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  1. Goty edition is out april Ive heard... Or was it may. But damn I cant wait to finally dig my claws into ds3. I almost preordered it but 2016 and 2017 are just being 2 really really wallet owney years for games
  2. Thats exactly what I think about every musou game... Drives me nuts that people want that style incorporated in other series now. Ugh.
  3. My 3ds isn't handy atm and I don't have another web-using nintendo device. But uhh looking on my pc, it appears that Etrian Odyssey untold 2 is 40 bucks instead of 60 currently.. is this a temporary sale or a permanent price drop? I can't seem to tell on my pc. Does it say when the sale ends if it's a sale?
  4. Pretty sure I've seen several times where Joe fans in the comments section complain he doesn't do enough nintendo content too so yeah. Actually that's something I notice nintendo fans often do, is be very vocal about commenting that XXX should make whatever for the latest nintendo gadget. I mean obviously every console/pc community has such people but Nintendo seems to be more apparent to me.
  5. I wanted to think of an answer but I got none. I don't really care about movies for intense action or special effects, I only care about the story, so I would try to come up with games with a great story. But my standards for great story isn't quite the same as everyone else's. I'm more picky, and nearly every game that I acknowledge has a good story (few because I don't play them for the story by default, so it's exceptional for me to think they have one at all) have such a long detailed story that cramming it in a movie, even a 4 hour monster, would butcher it I believe. So.. yeah, I got nothing. I'm not really passionate about this answer, but maybe some castlevania movie just because I'd like to see the setting and background scenery. Provided it takes place in the actual castle. I know they were making one at one point like 10 years ago but I've heard nothing about it since so guess it got canned.
  6. Yeah I know most people install games on HDDs, but I imagine if game devs actually bothered to compress their files, that maybe they'd consider it on a SSD. As you mentioned that's optional, and a reviewer shouldn't assume someone makes an option like that, but I kinda think they should at least mention the practicality of a game's filesize for reasons like that. For example most people don't have double SLI GPUs, but sometimes I see reviewers go 'doesn't have SLI/Crossfire support'. Of course you don't have to agree, I'm just wondering if I expressed myself well enough since you mentioned HHD installs anyway. I also wonder if devs might actually consider compressing datafiles once again if some reviewers mention this. I'm pretty sure they are all thinking nobody cares anymore and they can get away with it...which they're kinda right about, but I think some big name reviewers should at least try to incentivize smaller install sizes a little bit more.
  7. So SSD hard drives are becomming more and more mainstream, but game sizes are getting ridiculously large, to the point where I'm pretty sure most people don't install games on their SSDs despite them probably benefitting the most from a SSD's faster load times. However games aren't generally getting larger and larger simply because of improved technology, higher resolution, etc. A LOT of the time they're getting much bigger than that stuff would indicate because it's becoming relatively standard practice for game devs to not even bother compressing the data files in their games. So I was thinking, what if some game dev made a relatively high-end game that DOES have some loading times and whatnot, but they ALSO did a great job compressing the files so the install size was much smaller. Do you think game reviewers and whatnot should make note of this, not just because it's smaller, but as an added bonus that it would be small enough that it can reasonably be expected to fit inside your SSD (which tend to be mostly full without any games because of system files or whatever)? Given how many reviewers talk about VR and not-VR with games that can do both, I think it also reasonable to factor this in since I'm pretty sure most people have SSDs in their computer than VR headsets.
  8. 100% cosmetic microtransactions doesn't bother me. I don't know why they always cause a fuss... Some people claim that getting away with that will lead devs into getting the ok to charge for non-cosmetic microtransactions. Frankly I think this argument is bull because some devs DO have non cosmetic micro transactions already, and alot of the time they didn't 'test the waters' with cosmetic ones first. It's just a yes/no situation, and people should judge the individual examples rather th an some theoretical slippery slope that we've already seen the lower part of to begin with. Some may also argue you shouldn't have to pay for something that's installed on your computer. That's a better argument, and it's valid for a single player game. But in a multiplayer one, you kinda need to have it installed in order for you to see those outfits purchased by other players. Though even then I would think it wise to make sure the amount of space they take up is not significant.
