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  1. ShakeySco liked a post in a topic by Narrlocke in Hello people!   
    Welcome to the community. Feel free to ask if you have questions or concerns.
    Also, if you need a video editor, ring me up! Contact link in the signature!
  2. ShakeySco liked a post in a topic by Mr. Lulz in Angry Joe AJSA Trailer Update Sneak Peak, thing...   
    I'd say add more soldiers so it shows we're a community and maybe just have the regular AJSA emblem on the soldier but other than that, Awesome job!
  3. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by ShakeySco in Angry Joe AJSA Trailer Update Sneak Peak, thing...   
    Ok, so I got a little tired of messing around with textures and such. So I decided to have a break, render what I've got so far and see how it looks. Rendering took about 12 hours or so. While that was rendering I played about with making a 3D logo and also messed around with the smoke simulator. I tried to recreate the effect Joe has in his reviews where there is explosions in the background.
    Anyway hope you guys enjoy! The theme song wasn't my first pick but I couldn't get permission of the song I wanted to use in time sadly... Hopefully that will change! If you guys are interested the song I wanted to use was Theatrum - Anthony Waldhorn. It's a dance song BUT there is an awesome orchestral part around 2:18 I think it was. Check it out!
    P.s Low-ish quality in the video because yet again it's just a test. If it was a real render I think I would still be rendering it this time next week...
    As always I'd love feedback and would love to hear any ideas you guys have!

  4. ShakeySco liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Sniper Elite V2 is free for the next 24 hours.   
    This is the info link:
    This is the download link:
    Enjoy! Please leave a like if you appreciate the info!
  5. ShakeySco liked a post in a topic by Menofwarfan. in Reasons why Company of Heroes 2 got me angry.   
    Now well, you guys remember me from some controversial article I did ago, like "Men of War vs Company of Heroes: Which one is better" or "reasons why Wolfenstein will be awesome". Now I wanted to discuss something with you guys about a game which got some years now: Company of Heroes 2. I liked that game, but I felt really dissapointed when I compared it with the original Company of Heroes. Yeah, its got some new stuff, a whole new War threatre, a whole brand new campaign, etc, but there were some stuff which frikkingly annoyed me, or in some cases, angered me when it came to this game. So sit back, guys, take some popcorn, these are my reasons why Company of Heroes 2 got me angry. 
    1. The absence of the Flak 88.
    Okay, you guys may think this is just a complain of some bitchy fan who isnt happy with anything, but that is not true. I really loved the series of Company of Heroes, I really did. But somehow, one at Relic Entertainment thought it was a good idea to remove the Flak 88 completely, and replace it with the PaK 43. Guys.....really? Really? The Pak 43 was an 88mm gun, just like the same caliber of the Flak, but it didnt manage to get the high fame its half-brother the Flak 88 did. As a World war II geek that I am, the Flak 88 was the terror of the allied armored divisions, and for some good reason. Many COH Players felt the power of a Flak 88 coming at them from like a really long distance. Now what we got here, is another AT Gun, which saw its first use in the last stages of WWII, and appearing as early as Leningrad or so! Seriously, that was a flaw done by the company, not a very big flaw, but still a mistake. 
    2. The Armor combat
    Again, the same thing with the original Company of Heroes appears here. A frikking german scout car, surviving a direct impact of a T-34/76 tank there. What the hell? I sometimes consider that its just plain stupid!! I'd understand if it survived an anti-tank rifle shot, but a shell of a T-34? are you crazy?. Besides, I really felt that in terms of armor, there were lots of units there missing. Where's the King Tiger? The 70-ton german monster tank? From Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, I have seen that thing always, what happened with it? I felt like Company of Heroes: Eastern front, had more variety in vehicles than the retail Company of Heroes 2 game. Seriously, im not joking!
    3. Portrayal of Soviet War Crimes and anti-soviet topics. 
    This topic is perhaps the most controversial stuff surrounding the game. And I found this part the worst thing the company could have done with this game. While in the original Company of Heroes, it only portrayed the progress of the war in a non-cruel but violent way, this game portrays all of the war crimes commited in the eastern front during World War II....But only from the soviet side. Yes, the Soviet Union, the one being invaded by the frikking nazis, is portrayed as if the soviets were worse than the nazis in World War II. There's scenes with the Red Army massacring their own men in the so called NKVD punishment batallions. That may be true or not, but the next scene Im describing doesnt make any sense. In this next scene, the protagonist officer, Isakovich, is rescued by a soviet soldier. When he gets him back, the Commisar asks where he has been, the soldier explains what happened, and then all of a sudden, the commisar shoots him in the head, saying that "that was no excuse to leave your post". WHAT??? now that is just nonsense! There is no way, there is no way the Soviets could have been that barbaric. German War crimes commited during World War II are almost entirely omitted in this game, with a little mention on the discovery of the death camp of Madjanec, Poland. But thats it, no mention to the german war crimes commited against the soviet people, which resulted in the deaths of 20 million soviets. Another thing I found really frustrating and really vomiting, is that the game implied the soviets attacked and conquered Berlin only because they wanted to take a photo of themselves conquering the Reichstag! What??? That is just insulting! The German army surrounded in Berlin would not give up, it never offered any terms of surrender. Also, Berlin was the center of Power of the Third Reich, the last nazi stronghold, where Adolf Hitler himself was present there. Relic, you really think the Soviets went there only for a walk to the Reichstag? Just to take a photo?? The result of all this controversy is that Russian publisher 1C-Softclub stopped distribution of the game on July 26 of 2013. Okay, before I keep ranting about this Reason, I want to state something about this. The Story is so political, and so full of political messages, that I feel this doesnt compare to Company of Heroes, at all. Keep your games clear of political messages, Relic. They are not recommended in games, like, at all! 
