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  1. I still intend to buy the game, because i really enjoyed the first and i dont want to miss out, but i wont buy it till long after release, either second hand or when its on sale. Also i had intended to buy a Xbone near xmas i wont bother at all now, Microsoft have been F**king gamers around and lying to people since they first spoke of the Xbone, they seem to think we are all stupid, all they needed to do to fix the problem was tell the truth, "hey guys we screwed up and we are sorry", but no they keep shoving bull down peoples throats and think we will all swallow it, its like their shipped figures why not just tell people the sales figures, it prevents trolls from saying the console isnt selling at all, the ongoing troll v fanboy wars are driving people mental on most forums these days.
  2. On the PS4 physical discs fully install so there isnt any difference in gameplay compared to digital, the disc is only inserted to play the game to check if you have the disc, unlike digital which just checks your licenses.
  3. Microsoft has only released the truth because of the backlash on them and SE since yesterday, I had been considering getting an Xbone at the end of the year but this seems to be the first gen for a long time where i wont have all the systems in my collection, and from what i've been reading on other forums Microsoft and SE might be paying a high price in lost sales due to this, and neither of them can really afford it.
  4. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-08-13-microsoft-confirms-rise-of-the-tomb-raider-xbox-exclusivity-deal-has-a-duration Timed exclusive, If it works and xbone sales increase Microsoft will likely keep doing it, just hope it backfires on them.
  5. Got the Dedsec edition on preorder, roll on the 27th.
  6. Well it will either be amusing or painful,lol, i would set a trap nearby if your fighting a larger group anyway,give yourself somewhere to run to and if you drop it under your follower it will help keep them alive.
  7. piece of advice for anyone playing the game, Make sure to put at least 3 points in the pyromancer/flaming weapon tree,so you can instantly set your weapons on fire, makes fights alot easier, and mix it up, you have lots of skills best to use them all, traps,stealth,xbow,pyromancy and the melee weapons,using them all makes combat interesting and gives you lots of options when outnumbered.
  8. Dualshock 4,the ps4 controller.
  9. That transfer idea is terrible, imagine all the gold sellers right now farming like mad to be ready, so come console launch day everyone is greeted with." come to esogold.com and buy your gold" I thought the delay was a good idea,iron out problems, perhaps redo the loot tables and group system, but it might be backfiring on Zenimax some forums have alot of people saying they have cancelled their preorders,some are even the diehard fans who hate anyone who say anything bad about the game, main problems seem to be to many AAA titles at that time of year, and being left behind by pc owners who transfer over. More and more this game seems to be going the way of swtor.
  10. I agree with the rating of 7,shame its getting such low rating on alot of sites lots of 4s, shame spiders didnt give the game a walk through killing everything without ever dying mode,seems alot of reviewers are getting stomped so they call the game broken and annoying. As for build ranger is the most fun,with enough points in pyro to instantly ignite your weapons and let the fun begin,just started my 3rd playthrough,been awhile since a game go me caught up this much.
  11. Ive been playing for a few days, really like this game its abit unpolished but still a solid rpg, weapons or upgrades that have high interrupt are better for staggering and breaking the block on a enemy,and you can add interruption resist to armor to reduce it happening to you, the game is very stat orientated so you need to use the right weapon for the job.