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  • Birthday 12/13/1996

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    RPG, Strategy games, action movies, comedy movies and ANIME/MANGA. PLUS HEROES OF THE STORM!!!
  1. This s kinda late to ask now but does anyone still play Heroes in the AJSA?
  2. Yes, there are still people who play Heroes of the Storm. If you appear in the teamspeak channel you should be able to find someone playing the game sooner or later.
  3. This is just my recomendation but in case nobody adds you through this forum topic, try one of these: 1 : Join the AJSA oficial steam group for HOTS http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ajsastorm 2 : Go to the teamspeak of the AJSA and add any of the officers if nobody around. Server Adress : ts3.ajsagaming.com Officer battletags are under the description of EU Lobby and NA Lobby of Heroes of the Storm. 3 : Inside the game do /join AJSA and then /who so you can see if anyone is online to play from AJSA.
  4. Hello everyone that is reading this post I have made, my name is DarkLop and I have recently been appointed the first (and hopefully not last ) officer for the EU Lobby and server of the Heroes of the Storm game for the AJSA. First I will say I hope everyone feels welcome to the game and especially has fun while playing on the EU server and on the events I will purpose. I shall also mention that I wish there to be mutual respect between both by more experienced players and less experienced ones on the channel and no "picking on the noob" and bad mouthing someone, and if someone starts getting out of the line then he will be warned and if need be I will talk to higher commanders about it if the need arrises. Well introductions and other things aside, I hope you have a good time playing in the EU server with others. I am also here to announce of course THE FIRST EVENT FOR EU! This first event will be done this saturday at 6:00 PM GMT timeline, and for a first event it will be .......................... The Crazy comps event!!! What we will be doing is one of two things and will depned one the amount of people showing up. The first option is quick matches while we rotate members if we have less then 10 players, however if we have 10 or more players we will be doing custom matches between the various members of the AJSA while balancing the skill of the players. The objective of this event is to do comps in hots that you just would never dare to do in your life( and maybe pick a few talents you would never use aswell) and just have fun doing the most ridiculous and funny matches you can. Who knows, you might even make a comp that is better than you actually thought. So come on out and play in this event this saturday open for EU players and if they want NA players aswell. So dont forget the time, at 6:00 PM GMT. See you in the Nexus!
  5. Sure dude, i volunteer for the streaming as well, besides my european account needs to take some rust out of it. bnet DarkLop#2309
  6. I would be glad to have your help in managing the AJSA EU team and being a part of it has i cannot be a member, because of me being a member of the american team, so I would rll like your help and I will enter in contact with you as soon as I have been made an officer, or before that.
  7. I have been thinking a lot about this, and i think i now am interested in becoming an officer for the EU server.
  8. Started playing some time ago. DarkLop#2309 EU
  9. I really think this game is awesome, I really believe it should be officialy supported, its a really fun game with a very interesting style of MOBA play. I completly support this game.