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  1. Well, they don't review current releases, they review twenty to thirty year old garbage for comedic purposes. While we all love the sketches and goofy bits, Joe is very much a critic and he reviews current releases and as such he's likely to come under fire for the same reasons most independent critics do. Liking a game too much, hating a game too much, not getting a review out close enough to release and so on.
  2. I've been trying to be reasonably positive about the new movie and I'm willing to wait for the reviews before I go to the theater. That being said... This shit is stupid. The game doesn't even feature the characters frm the new movie or the old ones. What the hell is the point of making a tie-in game that isn't even really a tie in?! And that song... Oh, that bloody song... I din't think anything could rival Limp Bizkit's shit version of the Mission: Impossible theme, but that might actually be worse.
  3. I... What? ...How... I just... How do you give all nines to freaking Umbrella Corps?! Resident Evil Revelations 2 must have broken their scoring system and gotten 100/40 if they can give a score like that to Umbrella Corps. That game makes Resident Evfil Gaiden look playable.
  4. Apparently there are people on YouTube who think that if the review isn't at least half an hour long it's somehow lazy. And honestly, how much is there to really say about Doom? "Do you remember the original Doom? It's basically that but with all the modern graphics tech and a few tweaks like glory kills, upgrades, multiplayer and mapbuilding tools." There that's all you need to say.
  5. I've played every Resident Evil game. All of them. Even Resident Evil Gaiden for the Game Boy. All of them are better then this. Resident Evil 6 is better then this. Resident Evil Survivor is better then this. Goddammit, Capcom. I'm going back to Revelations 2 and the HD versions of RE and RE Zero to wash out the taste of this crap.
  6. Yup. We get extra gouged up here. That being said, Fallout 4 is my current groove, so I have no need for Battlefront right now.
  7. So, will they be reducing the price by about twenty bucks to make up for cutting a major part of the game out? No, I didn't think so.
  8. I love how they swore up and down that microtransactions wouldn't be in Payday 2 and that we should be ashamed for even thinking that they would. Also, the console versions of Payday 2 are still in a shoddy state, so I'm glad they put fixing those on hold to put in a microtransaction system they said they would never put in.
  9. Banned because the Year of Luigi is over.
  10. Banned for using a Dragon Ball Z meme.
  11. Banned because