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  1. Grimno#11653
  2. What got me most about that REQ Pack deal... Back in Halo 4 I grinded the domination game mode for days. I played hundreds of matches, defending bases and doing everything I can to platinum that game mode. The reward for doing so was the Commando Armor shown below (The right one) I loved the look of it, and coupling it with the Engineer's chest piece made my guy a walking Tank which was appropriate because when I played Domination I could camp and defend a point like no one's buisness. I played Spartan Ops with it, I played MP with it, I felt really accomplished. When Halo MCC came out and it was selectable from the start, I was a little miffed but it was understandable as all armor was selectable... Then in Halo 5... Less then 2 days of playing, I got the head and chest piece from req packs the same day and saw it listed as "UNCOMMON". It was such a slap in the face that all the work I did before was now able to be underminded by just throwing some cash at the screen. I still wore it too when I played because sadly I still haven't seen a better looking armor for spartans that didn't look alien in design.... It demotivated me like nothing else has...
  3. So I will say I'm a Halo Fanboy. I enjoy Halo 1, I loved Halo 2, Halo 3 was cool, got entertainment out of ODST, still praise the customization of REACH, gave a thumbs up to 4, but then when I get to 5? The more I think about this game, the more I think about it being Halo, the more I cringe, the more my teeth get wittled down from grinding them in pent up frustration. Of all the games I played in 2015, I think Halo 5 is the worst and let me tell you why! Normally, I can list "PROs", but no. These are the cons, and nothing but them! Okay, so you guys remember this trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blW40AVWXrE Remember this one too? 343 started with a marketing campaign that was basically full of lies. The master chief in the desert trailer never happens in the game but was important enough to spawn an Action Figure. The hunt the truth campaign making us think the Master Chief went rogue was overblown to the fullest extent. The Master Chief never killed anyone and actually just went off mission to check on a hunch, which leads to Locke going after him to see what's up. Their whole epic showdown is nothing more then a thirty second sluggish fight with bystanders before chief gets a cracked visor which doesn't effect his visor ingame at all, and then immediatly after Locke decides to help Chief so everything's all better then. There was no betraying. There was no destroyer of humanity. This could have been summed up as a kid using the restroom at school then the teacher sent another kid to the restroom later to see why the first kid is taking so long and then they both come back okay! Now that that elephant in the room was discussed let's move on to the campaign issues. The campaign itself was a bit confusing, boring, and lackluster. You know what I'm just going to list the problems! The campaign was boring. You have a good level on the glassed planet then after that, no more human NPC's. In fact, there are NO MARINES in this entire game! No UNSC besides your own team. Cortana coming back was seen happening years in advance because that was obvious. They end on a huge cliffhanger that makes you want to know WTF is going to happen. The elite homeworld, while neat at first quickly became boring as hell... There is only so many "cliffs with ancient ruins" you can look at before you scream NEW SCENERY! (Ask Faizyr about how I feel about desert levels. Go on, ask him!) Doctor Halsley's betrayal they hinted at in Halo 4's Spartan OP's campaign was completely cast aside. Huh, go figure. Just gonna mention the redesign of the Rocket Launcher that wasn't needed and kinda just killed an iconic Halo weapon's look. I mean, look at this new look! "Hydra" they call it. I like to think that looks like... oh I don't know... A LAW ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! Thanks 343. Took Halo's Rocket launcher and made it Call of Duty's... NOICE. Then comes the multiplayer. So first there are few maps, and back when the game first came out there wasn't even FORGE mode yet. The modes you can play, while neat, get old quickly and the game mode they talk about most...Warzone, has MAJOR balancing issues. Then there's the REQ packs which are clearly cash grabs. God there's just, so much wrong with the game the more I think about it that even after posting this I know there will be more things I think about. The game was a huge let down, a massive dissapointment but i know people will defend it. Some even say it's the best Halo which is a downright lie! It'd be better to just buy the MasterChief Collection at the same price as Halo 5. You get way more and it's more enjoyable with the remake of 2. This game just sucks... like they know Halo 6 is going to be way better and this is just build up but this would be like only seeing Disc One of Titanic. Character build up and plot development but none of the action of fun. That's on disc 2. Of every game I played in 2015, Halo 5 was the biggest let down. Battlefront could have been better sure but I still got more enjoyment out of it then Halo 5! **** now that I think about it, even the pre-order stuff had lies in it! You could have 20 bucks or so and get 7 PREMIUM req packs or something like that... might have been 14. Yeah it was 14 PREMIUM req packs... and the thing was, it NEVER mentioned that you would get them as 2 packs per week for 7 weeks. GameStop didn't even know that and there is NO mention of it on the pack details or the promotional posters! God the whole game was just filled with lies! Nothing else! There was no real content besides lies! And we bought into it because it's HALO. The flagship game of the xbox so we ate it up like cheap ramen and relized, oh snap it's just cheap ramen! The horrible part is..I KNOW I'm going to buy Halo 6. With how bad Halo 5 was, I know,I know, I know that I'm going to get 6 thinking that Halo 5's build up would mean Halo 6 is going to be action cranked up to 11. I stopped playing Halo 5 in November and I have no interest in returning. I just don't care about it... nothing about it makes me want to go back to it. Just go get a better game. Undertale. Witcher 3. Just Cause 3. Fallout 4 MasterChief Collection. That's all I got. The game sucked. It sucked. It's HALO sure but it still sucked.... Maybe I'll edit this later to put more details into it but it's 4:30am for me... tired...