    4. DLC whoring. 
    When the news told that Company of Heroes 2 would incorporate the so called "Theatre of War" mode, I really thought it would be something new, something original to it. It was good, it was fun, but...boy, what is it with the DLC whoring these days? Thats right, this Theatre of War mode has been divided into like 3 more DLC's. Not one, but three more! With a game that has already sold like 680000 units, you'd think that they had enough, "but no it aint enough, lets keep makin zum money!". Im really mad when it comes to this topic, stop the DLC Whoring already, for christs sake! It is a nasty trending topic on Corporate Commander companies (EA for example) that I feel that It needs to be put a stop to this inmediately! 
    5. Massive presence of Osttruppen in the campaign.
    Now this, I dont understand why they make such a huge appereance. The in-game description says that these soldiers are levied by the Eastern allies of Germany, and are low quality troops. Now lets see, the active eastern allies Germany had were Romania, Hungary, and the Russian Liberation Army of General Andrey Andreyvich Vlasov. But I really dont understand their massive presence, in like every single engagement, the Osttruppen appear, even in german territory, by the time the Eastern allies of Germany had been subdued by the Soviet Union. Also, Osttruppen didnt compose the bulk of the Wehrmacht! In Operation Barbarossa, The German army was the largest part of the Axis forces in the east during World War II. Its like the game is trying to tell us that the bulk of the Ostheer in the east was composed by slavish soldiers, hell you can even see the RLA badge on the Osttruppen uniforms. Its just....god, I really hate that.
    So well, this has been my personal reasons of what is wrong with Company of Heroes 2, and what got me really angry. Feel free to share your own opinions, feel also free to counter my opinions, and if you do, do it with reason, explaining why you're against it, and such. Thanks for the patience, and I hope that some people understand what Im trying to tell. 
  6. ShakeySco liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in New netcode patch comparison   
    At least this got fixed but it also shows how bad it was before
  7. ShakeySco liked a post in a topic by Commander Shepard in AJS Fan Animation ideas   
    Oh we will. Especially when its fan made
  8. Commander Shepard liked a post in a topic by ShakeySco in AJS Fan Animation ideas   
    Thanks man! Your kind words are very much appreciated and if Joe and you guys were to even enjoy the video it would make worth the time!
  9. ShakeySco liked a post in a topic by Commander Shepard in AJS Fan Animation ideas   
    Not bad, not bad at all.... Seems like a great concept. Keep it up mate, I can see this being used by Joe himself more than once
  10. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by ShakeySco in What is the dumbest thing you hear a person say recently?   
    "It's not good for you to stand while eating. It makes all the fat go to your ass" 
  11. Commander Shepard liked a post in a topic by ShakeySco in AJS Fan Animation ideas   
    Hey guys! I'm Shakey, I'm currently working on an animation that is centered around AJ being a sort of superhero. The idea came to me watching him and OtherJoe playing DCUO and how excited he got at his character customization options. So I thought "hey, I'll make an animation of him as a superhero." I'm currently recovering from appendicitis so for the past 2 weeks I've hand plenty of time to get to grips with the program I'm using because I'm pretty much a noob at it haha.
    So far I've modeled Joe's body and armour, still working on his face because I cant find any good reference images to model his head and get a decent texture. I've also modeled a quick New- York-type scene in which AJ lands on a rooftop in typical superhero pose. Once I have his character fully modeled out I will add dust and such to make his landing look dramatic.
    My question to you people now is, what would you like to see? My idea (subject to change) is to have AJ have someone alert him to a jewelry store robbery or something like that with 5 or so "bad guys." AJ then flip off this rooftop to pursue. A mini scene shot from inside the jewelry store shows the robbers looting the place. A helpless clerk asks "why are you doing this?" To which the guy replies, "because f*ck you give me money!" . They then leave the store and then an action sequence commences. I want to have something explode so I can play around with the fire physics but I have no idea what or how something will explode.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated! I will try add some pictures of what I have so far and a link to my youtube which just had a few mess around test animations on it if you want to have a quick look.