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  1. Love it! But yeah a lot more frames are needed.
  2. As the title says, heres a teaser! Our first idea was sleep paralysis. Simple enough idea considering we don't have money for a lot of equipment! Enjoy
  3. A free, but powerful program called Blender Many tutorials on youtube to get you started too! https://www.blender.org/
  4. Add fire I hear you say? OK!!
  5. Here you go guys. Over night render of a simple Intro for your channel! Let me know if you use it!
  6. Thank! I'm sure I can remake this if anyone wants it done differently. The explosion was one of my first fire simulations so could be done better!
  7. Thanks buddy! And yes the mask does look a little silly considering he has metal looking armor... but he was my first character! The full thing took 3 weeks to render...
  8. This was a video I used in the run up to my AJSA final trailer. I never used the AJSA logo after this video. If you edit out the character the title shot should look decent. Can't find the original logo video, must have deleted it, so like I said, feel free to use it if you wish and can be bothered editing it... haha. Just thought I'd be nice Final trailer here:
  9. If anyone wants to edit the title sequence I made for this trailer for their AJSA related channel, feel free! (Theres a big explosion at the end .) Let me know if you use it!
  10. And an example of said stock footage in use...
  11. If anyone is looking for free stock footage check out my channel. I've started a playlist of stock footage you can use at your will. If you do use it just give me a little mention and I will be happy as Larry! It may be wise to delete the audio in some videos as my kid usually runs riot near by. Videos where sound is important such as water I usually wait for a break in his shenanigans before recording. Videos are uploaded daily! ENJOY
  12. Yes! It makes no sense! Was messing around with camera tracking and decided to animate a T-Rex walking along the desk. Because f*ck logic that's why! Hope you enjoy. I had fun making this.
  13. Thank you Faravahar
  14. Thank you Alexander . If you are talking about the metal handle thing that springs open then yes I agree. It took a lot of playing around with to get it the way it is. I wanted it so that the "top" of the smoke grenade stayed in the shot. If I animated the spring part too fast, the physics made it fly off into the distance which didn't really look realistic.