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    Camp Zama, Japan
  1. Banned because we don't need another hero.
  2. Appriciate it. My quality is a bit below yours at the moment. Look forward to walking this road as well ^^ Good luck
  3. Right on man. Glad to see someone else starting up too. I'm pretty impressed by your audio quality. Definitely keep an eye out for ya ^^
  4. Banished because snakes are a reptile Reptiles are cold blooded Cold is proof against global warming Global warming is proof of the illuniatini And I think we all know what that means... You sir, are thusly banned for being a walrus.
  5. Right on man. Definitely keep an eye out for your stuff. Like to see someone stealing the word Weebo for a more upbeat stance (especially due to living in Japan >.>) Good luck brother ^^
  6. Right on man. Rock on and good luck ^^
  7. Alas, I don't want to grind up a character either but I would love to join the guild... Frick. Fricky fricked frick. Oh well. Maybe I'll pop over a character to *Shudder* The other side. Plus I'd have to do a realm transfer Oh <3 Payday is around launch time for me <3
  8. I'm excited to join in on the fun. Hopefully I can slide in on some despite my work hours. So excited, and I just can't hide it. I think...i'm about to loose control I think I like it. No....no wait....it's giving me indigestion
  9. Banned because you broke The MasqueradeNow everyone knows we're vampires. Thanks.
  10. Plot Twist: It actually leads you down the rabit hole. Click one too many times and then BAM you end up on the otherside of the angry army. You'll join... DUN DUN DUN The Angry Marines! I seriously have no idea where it leads myself. I figured we were well kept enough not to need a ban button
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw5deJvc12U&list=PLbxcEkTS0TZ63pICrL7iLmpYuCEJtutpZ&index=1 So, above is a link to the start of a series of playthroughs of this game (part 3 and 4 should be posted by the night of this posting). Absolutely a wonderfully strange game that I picked up by chance while looking for something that I would enjoy for a Let's Play. The ultimate question: Why am I posting it here? Well, feedback is one reason. I would love to hear from the Angry Army some thoughts on how to improve the quality of the videos (currently doing outside research. Sadly setting up a whole streaming area is out of the question due to having 1 room XD). But honestly, I thought I would bring this strange little game to light. It's a blast and has good atmosphere! The only part i would warn away from is that it deals with a lot of touchy and heavy subjects (rape, abuse, vengeance, and possibly abortions, Not too sure on that last one...but it's been hinting at it and I'm not 100% done. Looks to be a short 4-5 hour play). Hope you enjoy
  12. Wait....but in Japan it's already Tuesday o.o!!! Curse you timezones!