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  1. hey when someone gets a chance can i get an invite to the clan.
  2. yah youll feel poor for a time but dont worry once your at a decent level and have some fair equipment you can complete witcher contracts. youll start to gain money and be able to afford most items also keep an eye out for treasure sites and smuggler drop sites its a good way to gain quick cash as well as some decent equipement. be warned though monster like to guard those locations
  3. hey went into my inventory and i have forma for the dojo let me know if you need it.
  4. you get forma blueprints as rewards for completing void mission, alerts, derelict and opening reinforced orokin storage crates (any difficulty but good luck the drop rate is low) and they are a one use blueprint so once you make it its gone. i know at one time there was a permanent forma blueprint that you could purchase in the market but now its only orokin cells and neurons. ill see what i have if i have forma ill donate.
  5. I'm ready for combat I have a max Volt, Excalibur, Oberon, and have a Vauban and Zephyr in the works. while their not level 40 or 50 void material yet they can still bring down bosses. if you guys need an extra man let me know. Good hunt Tenno
  6. alright sounds good once im finished building zephyr ill leave my clan and join up with you as well.
  7. i can invite you guys if you want to see it and use it for creating gear. Also i can start a group on psn if you guys want to have a place to ask questions and find other players for warframe. it wont be official or anything but we can at least have a place to communicate on the console. let me know if you guys like the idea or not.
  8. im usually on warframe alot so if you want to play send me a message and ill join up and the dojo im apart of already has working tenno, grenieer, corpus, and infested labs in it as well as loads of stuff already made.
  9. i hear grind alot are we talking destiny/warframe grind times or better ,worse grind times
  10. another important note: use the codex or bestiary (as its called in the game) it provides you with information on your quarry like what oils, signs, and other items are effective and some basic tips and information on the creatures themselves. also don't underestimate the human guards they can tear through you just as quick as any monster (trust me ive died to them more than ive died to monsters). all in all just study and practice your tactics and you should do fine. (and loot get that sweet sweet loot).
  11. hey guys so i was looking through the psn store and noticed that a realm reborn was 20 dollars and was wondering if this was a good game to get into. now i know its an mmo and it has a subscription but i just wanted to get your opinions on the game and see if its worth looking into more or not. P.S the only mmo game ive played is guild wars 2 so i may not be familiar with all mmo lingo so apologizes if i ask you to elaborate on somethings. anyway thanks to anyone who contributes to this.
  12. im not sure im in one called the red rock assassins that was started by a member but i havent seen a soul in the game for almost a year now im the only one who seems to be using the dojo as well if anyone has more info let me know cause im looking to have fun with this game and find a good couple people to play it with.
  13. be patient in combat if you try to attack without thinking you may find yourself dying a lot. also invest in oils and potions they will save your ass more than once. hope this was helpful and good luck out their witcher.
  14. ive just gotten back into games like warframe, planetside and the sort. while i dont play for long periods of time if you need a partner to kill some grineer or take a base or two let me know and ill back ya up.
  15. deathstroke weapons

    From the album cosplay