "Dudes in armor bosses are the best" I disagree...Not to say I'm right, he's wrong. But that's a preference thing that lots of souls people clearly didn't prefer. Their criticism isn't any less valid. That said however I think one of the reasons why dudes in armor bosses are less exciting for many players is that they are generally more prone to being cheesed by the circle strafing hit them in the back pattern. I know I certainly feel like I spin to win bosses in DS2 more often than the other games. Also, regarding souls being about fighting enemies on equal footing. I really disagree. Before I played demon's souls, and I was looking to buy it at the game store, I completely forgot the name, and the way I described it to the game store guy was 'A 3rd person melee combat game where you're like just an ordinary soldier guy, not some hero, fighting stuff heroes normally would, making you feel really vulnerable and stuff'... I think that observation was pretty spot on, I think THAT is the soul of the souls series honestly. You are NOT on equal footing, you have to take every situation like an uphill battle, with great care. That said I didn't know you could use one of the dragon kngihts to knock the other down... lawl. I really should watch some guide videos or something for these games, I've played them enough on my own 'blind' at this point. 3: Interconnected world design isn't good I'm sorry, but this just sounds like straight up sophistry. There are a gajillion games out there that lack interconnectedness, and have world design that just doesn't make any kind of possible sense. One of the things that made dark souls special was this very feature. So even if you think there are pros and cons and isn't a case of 'better or worse', the fact is Dark souls 1 delivered somethign that is rarely given, and dark souls 2 took it back...This is one area about dark souls I make no excuses for, dark souls 1 deserves praise for this over 2, no question. b: Linearity. yeah, this is semantics, and choosing an order isn't 'bad design' if you still have to do them. Look at megaman, people LOVE that you can pick what order even though you do HAVE to do them all. I wont say this is better though, just that saying 'it's bad design', is bull. 4: Levels are designed to be more open with multiple ways to solve them. I'm not gonna argue this, because it's been awhile since I played both games and I haven't measured this. however I do recall thinking that dark souls 2 seemed to feature more 'narrow ledges with pits of doom that are harder than the actual enemies themselves' which was a personal gripe for me. Oh yeah, the whole die to a boss run back, fight all the enemies that respawn all over again is boring thing. No. Attrition is a valid form of entertainment for some people. Yes its a preference thing, but it's not a bad thing. Legolas, you yourself linked an article regarding dungeon design and attrition (though for Etrian Odyssey I believe) that I praised IIRC (maybe I didn't praise it on the forums, but I certainly did in my head). 5: eh, No comment, this just just a personal playstyle preference. I was triggered when he thought only one starting class having a shield was 'GENIUS GAME DESIGN' though... Why is it everyone thinks they're some kind of guru for game design whenever they talk about incredibly subjective or minor details. It's silly. Also, I thought DS2 had a 'good' shield right in majula down that spinning staircase thing. So uhh. yeah. 6: Story thing, I don't play Dark souls for story, but I can agree to this. Except t he whole 'good story has been replaced with efficient story'... I uhh. wouldn't call either 'good'. honestly, it makes my head spin whenever talking heads online call games with stories that can be effectively shown in a 20-30 minute short video good or great, and games like trails in the sky/cold steel are still relatively niche and unmentioned in such commentary. ARGH. It's like calling Superman Issue #1 a great story on its own because it's being compared to what you tell kids about little red riding hood, when A Song of Fire and Ice is around the corner. 7: Not much comment here either. I have a love hate relationship with scholar though. I enjoyed the changes because they were fresh and interesting, and yeah, it felt like a rom hack. But I think it was kind of a slap in the face to consumers who bought the base game and the dlc and find out they have to rebuy them all as a package again to get those changes. blargh. It's part of the reason why I STILL don't have dark souls 3, because I don't want to be burned by the same tactic again.
  15. To be fair I don't think we know who is being granted these powers (I don't think you know for certain anyway), so we can't just up and assume it is children or 'hateful people'.. but... Yeah, I think it's a pretty darn safe guess that this will in fact be the case. Plus mass flagging is just a stupid feature to begin with. There is absolutely no need for any community to have such a feature to a moderator. If something is a problem, you flag it, and you can't tell until you see it, so there's no need to 'mass' flag since you'll just be assuming something needs a flag without giving it a chance, which in of itself a judgmental jerkass thing to do, and is the kind of behaviour that would deserve flagging in of itself if it wasn't endorsed by youtube itself.