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  1. Interesting to see the support rise up now, but I suppose it makes sense with the expansion around the corner. I primarily play on Kil'jaeden Horde but as it so happens the reason I play nowadays is to do arenas with a friend of mine. So, guess who just boosted an alliance character? I rolled on Madoran to join the guild since I'll be playing anyway, a druid named Mourka. You can add my RID too, Desultory#1320.
  2. P.S. https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/116894-exile-angry-joe-show-army-is-openly-recruiting/
  3. Okay guys, Halloween is only 9 days away... And probably by now, you all know that Halloween is my favourite holiday, ever. I've been fiddling around with my house, enjoying the little decor items here and there - I put down a skull, some intestines, a make-shift treat (and trick!) bowl, and some red lanterns. Closer to the day, I'm probably going to see about dimming the lights and darkening the whole atmosphere. At home, my family is organizing a Halloween party, and my siblings are getting ready to go trick-or-treating. But it made me think - what exactly am I going to do for Halloween? I'll be home because I can't go out to the bar with my friends due to my medical issues (well, I can't, but it's no fun not to drink or drive this year), I'm too old to trick-or-treat, and I'm not really interested in parties. I'll probably watch some scary movies, eat some chocolate, and hang out. I know it's not only Halloween but also a Friday; most people will probably try and go out or do something. But some people might not. And for those people, I propose an event - my own version of trick-or-treating! I don't know how many people will be around, but you're all welcome to attend. I'm also not sure how long I'll be on, or if I'm going to have my full focus on playing a game, or when I'll go watch a movie. But while I'm online, keep your eyes peeled. Add me as your neighbour. I'll take a trip around all my neighbour's plots, and try to track down some things. I will hand out a bit of cash for each thing I find, as follows (to a maximum of 30g): Scarecrow - 10g ea.Pumpkins - 20s ea.Spider webs - 5g ea.Treat bowls - 5g ea.Red lanterns - 15s ea.I won't spend all night hunting down your items, so I'll most likely explore the area around your house, and quickly browse the rest (in the true nature of trick-or-treaters), but I hope to see a couple Halloween items going on. I want to hand out a touch of incentive to sharing the spirit, as small as it may seem. For the best additions I find, I'll also give out a surprise fabkit. But that's not all. Every hour on the hour, I'll present a riddle in /gchat. If you can identify the reference, or solve the problem, as the case may be, I'll reward you with an appropriate decor item. And lastly, trick-or-treating! At 9pm my time (simply, UTC-06:00), I will stay at my house for a half hour. Every visitor I have will receive some level 50 food with their most beneficial stat; and for those willing to make me their roommate, I'll also buy them a renown item. I want to spread the good spirit I share with this holiday. Cheers! And I hope some of you will participate. Happy Halloween!
  4. About 5:30pm - 10:30pm Monday - Thursday I'm available, although depending on the day I'll have to make sure I get my laundry or cleaning done first; 8pm - 11pm is a very solid timeslot. Any time after 6pm on a Friday should be fine, and Saturdays I can try and keep available in the evening assuming it's picked for a day. I would prefer not Sundays because usually I'll have something to do with my family around suppertime.
  5. Do it Sunday too, make it a binge weekend so I can join you.
  6. Pick a day I'm gonna be able to be at home next time. lol I hope you guys have lots of fun this Saturday!
  7. Ooooh, we're broadening our scope!
  8. I think most people will know to attend the guild meeting, that might be the best bet to get the most ears into the conversation.
  9. I think it'd be really cool to separate the maze/treasure hunt plan and expand on that scope. What you could do, is keep the maze with the idea of perhaps a Goblet of Fire feel, an objective within the maze other than just getting to the end, but also a scavenger hunt. I think most of us have seen some, er, cluttered houses lol but if there was perhaps an organized chaos, we could arrange clues or riddles, and if there's enough participants, perhaps even teams. There's a bunch of ways we could work with that - since internet access is implied, we could even pull a page from The Secret World's book, where you have to look things up, using references and languages and all that jazz. There's also the option of image-related exploration type scavenger hunts - finding locations based on a screenshot, we could draw out a simple scavenger hunt by increasing the difficulty that way, and if teams are an option it would really encourage them to work together and try to communicate or co-operate if they got into it as much as I know I would lol. As for a jumping puzzle, I think that's a classic thing we've all played with in our houses, and the best idea I'd like to put forth with that is in reference to Crazygamer's house. He has a platform you can reach about three different ways; and if we could play with limits and shortcuts and mobility options, I'm sure we'd make a very interesting race out of one puzzle. I think the 1v1 PvP tourney is also a classic idea, and it'd be lots of fun. I'd suggest different sorts or even keep it recurring to keep it interesting; like seasons or elimination modes. Football seasons are the first thing that come to mind, where the lowest scoring are eliminated and then there's have standard semi-finals, finals, and championships, but an elimination tier would be more pressure to succeed and could, potentially, be a harder match-up. Perhaps even different arenas could be used? One with no terrain, one with lots of terrain - different pit styles to increase difficulty, perhaps randomly or schematically. What about game show style contests? A Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Wheel of Fortune game-show? Lots of us, including but not limited to myself, Seph, TheAgoniz, and Slayrin, stream. We could include everybody not featured on the game show itself in the stream, and function with popularity polls, survey says interaction, lifelines, all that jazz, so long as everyone participates. Some of this stuff I'm sure has been thought of, but the options make me excited to see these events. I'll start saving some decor items that can help out as needed, and if there's renown items, I'll gladly contribute my renown, as I have nothing of interest to purchase with it. I'll help with the events too, hit me up! I'd love to play around with some of these designs, and if we happen to consider the scavenger hunt option, I'd be all over trying to write riddles, and in the case of "RNG" things like Wheel of Fortune, I can write programs to function.
