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Everything posted by Sammy_Bananas

  1. Im a huge fan of the older CnC games. Im sure some of you are too. You may not be aware of this beautifully done reboot of a less than popular FPS set in the CnC universe. Even if you know nothing about CnC you will appreciate the fresh gameplay this FPS offers. So, if you wanna break from typical slaughter shooters maybe for something strategic and team based go here: http://renegade-x.com/download.php Its free. What have you got to lose? Its a bit old school but in a good way.
  2. I've been playing video games for as long as i can remember, typically by myself or with one or two friends. I've been part of a few small communities, but I was always one of the more active members while after a week of two of gameplay I'd be the ONLY active member lol, depressing. I've been watching angry joe every once and awhile (kinda have to with all the shitty games these days haha) and finally decided to sign up. I will admit, I'm bit of a light hearted troll sometimes, but I'm not malicious. I like to joke around and have fun. My unorthodox tactics kinda reflect that. Im not all that hardcore, If i can take you down with me I'm happy, I dont sweat the KD too much unless its a scrim or clan battle. Games I Play (That Im good at) Smite TF2(Scout or Sniper) War of The Vikings Renegade X (dont hate) Nether Hawken Garrys Mod (TTT) Others(Im...meh) CS:GO Day Z (sucks alone) Rust The semesters over so im on steam pretty regularly. So feel free to add me [AJSA]SammyMotherFuckingBananas and i promise to make myself useful.
  3. Garrys Mod has some interesting physics maps, but honestly I havent seen anything that tops the Red Faction games level of all out destruction. Sucks they ruined the series with that armaggeddon bullshit. Guerrilla was a step in the right direction, even if it wasnt well recieved. In the first Red Faction you could use explosives to literally tunnel into the ground lol. Game developers have kinda neglected the whole destructible enviroments thing. Although it gets pretty demanding (hardware wise), i believe it is totally worth the drop in texture detail.
  4. Holy sweet jesus...I didnt even know this existed. Id hope AJSA would support it. Battlefront 2 in my opinion was one of the best star wars games ever made. Lets hope they stick close to thier roots. I won't support COD:Star Wars lol.
  5. Halo:CE(halo 1 in general really) I remember as a kid id sit there and play for hours on this massive map called ColdSnap. Where i built the base for my snipeing skills. The game was almost ahead of its time. I just found the game to be addicting, the sequels just didnt keep me as engrossed. Halo 3 comes in 2nd place, but thats just cause i had friends to play with and i loved Forge mode. I made all kinds of crazy maps and gametypes. Loved the infection gametype.
  6. What games are you into dude?
  7. Ever catch me on 7 days to die you are welcome to join. Steam names [AJSA]SammyMotherFuckingBananas