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  1. You will need another 3DS for the transfer; I'm sorry. I've had the New Nintendo 3DS for almost 2 months now and I still haven't anyone to transfer my data with, it's a pain in the ass. So make sure you find someone with a regular 3DS (who's also has all their Nintendo Network ID info. with them) and have the time to do so, it will take a moment.
  2. Oh, okay.
  3. Was this a response to my post?
  4. 1. I don't mind Nintendo making more games based on popular series (Mario, Pokemon, etc.). As long as they're good, I'm playing them. But I would like more representation in the smaller series (F-Zero, Star Fox, Metroid, etc.). 2. I hate it when people say Goku should be in SSB4. Why? - He's not from a video game, he's from an anime. - He has little background with Nintendo compared to other third party entries. - Those who want him in are the biggest dicks I've ever met (I'm actually sorry if this pisses you off). 3. The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is the most overrated game franchise ever. I don't even like the 2D platformers. 4. I love the Borderlands series with a passion, but it tries way too hard to be "progressive". Speaking of which. 5. Anthony Burch is easily replaceable. 6. What Mario games lack in plot, it excels in world-building, which I think is just as great. 7. When it comes to the continuing shitty practices in game sales (unfair DLC, endless sequels), I often blame the consumers more than the developers. Speak with your wallets! 8. Kotaku is an imbursement. 9. IGN isn't that bad, in fact, I think they do a pretty good job reporting on gaming (at else it's not Kotaku). 10. The Wii U is the best console of the 8th Generation. 11. The "games don't have to be fun" excuse is frightening. Sorry if this makes you feel mad, it isn't my intention, I just need to get it off my chest.
  5. A worker friend and I were talking about Super Smash Bros. 4 and the upcoming Mewtwo DLC when we joking about a Smash Bros. game with character from infamously bad games and now I'm curious; what character would you see in a game like that (Note: don't just give a character and be done with that, I want to know some of the moves that character would have. Make it fun.)?
  6. I recommend getting an sd card reader, especially when selling your old console to Gamestop for $100. Edit: Turns out you still need a Nintendo 3DS/XL, even with the computer transfer. -_-'
  7. Edit: Tingle and Dark Link have been removed as of late, since Dark Link is a size for Link and Tingle has been confirmed (Sorry for that one person who voted for Tingle [though he's in the game now, so you should be satisfied]).
  8. I've been playing a lot out of Hyrule Warriors and I've been loving it. But I was curious on who else would be in the game and what others want in the game, so I made this poll. Whether it's because the character's a badass with bubblegum or the idea of the character fighting hordes of enemies would make anyone laugh, I narrowed down some who aren't in the game but could be the game. Note: Most of these are villains (not many villains are in the game). Also, I know that I met have missed someone so fill free to add your choice in with "other".
  9. 3DS: 1907-9197-7467. Wii U: Doorman357
  10. Thank you for the responses (if there are any responses).
  11. ??? yhw erus ton era ew thegisnartnI
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