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    History, studying cultural hertitage management at the moment.
    Special interest with the historical evolution of weapons and veichles related to warfare.
  1. Well, first of all the two problems that stand out is his hardware. 1: The AMD Fusion CPU is not very powerful. It is a very weak processor although it has two cores, but is mainly for desktop work. 2: The graphics card is integrated. This means it has a smaller, slower GPU, less memory and can't compute the amount of information needed for heavy graphics. To put things in perspective: I'm currently running at a laptop with a Inter Core 2 duo 2.4ghz, 4gb RAM and an Nvidia Quadro 2700M (Graphics card made for 3d editing), and i am barely running at 30 fps in ground forces, if i'm lucky and get good weather. He is trying to run it at a pc which has a CPU that is half that performance, a GPU that is the fifth of that, and trying to get usable performance. The only real tip i have to try to boost the fps a little bit without altering the pc, is running the game in fullscreen windowed mode, that bumped my performances with about 10-15fps. But the optimal choice i'd say is to upgrade the pc itself.
  2. I don't have any per say, i tend to fly most nations equally, except the russians. But i have been doing better and been flying more with germans, so i'd say germany. Plus, i love the looks of the german fighters