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  • Birthday 11/28/1964

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    Chandler, Arizona
  1. Does it live up to the hype? No. But that's nothing special, as I have seen no game live up to it's hype yet. More important is, am I having fun playing it.... yes. I kind of wish the fireteams were more than 3, but it's not a major detriment. Belrix
  2. I still play WoW from time to time. I generally like it, can't really explain it more than that. Only time I really get disgusted is with the player base, but I've seen few MMORPGs that has a perfect playerbase. Also play LotRO, SWTOR, Firefall and DCU Online... pretty much in a rotation. Belrix
  3. I intend to get the game when released. Agonized a bit trying to decide whether to get the beta release, but thought better of it. Plays almost exactly like the original Elite that I played back in the day (80's or 90's) but with much better graphics. Belrix
  4. The dalish was a bit more emotional, but don't see much after the initial start. Human noble was very impactful and stayed with you pretty much through the game in one form or the other, ending was great. City elf (preferred the female story arc), was great and came to a head late in the game. Mage was a bit... meh.... Dwarf (both), hated them. My opinions, of course. It always depends on how you like to play. Belrix
  5. I would say Lord of the Rings Online. Besides the obvious story arc, for me, one of the best communities. It is FtP, but there are lots of expansions. Belrix
  6. I would go with Bad Company 2 and by extension the Viet Nam DLC. (To repeat an earlier post) Belrix
  7. I have no qualms about playing both. Running my Tiger in War Thunder or tier V to VII in WoT. Both are fun and both can be just as aggravating. Belrix
  8. I have to go Spitfires... pretty much any of them (except the V.... just butt ugly)... Belrix
  9. Started War Thunder before it went to Steam so adjusting game to Steam now. SteamID: smterry War ThunderID: belrix55
  10. Check out the ASUS RoG series. I have an older I7 model and still has no issues with most games. They run around $1500 at Best Buy. Belrix
  11. Hard to beat Mass Effect, and the music in Elder Scrolls Online is a far step above most MMOs, though World of Warcraft also had some very good environmental music in the last few expansions. Belrix
  12. Introductions... Been watching the Angry One for quite a time, avid gamer, hoping to get some good action with good (respectful, shame it's so rare) players. Playing/Played: WarThunder, World of Tanks (PC/XBox360), BF4 and other incarnations (BF3, Bad Company2)(XBox360), MW3 (XBox360 and XBoxOne) Oh, I'm also committed in Wildstar (prepaid). Belrix