  9. Good for that guy recognizing embracing the 'japanese style' in nier's main character. I don't mean kimonos and wooden sandal kind of style but... you know what I mean. I think games can benefit a lot from ignoring the online talking heads asking for sociologically acceptable depictions of things and just do with what they bloomin' want. Stranger in sword city is IMO a better dungeon crawler than operation abyss and had more refined battle balance than demon gaze. I don't know what the revised version does, but honestly I find improving the battle mechanics to be interesting because I find they are already pretty good. Operation abyss has some potential but it has a huge problem where the rules are complicated and unintuitive. I mean I like complicated games myself but making it hard to understand the rules just for the sake of being hard to understand is another thing. I'm not saying they do this but alot of the difficulty doesn't have a perk side. For example if you get a dungeon crawler game with mage, cleric, warrior, rogue, etc... you can generally make certain assumptions like how intelligence will be something you will want on your casters, and less on your warriors. That the big 2 handed axe is going to be something your warrior can use and not your mage (unless it's diablo 3 or something), that you probably even WANT a mage after making 4 other characters who are physical oriented. but operation abyss has weird names that fit the more modern theme, and make them think 'huh?'... like 'scholar, academic, librarian, professor, athlete, gymnist, instructor'... like you can guess that athelete and gymnist might be more like 'warrior'.. but then scholar, academic, librarian, professor... wut? To make matters worse, they also have something I guess replaces 'race', and make THOSE have weird names too like 'cold, warm, humble, stoic, alert, etc'. And to make matters worse, armor and weapons isn't limited to your 'class', but a combination of your race AND class.. it's a clusterfuck truly. It has a crafting system too, and some elements of that make me scratch my head like the crafting system in legend of mana (props if you know that thing).
  10. Every time I see this thread I think Diablo 4
  11. I thought g2a was that shady bundler which doesnt work some of the time after taking your money
  12. That succubus boss. I don't remember all the details about her but I remember the one issue I had with her was that she had 2 range attacks. one was the stun one I believe, where she flinches and you're like DODGE.. but then you get hit if you dodge.. you have to wait for the flinch, pause for a second, and THEN dodge... meanwhile she had another ranged attack where she threw kunai at you iirc,a nd you basically had to dodge as soon as she flinched or you'd get impaled. It was hard for me to not reflexively react for one of them and not screw up for the other. Ninja gaiden had a huge number of combos, but the problem is many weren't useful, and izuna drop was pretty much all you need for like everything that wasn't a boss or vehicle.
  13. I finished both the alpha and the beta. I'm curious what stages are they in the full game? I imagine the first stage for both alpha/beta is the first for full release. Which is the one where you start off in a fishing village and the boss is a big demon on a pirate ship with double ball and chains. In the alpha the 2nd stage was in a stormy village with lots of rivers and bridges and houses, and at the 2nd half of it, a LOT of yoki patrolling around that you probably want to semi-stealth past (stamina was more strict in alpha so fighting multiple at once back then was really risky), and where the boss was a lightning nue. 2nd stage of beta was the cave area with the living walls and a vampire succubus harpy thing boss. don't care about the 2 side missions in beta.
  14. So having combos is all it takes to be more ninja gaiden than dark souls? To me it's the movement speed, the care you have to approach nearly every situation with, the fact you generally don't want to charge 5+ enemies head-on, having stamina. Not being able to block and dodge everything that isn't explicitly unblockable for as long as you have the patience to. The fact even ordinary enemies can generally smoke you in 2-3 hits unless you are overleveld/geard for that stage, etc. I mean the game was even made by the same people as Ninja gaiden, and they said they wanted it to be more like souls.
  15. I've been effing saying devs should buff more nerf less since like 2004 ffs, and NOBODY ever agreed with me. It really boils my blood when you see games like world of warcraft, which have cookie cutter specs galore, and they focus on nerfing things that are op in pvp or something, but otherwise the specs stay the damn same, because the garbage talents STAY as garbage talents. Heck, given they are so paranoid about buffing, they could at least try buffing a little bit. Another thing I notice is devs frequently make big huge honking buffs and/or nerfs instead of little adjustments. Like they'll chop something in half or something instead of nudge it by 10% or something. I mean obviously some things could use a big buff or nerf and some things need a small one but it's like they only know how to do big.