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  1. If anyone needs an invite to the guild, just send a whisper in-game to an officer. Right now that's Riplaw (me) or Fuzzypanda. We cannot add you if you are not logged in so you have to tell us in-game or in TeamSpeak.
  2. You can add me as a headstart founder. EDIT: For anyone who doesn't know, I am Riplaw in-game. I have it as my screen name under my avatar in the forums, but J_Papa sucks as a character name in an RPG so I don't use it in them.
  3. I will be participating in headstart, but I'm not sure if it will be the exact hour it goes live or a few hours after.
  4. 12:00am PST... that's technically tonight at 3am EST. Did you mean noon tomorrow PST? EDIT: If it's 3pm EST I can't be there, I get home from work at 5pm.
  5. Damn dude, it's weird to think that you would have to go the emergency room just for mowing the lawn. I hope you get better and I hope it's not too serious.
  6. I share all of those concerns, MoVe. Everyone is excited for such a quick release. I have to be honest, I'm really not =) There are many annoying bugs, including performance and UI bugs, and many features to be tested in a short time. It's quite possible they will all be fixed and everything will be dandy, but I have yet to see an MMO release smoothly on day 1. The biggest concern is that we have less time than we thought to prepare for release and I have yet to see discussions about the official AJSA release guild. I have to admit that Trion is not really one of the best or most experienced developers out there, and that hasn't really changed since they added publishing to their record. Not the best, but not the worst either, so I don't expect total failure here. Hoping for the best.
  7. I just want to give some feedback and suggestions about this event. I think it's definitely doable for the beta guild, and it sounds like it would be fun and rewarding, but I don't know if the merchant ship is the best choice. A merchant ship is great in the long run, but we have a limited time on the beta servers. We also don't have much protection for doing such lucrative trade runs with a lot of trade packs on one ship. I'd like to suggest going for a galleon instead. The galleon is almost half as many gilda stars to buy the plans and there is much more for passengers to do while riding it. The merchant ship is only good for trading and moves very slowly. I think we would end up having more fun with a galleon with the limited time we have for beta, especially since being a successful and wealthy guild isn't really on our radar, as everything we do will be wiped before release. That's just my opinion. What does everyone else think?
  8. Right, I forgot to mention that the first crest design I have actually has a background design provided by the crest design system. This background only shows up on certain items. So far, we know it shows up on capes/cloaks and galleon sails. Flags and clipper sails just show the AJSA logo with the transparency. Keep this in mind because if you add the second or third design to a cape or a sail, it will just be an ugly square shape stuck on there. Edit: And I have no idea how to remove a crest from an item
  9. Added one more AJSA feature:
  10. The AJSA guild has made its presence known to the Archeage closed beta. Here are a few screenshots of the designated guild house in all its glory! If you have screenshots that include the AJSA logo stamped on a sail, flag, crest, or clothing item in game then feel free to post it here as well. If anyone wants a crest to use, send a message to Riplaw in the Aranzeb server or send mail with memory ink from a general merchant and I will send you a stamp to use. The three designs I have are:
  11. Yeah you can't check ping in game, you would have to do something else like use your cmd to ping your IP address or some hack like that. If I'm only looking to raise livestock to butcher it, do I still need to feed it? Can I just deny the creature its nourishment and then end it's short, pathetic life for my own benefit? Does feeding it yield more tasty, succulent meat when I hack it to death? ... I really paint a picture, huh?
  12. Here's my Sylvari Ranger, Ripcall. Let's hope I'm not the only one to enter. I feel like I'm late to the party. Anyway, I hope you guys approve. And a few extra shots:
  13. Hello, I am new to the Angry Army and look forward to getting back into Guild Wars 2 with you all! The look of my characters is very important to me and it's great that Guild Wars 2 has so many vanity features and options. Hope you like my first entry into the fashion contest... my Human Warrior, Ripjaw. Screens without helm (when feeling more casual): Screens with helm (when s*** gets serious): This armor is a combination between the Flame Legion and Grasping Dead heavy armor sets. As with all of my characters, the dyes I chose are in line with the profession's thematic color scheme. The Legionnaire Axes were chosen to try to fit the colors and style of the armor. I was really happy with the high fidelity of the two armor sets combined, which avoids distracting the eye as much as the flame effects on the CoF body piece. It's also great to have the tattered cloak trailing behind. It adds a lot of ferocity when you see the character in action.
  14. Broken Moon - 300i - Wave 12 - 88006 That's my record so far. I can hardly see the score in the screenshot i took with Print Screen but I'm pretty sure that's what it says. 300i repazent
  15. Word on the forums is that cross-chassis upgrades will be made available as the new ships are made available in Arena Commander. My only source is this forum topic: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/2763970/#Comment_2763970