  4. Trying to remember the games I've beaten since September... I know I've beaten... Halo 5 Max Payne 3 Fallout 4 AaAaAaaAaA For the Awesome AaAaAaaAaA Reckless Disregard for Gravity Double Dragon HD (With my bro) Life is Strange (Episode 1-5) Layers of Fear Tales from the Borderlands Halo ODST on the Halo MCC. Might have had more but I forget...
  5. The game I absolutely hated the most.... Crackdown 2 Let's just to start Crackdown 2 was so bad, that the new Crackdown game is literally just a remake of the first game. The second game basically never happened. And the ones who made it... later go off to help make Star Wars Kinect. Anyways. So the game has you literally do one thing over and over and over. Find generator. Defend generator against 3-4 waves of mutants. Done. You do this SEVEN+ TIMES! Then after that, the final boss fight! What is it? Defend a BIGGER generator against 3-4 waves of mutants. Then done! The map is a the same as the first game just trashier. The cool upgrade system was gutted so upgrading stuff doesn't have as much cool changes to the look. There's a human group that's against you but they're so unimportant you forget they're there. The game forgets the whole "Hey yeah the guys you're working for is ACTUALLY THE BAD GUYS!" and they try to play it off despite Crackdown 2's ending saying once more "Ha ha ha! The good guys were actually the bad guys!" Like "OH NO REALLY?! I had NooOOOooo idea." And the co-op gets boring after an hour. Drift cars into zombies. Done. And that ENDING! THAT ENDING! So you made this super awesome agent. Powerful. Guns ho. Rocket launchers. And then in the ending... the leader of that human group shows up in a helicopter! Oh no! You attack her... by jumping off the agency tower, using a tiny smg instead of one of the other guns you have... and fly RIGHT INTO THE HELICOPTER BLADES and get torn to pieces.... then the helicopter has some engine trouble and it spins around off screen. No boom. I'm serious. Look. Your character commited SUICIDE basically. Didn't want to be around in that franchise anymore.
  6. What time is this EST?
  7. I'm giving myself a lot of perception. When it comes to making custom weapons, I want to make the ol Fallout 2 Bozar.
  8. Is anyone even looking forward to it anymore? When it was first announced I was all intrigued. I had watched the whole anime, and I was curious how they would do a live action adaptation of it! Then I saw that they were focusing on Mikasa and Jeager's relationship.... and possible maybe romance? And I think "Oh yeah of course! When you have a world where giant titans have pushed humanity back to the brink of extinction where everyday is a fight and there's stories a plenty.... you want to focus on a forced romance. No no no that is totally the most interesting part of the whole thing of course! NO REALLY! YEAH! IT'S SO FREGIN IMPORTANT!" Then suddenly they're like "Oh hey you know Levi? The really awesome character? Yeah he won't be in it.... because his name is akward to make Japanese." It's like... "Hey guys! We have this anime that could be an awesome movie! Let's focus on the people fighting back against the monsters, and actually gaining ground in an epic struggle!" And then he got punched in the gut, knocked out, and he was never found.
  9. A lot of topics are about PC issues, but I figure I'd post this here just to ask. So today I dropped my smartphone and it got a small dent, no biggie. Everything was fine. Or so I thought. See now the Proximity Sensor, is having issues. Here's what happens, to the letter. The phone IS currently updated to its latest version. If I turn the phone on in an area that isn't saturated with light, the phone will then automatically turn back off. It won't get past the Security screen. It will just, turn off. If I hit the button to turn it on, it turns back on... but then turns back off. If I call someone, the phone turns black like its detecting your face with the proximity sensor. I can't access the number pad. The phone I'm using is this one http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-g2-4g-lte-with-32gb-memory-cell-phone-black-verizon-wireless/1723195.p A LG-VS980. See that little circle in the top left? That's the proximity sensor. How do I disable, the proximity sensor? If I can't disable it... how do I open the phone up, to try and fix the sensor. Hopefully, that answers any questions. I notice that even after explaining everything, sometimes people ask questions that were already answered...
  10. Kinda wish they'd finish the projects they've started before they start a new project. Especially if they still have projects they need to start!
  11. It is very much so worth buying! It's Skyrim! You will get over 100+ hours of game from that purchase! So much to do, explore, and then there's the MODS!!!!
  12. This upcoming Thursday when I have a day off from work I plan to try and get OBS up and running as well as read some tutorials on setting up overlays, notifcations, etc. Anyone know of anyone who does art who could possibly do a themed overlay for twitch?
  13. There's always John Wick which is based off the Graphic Novel. Now good Anime Movies that arn't IRL... Look into Galaxy Express 999. Good classic.
  14. Of course right after getting things situated, power in my area WOULD go out... Back to streamings!
  15. Seems everyone is "jumping" at this game, and clambering "over rooftops" to play it. I've been playing it, and I can say that it really "dropkicks" you with excitement. ...I need to craft some better puns. WHERE'S SOME STRING?! So I've been playin Dying Light and seeing as no one is streaming right now in the Live Stream tab.. *slams this thread down* I'll put this here! Looking for something to pass the time or to hang out at if you're doing class work, come check me out playing Dying Light, with GUSTO! http://www.twitch.tv/grimno (Sometimes I wish there was a chat room or something I could say this in... instead of having to make more threads just to get the word out. GAH!)