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  1. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in The Empire or Stormcloaks   
    Honestly, I don't support any of them, but if I would, I would support the Empire. HOWEVER, if there was a option to kill them all and announce myself as the High King, I would do that. 
    Cauze again...that's how I roll

  2. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by Riflebird in Best Free MMO's   
    Where to start. Hmm...
    Path of Exile is a great ARPG. Very dark, very atmospheric. It's what Diablo 3 should have been. 
    Rift is a great MMORPG that's kind of like WoW but isn't. That doesn't make sense when you read it, but it'll make total sense once you play Rift. Just remember to go Defiant. Guardians are loser assfaces. 
    DC Universe Online is a pretty good superhero MMORPG. In my opinion, Champions Online is better, but it's a bit dated graphically and its published by Perfect World so there are a ton of paywalls. 
    If DC isn't your thing, then Marvel Heroes is a good alternative. Although it's an ARPG and not an MMORPG, it's still pretty fun and you can play as some classic Marvel universe heroes.
    If you can tolerate anime then I highly recommend Dragon Nest. It's a great action-type MMORPG with a battlesystem similar to Neverwinter but with a story that doesn't put you to sleep. Best character class is the time-traveling tinker girl with the huge cannon. 
  3. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by Oracle7 in Fixing Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer   
    I know, ain't he one of the biggest unapologetic, pricks you've ever been with? Cause I felt like he was to me.
  4. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by snipermurph in Fixing Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer   
    I spoke to that guy recently through facebook and, like you said, he took no responsibility and blamed me and "my friends".
  5. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Best movie licensed games   
    Well, you did say it, Sniper.
  6. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by snipermurph in Red Dead Redemption   
    This would surely be great as I am a big fan of the game but red dead redemption's multiplayer has recently been broken and is littered with bugs and glitches. Its difficult enough to play with just one other player. 
  7. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by snipermurph in Red Dead Redemption   
    This would surely be great as I am a big fan of the game but red dead redemption's multiplayer has recently been broken and is littered with bugs and glitches. Its difficult enough to play with just one other player. 
  8. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by KingHenryVII in Worse Game You Ever Played?   
    The original Assassin's Creed.  I can't tell you the hatred I have for this game.  It's literally the exact same process over and over again.  Not to mention the bland and uninspired characters, and overall bleak setting.  I was very, very reluctant to even rent AC2, but luckily I fell in love with that game.
  9. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by thequirts in Worse Game You Ever Played?   
    Fable 3.  Bitter, bitter dissapointment.
  10. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by midas_child in Best movie licensed games   
    Can't remember specifically which one but played a few half decent ones based on the Lord of the Rings on the old PS2. Although I did pick them up 2nd hand so price wasn't a factor. Some decent large scale battles in from memory. Actually the Matrix reloaded game was decent as well and added a bit to the actual movie
    Most are terrible though and not worth it unless your a real fan of the film as they are quick cash ins. Pretty much same can be said in reverse with movies made based on video games. Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Double Dragon the list goes on!
  11. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Best movie licensed games   
    SpiderMan 2.
    Ragdoll Physics?
    Open World?
    A good main campaign?
    A good side quests?
    Realistic web swinging?
    Nuff said.
  12. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by Oracle7 in Fixing Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer   
    After talking to a person on R* Social Club about me just trading in my GTA V for Red Dead Redemption (I was tired of GTAVO's tasteless repetitive nature, even the most unsavory of players online. Even felt very nostalgic about RDR after watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) he gave a shocking story. He told me about how a few months ago some Modder by the name of GLITCHED MATRIX messed up the RDR Multiplayer (basically by trying to merge the RDRUN with the normal Multiplayer) and that it was pretty laggy. So I looked it up on the internet and found many videos about this, how there was very long loading screens, people lying on the ground, constant freezing, etc. And then that's when I discovered GM on YT (later even Facebook) and asked him: Did you do this? If so, then why (I even said a lot more things to GM)?! And GM responds: "Blast Rockstar, that's why." Then I replied: They weren't the cause, you are. And so he goes on as to say: "I was the result. Them not banning the modders was the cause." Then that was when I just started cursing him a bit and talking to him (for a long time). GM claimed to me that it "wasn't" his fault and that the players (and other Modders) were the true cause, he was just the creator of the Mod.
    I couldn't stand his lack of responsibility, so I said to him a few hours ago: "I will say that I'm a little disappointed in your lack of responsibility to this happening (it seemed as if you tried to make to many excuses, instead of just simply admitting that you messed up and that you was sorry)." Then that's when a while later he responds to me with a URL, one to his own created Wikia where he talks about the issues of RDR Multiplayer, how to "fix" them and even the cause(s). So, if what he says is true then I'm going to add his Wikia page on here (so that RDR fans can work together to help bring RDR Multiplayer to its former glory). Just because there's new titles doesn't mean that people don't play RDR anymore (R* obviously failed to realize this and refused to truly fix RDR Multiplayer, then again people will likely excuse this by claiming they have enough going on as it is with GTA V and their future title "Agent").
    Well, I'm not. R* knows that RDR is one of their biggest titles to date with many active players (so they should try their best to put "the house" i.e. Multiplayer back in order). So below I'm going to leave the link to GLITCHED MATRIX's Wikia titled: Fix RDR Tips. And just incase anyone here has any questions (especially the RDR fans concerned with the Multiplayer's current state) for GLITCHED MATRIX I'll also be adding links to his Facebook, Social Club profile and YT channel (he doesn't mind answering anyone's questions, he's trying his best to be redeemed I guess). And if this is truly the only way for us to rebuild it then I guess we better get started (the sooner, the better).
  13. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by Oracle7 in Red Dead Redemption   
    GTAVO sucks! No disrespect to you, but R* for pushing out such a crappy game. I've been pushed around by many crews (they act like dicks cause their "bosses", so naturally they act malevolent), the car armor is stupid (all you do is put plates on your car, but people can still kill you by shredding up your windshields like their paper), the game is filled with way to many CoD and mainstream fanboys (no joke, there's a lot of racist and ghetto idiots online). I also hate how the online experience was very repetitive (steal drugs here, get this person here, etc; it got old). You hardly get paid a decent salary after some of the most difficult missions (I believe R* did that purposely to try to get some players to buy ingame currency). Every single time you die by a psychotic player you lose money (that's stupid, I shouldn't have to lose money everytime I die). When you start "private matches" in freeroam people can still kill you and your opponent (again, stupid cause its not truly a private match then), worst part is that everytime either of you die you'll lose money! Also, I keep getting kicked out of sessions and for some odd reason the online sessions would get so laggy that it'd freeze everything (including my system). And the character creation?! Oh my word, it was terrible. I had to build my whole genealogy just to have a male/female that looks like they've done crack or got out of rehab. Also, where are the heists?! R* promised that there would be heists on a designated date and we still don't have them months later (my main reason for getting the game was to rob banks like John Dillinger and Machinegun Kelly). I got so bored in GTAVO that I went all over the place killing innocent players. I killed them when they got their cars done, I killed them when they were buying clothes, I killed them everywhere I could (I believe I killed over 7,000 players out of pure boredom, I even blew up their cars afterwards just for shits and giggles). Don't believe me? here's my stats. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/career/stats/gtaonline/career I hate GTAVO, I rather play RDR (that had more depth then GTA cause it was straight to the point, at least in RDR you don't have to worry about tons of tanks coming after you like its a warzone).
  14. snipermurph liked a post in a topic by Orpo in If you could only play one game for the rest of your life...   
    The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.