  10. Would definitely like to see another Inhouse done... Especially that Teemo game idea, that sounds wicked fun.
  11. Would definitely like to see more; plus I still have those bingo cards! I had to miss the reschedule, too.
  12. Okay friends, I'm looking to make at least one night a week a day to run any dungeon you guys want - for experience, for silver, for S&G. I'm currently holding silver in Stormtalon, Ruins of Kel'voreth, and Skullcano, so I'm working on Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden and it's been slow trying to even get in. But what better way to spend my time than helping you guys get past dungeons? It's sometimes tedious at best. If you haven't done the fights before, that's perfectly fine, I'll explain them as we go. If you have, we'll try to rock through them. You can have silver in these dungeons, have silver in none of these dungeons, have gear, have no gear, come one week, come every week; I'll try to make things work so we can have some fun. My main interest is that you all see the inside of these dungeons, and everyone gets to practice their preferred role. That means that generally I will probably be tanking, but if someone else wants to tank, just ask! I can and will DPS. Now, for timeslots, I may have to accommodate based on my schedule after I get back to the working world. I'm looking to go every Monday, starting August 18th, 8pm-10pm Canadian Central Time - to note, though, that where I live has some very funky timezone. Currently, I believe I'm two hours behind EST, however, in fall I will be one hour behind EST (my province doesn't change with Daylight Savings like the rest of the world). If something comes up and I have to cancel, I will try to make a new time later in the week, and I'll try to give you notice. I will also be streaming. If we don't have space for you to come along, or just want to see how we're doing, you're welcome to watch on my stream. The schedule for when I'll be running will also be posted on my stream, which you can find here. Hope to see you there!
  13. I am your friendly neighbourhood stalker (ahem) here with a breakdown of the most useful stuff I can make you. Currently, I am running as a Technologist, which makes me one of the most useful people you can know if you're running dungeons and raids, questing on your own, or trying to beat your friend's damage. I can make anything and everything, except for: Reactive Insight BoostDaggerstone Draught PorterVeteran Gladiator's Shield RegeneratorMajor Potion of VisionVeteran Gladiator's InvigoratorVeteran Gladiator's Stimulant of ProtectionVeteran Gladiator's Stimulant of RageVeteran Guardian's PotionVeteran Sprinter's StimulantVeteran Dasher's StimulantVeteran Gladiator's Movement Stimulant There isn't any sort of research as of yet for Technologist, so the above schematics sound like they are purchased or found as world drops. That being said, if you find any of those and happen to feel generous... I'd appreciate them! For level 50s, I can make you: Mourningstar Medishots (Instant, Sustained Healing, Delayed Healing, Medispray, & Shield Restore)Boosts (Tech, Insight, Grit, Brutality, Finesse, Moxie, & Liquid Confidence)Field Tech (Kinetic Omni-Plasmic Grenade, Omni-Plasmic Air Uptake Stim, Temporal Shimmy Tonic*, Shield Attunement Nanite Cocktail*, Adaptive Defense Stimshot*, & Elemental Life Drain*)Gadgets (Attachment Optimization Routines, Combat Stimulant Auto-Injector, Negative Refraction Burst Emitter, Biogalvanic Surge Device, Impact Compressor, War Cube of Azrion the Conqueror, Seraphel's 'Immaculate Defense' Datacube, & Restored Eldan Medical Nanites)Eldan Acceleron For boosts other than Liquid Confidence (meaning, the stat boosts), all I request is that you provide the Bloodbriar. I will do my very best to help Talshea stock guild for raiding in the future, but Bloodbriar is a very well-used herb that isn't quite found enough. It can be found in any level 50 zone, including daily areas, and I require 5 to make two boosts. For medishots, field tech, gadgets, and Eldan Acceleron, I've got plenty of mats for right now and you can have them for free. Gadgets especially, I am specced to require less mats, while medishots and boosts cost me less money for reagents and they succeed easier, so don't worry. * - I believe these to be the most useful field tech for DPS and tanks, as they increase crit, max shield, deflect, and self-healing (respectively, as noted) for 3 minutes. If you have any questions about the effects of these items, feel free to ask! Find me in game/in Teamspeak, or send me an in-game mail and I can help you out. If you're looking for something and not sure what, hit me up, and I'll try to find what you're needing most. For low levels, I have a long list of things I can make you, depending on your level, including boosts, medishots, field tech, gadgets, and some crafting reagents as well. Please talk with me about those, as the list is very long and I'm limited by your character's progress. I'll definitely hook you up, though, and mats shouldn't be a problem as I still have leftovers from leveling my profession.
  14. Liefje. "Tainted Iron"