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  1. I love Borderlands 2 so I'll definitely pick this one up (If only so I can play as Claptrap) At least we can finally see the moonbase now, so many people wanted to do that in 2. I just hope there's a DLC that includes the characters from the second game coming to destroy/capture it.
  2. Really? I found that game quite fun, if only so I can get to throw planets into the sun The worst game I played is...RIDE TO FUCKING HELL: RETRIBUTION!!!
  3. I remember a quote that's my favourite: Bannon: There's too many of them! Sawyer: AND IF YOU RUN I'LL SHOOT YOU MYSELF! NOW RALLY YOUR COMPANY!!!
  4. (I'm not sure if this should go into PC Other Games or here so I'm putting this here for now) Hey, does anybody remember playing World In Conflict? You know, that game where you get to nuke stuff? I'm replaying it now on the complete edition, it's awesome!
  5. I don't know about that. I recall that Shigeru Miyamoto said they ran out of ideas for F-Zero hence why there was no new MAIN game for the franchise (Obviously there were F-Zero related things during this time like Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros, Blue Falcon in Mario Kart Wii, etc).
  6. A couple of my favourite nostalgic games were Lego Alpha Team: Lego Rock Raiders on the PC (Even though it was buggy, I admit that): And, very embarrassingly, Lego Island...2: (Only reason I still kinda like that game today is the music. The one thing that they didn't screw up in my opinion)
  7. I really should pick up some of the other F-Zero games cause, from the sounds of it, it's good. I'll be honest, I only heard of the anime when I decided to look up 'Falcon Punch' on the internet
  8. Anyone remember playing the F-Zero games? I only had the original F-Zero, sadly, on my SNES but, hot damn, was it awesome. Especially the music. My favourite bit of the soundtrack is, and this is NOT gonna surpirse you, Mute City: Anyways, I'm going down nostalgic lane again. What was your favourite F-Zero game, F-Zero music, etc? Also, what did you think of the anime? (Yes there was an anime for F-Zero, it's called GP Legend (Or F-Zero The Legend of Falcon as it's known in Japan):
  9. Greetings members of the Angry Joe Army. There's already quite a few threads about people sharing their Youtube channel, I'm well aware of that and just wanted to throw mine out there if you're interested. (http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperDarthVader1) My videos may not be the most...professional as you might notice. In fact, I recommend you ignore videos past my Silent Hill 1 let's play, I was still in my early stages and, looking back on them, they're not that great. Criticism is fine but make sure it's professional and not insulting, I don't like people not giving advice to me and just calling me an idiot or something like that. I don't have any professional recording equipment for console games (I can record PC Games fine since I use FRAPS or Bandicam) hence why I'm using my webcam which, you can tell, looks like crap I admit that. I hope to get enough money to get something like Elgato so I can finally start recording stuff properly but until then, this is what I'm stuck with. You'll also notice alot of these videos have my friend, Vivifan57, in them. I recommend you check out his channel as well, he only has a few videos on it at the moment but he is planning to make more soon. (http://www.youtube.com/user/vivifan57) As said before, any input, criticism or otherwhise, is great. It's kinda hard to tell if you're doing the right thing if you've got no comments on your videos.
  10. "FOUR FUCKING HOURS!?" And of course, the old classic: "YOU DUN FUCKED IT UP!!!"
  11. I'm surprised too that he hasn't done a review of that game yet, it helped the whole FPS Genre to bloom. No review by Joe on this new Wolfenstein game makes me a little sad. Oh well, if he does end up making a review of it, it will be great.
  12. My desktop image at the moment is this:
  13. Hi guys. My username is Revan0123 but my real name is Matthew King. I'm from the UK. I'm currently 20 at the moment (21 coming 30th of June). I've been watching AngryJoe's videos ever since his Duke Nukem Forever review. He's a very funny guy, I like him. I'm not really good at introductory speeches so lets just get this out of the way. Hello Angry Joe Army, another solider of yours is ready to report for battle. I shall arrive to the battlefield in my friend, Bessie: (Yea you might notice I'm a fan of Doctor Who )