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Niels Juel

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  1. Hi RagingTempest141, What is your ingame name? /Niels Juel AJSA Training Officer Goio
  2. will do
  3. The plan was to go over the different things, and then practice them in real combat, and then go over what we have learned and what can be improved!
  4. Hi guys Speaking of ship learning, I will be online around 7pm (5pm utc)today, and will be going over the Pyra if anyone is interested. I also plan on making a couple of youtube vids of standard ship parkour for the different ships so people who cant make it will have some reference material. Niels Juel Training officer AJSA Guns of Icarue online
  5. Hi guys, First off, Geze, you rock at summing up things, dont know how this would go without you here! so pat yourself on the back!! Second, I want to apologize for not showing up today, I had to go back to Denmark for the weekend as my dad is in the hospital, he collapsed yesterday with what looked like a stroke, turns out it was a minor clot in his heart, he is awake and well enough to complain about the hospital food, I just got home to my moms place and will head straight to bed. I should be back again tomorrow Sunday (some time after 20:00 UTC+2) if anyone wants to get some pointers for correct runs for some of the different ships! Niels Juel Training officer AJSA Guns of Icarus
  6. A quick note on this gun, add Heavy ammo to your gunners loadout and you eliminate most, if not all, of the weapon spread, making the gun very accurate at range too (at the cost of a smaller clip size. At higher levels most gunners will bring heavy for range and burst for close range on this gun, mind you that accuracy at range very much hinges on your captain getting you in arc and holding the ship steady! here, as in all other aspects of the game, communication will nt only keep you alive but also make you shine as a gunner. The best teams utilize both side and front guns combined, hitting first with the Manticore, then moving in with the side weapon, not moving back with the front gun until the gunner notifies that captain that he is reloaded and ready to fire. The lack of any supporting guns on front or sides makes this ship a hit and run or a supporting ship at hjigher levels my 2cents Niels Juel AJSA Training officer AJSA Guns of Icarus
  7. alright, training match is over, recap can be seen here: http://www.twitch.tv/niels_juel/b/537016533
  8. We are currently have a spur of the moment Clan match vs NYEH, follow the match here: www.twitch.tv/niels_juel
  9. And this is why we train, me and the other officers are watching and monitoring, and everyone will be assigned a main and a backup role tailored after their strenghts and weaknesses! Niels Juel AJSA Training officer
  10. mispelled my name :/
  11. Black and red
  12. here is Niels in all his glory: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=268500407 team colours and all
  13. Gentlemen, My name is Niels Juel and I'm your training officer (yes you can call me Sarge), I'm an avid gamer and have been playing Goio for just over a year now, I have been part of the competitive scene almost since my first week in the game. I mostly play pilot but I am both a decent gunner and engenier, I can fly all ships in the game but I tend to gravitate towards the Squid and the Pyramidion, and those of you who have flown with me know I have a love for fire based and disabling weapons. For some reason Goio is the only moba that ever really caught my eye, considering I mostly play FPS and RTS along with some sports games it is quite supricing I have managed to round up almost 1000hours in Goio. Best regards Niels Juel/Klaus Adler Training officer AJSA Goio
  14. I did announce it a week before (now the dryrun on the other hand)
  15. Gentlemen, Woman, and everything inbetween. We, the AJSA (unofficial) within Goio will be holding a training session in Guns of Icarus saturday the 7th 8pm GMT (4pm EST/1pm PST) The plan is to get 4 ships up and running and having some AJSA on AJSA action, have a sitdown in the TS to analyze what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. To kick this off we are planning on having a dryrun this saturday (31st same time) so people, please join us in the TS this saturday and the following one with sat. 7th being the most important one! best regards Klaus Adler Training Officer AJSA Guns of Icarus (unofficial)