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  1. Just a quick question as Google was being annoying about not giving me an answer. I upload a lot of videos for games, but on some of them, i add music not related to the game. Since i do not believe i have the right to monetise it even though i spent hours, days or weeks making the video, almost none of my 300+ videos are monetised. I received a copyright claim on one of my videos and i was just curious. (I have received a few over the years and disputed them all, with 50/50 success rate) Is it worth disputing it? I am well aware of the ''fair use/parody/review/etc'' dispute process, but i am wonder IF i should bother disputing it at all. It isnt like i am losing anything (apart from non-adblock viewers being now spammed with ads) so i dont know if i should bother.
  2. I have tried all kinds of styles in Let's Play videos. I have to say some of them are all but identical in format and content style... but i dont know... it just does not work. Perhaps its a case of myself being my own worst critic, but for the life of me... my own Let's Play videos are garbage! Even though they are identical to other successful ones (not content wise but style and format wise) but for some reason it just isnt as good. I like to do mine very specific to a topic or style. Lets say i am doing a video for an MMO. I start the video with my character initiating and accepting the quest. Skip to the part where i am doing the quest, like killing of the 10 rats. Then i skip again to the part where i am handing it in to the quest giver. Depending on the length of time for that edited video, i will either repeat the process or end the video. Usually the length is kept pretty short by the cutting of the travel time from the quest giver to the objective and back again. If the quest took 15 mins to complete, but 7 of those minutes were spent traveling, doing other quests, killing enemies not associated with the quest, i would end up with the quest taking less than 8 minutes on video.
  3. I have owned it for 2 weeks already. Poured quite a few hours into it. I really wish i didnt.
  4. What is a gym?
  5. ReviewTechUSA is an idiot and he knows it.
  6. Anyone here picked a game at random, for no real reason and with zero prior knowledge and immediately upon starting it up... got hooked enough that you finished the game straight up? Not literally in that one session of course. It could be the title of the game, the genre or even just the box art/title art, but having zero idea about the game other than that (maybe its genre), you were immediately hooked and managed to finish it in short order. Only game i can think that i immediately finished upon starting it, with which i had next to no knowledge of prior, was ''Act of War Direct Action''. All other games i can think of, i had at least some idea what it was and where it was going. All i knew, was that it was an RTS game and that was it.
  7. Adding my top 10 of 2014 now.
  8. Games so far that have made my 2014 list this year. Whist there may have been games i PURCHASED, this list only contains games i have actually PLAYED. For example, Assassin's Creed Rogue i may have purchased, but i have not gotten around to playing it yet so i cannot judge something i have not played yet. This list includes standalone expansions as well as expansions that significantly alter the base game so much that it could have been released as a standalone expansion. Disclaimer: Whilst a game on my list may not agree with your personal preference, these are MY picks for top 10 and in the order i would put them myself. Number 1 is the best game i played this year, whilst 2-10 are runners up in descending order of preference. Being number 10 does not mean it was a terrible game, - ALL games here in this list were in my opinion AMAZING - but some were just better than others. My personal top 10 games of 2014! 1. Dragon Age Inquisition - PC 2. Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls (expansion) - PC 3. Infamous Second Son - PC 4. Titanfall - PC 5. Destiny - PS4 6. Super Smash Bros - 3DS (Wii U version is too similar to include on its own) 7. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - PS4 8. Infamous First Light (standalone expansion) - PS4 9. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - Wii U 10. Watch Dogs - PS4 Honourable mentions: Bayonetta 2 - Wii U Freedom Wars - PS Vita Hyrule Warriors - Wii U Halo The Master Chief Collection - XB1 Vainglory - iOS Special mention: The Last of Us Remastered (HD remaster) - PS4. I feel that despite this being an expansion, it was just too short to be a contender on the list. Would not be fair to include this against full games.
  9. I am afraid you are 100% mistaken in that belief. But that is what it is meant to do. It is in fact meant to guarantee higher quality content and more of it. And yes it does in fact bring in more income and a more stable in come as well. It is not ''outdated'' by any stretch. Gamers are just becoming cheap and all too entitled these days. They want the same quality and quantity content as a subscription based MMO but are not willing to put up the money to pay for it. Ergo the free to play system has reigned supreme. BUT! The age of free to play is quickly coming to a head because gamers are slowly beginning to realise free to play only guarantees them never being forced to pay for anything. Of course, the vast majority of free to play games (free to play, not to be mistaken with buy to play) have heavy restrictions on what you can and cant do - and that is where the knife cuts in the gamer community. Where it divides us. Sure you can play forever but never have to pay a thing, but you cannot do X, Y or Z until you pay for it. And you can only do X a couple times. If you are ok with those restrictions you are happy. But most gamers are starting to realise in recent years that those restrictions are NOT a good thing. It is a result of being free to play. Anyway, this is getting vastly off topic so i wont be participating in this particular discussion anymore.
  10. I am sorry to inform you but yes that is the whole point of a subscription. I have no idea where you are getting this idea that a subscription is just a way to squeeze players dry. Bitter much? TOR is a shining example of how to do a free to play model right (granted the start of free to play was when they really had no idea how to implement it). But yes, it IS the point of a subscription fee. It is to pay for high quality content and more of it. If this is not happening with a subscription based game, then the developers are either incompetent or just want to see their game fail. A game GOES free to play BECAUSE the subscribers are just not enough to keep it afloat on their own. The free to play model isnt the get-out-of-jail-free ticket - but it is a way to generate enough income to keep the game going. I guarantee if the numbers were not there for WoW, XIV or any other subscription based MMO, THEY WOULD ALSO go free to play. You pay $15 a month for higher quality content and more of it. Do you understand now? If NOBODY is getting exactly that for their MMO, then quite frankly... the game will die. Players will abandon the game in droves and the developers start hemorrhaging money much too fast to cope. As a last ditch effort to save their game with far too few subscribers, they alter it to free to play. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.
  11. I see quite a lot of incredulous buying by people - who pay a lot more than the subscription of an MMO on worthless and pointless digital items ''just because'' and yet turn around and openly and loudly baulk at paying the subscription of an MMO they like. Talk about double standards. If these same people actually stuck to their ideals - whether it be ''no buying of digital only items'' then i can fully understand that. But when it is buying digital horse armour for their character that has absolutely zero benefit in game apart from looking pretty for $15... and then flat out refuse a monthly subscription cost of the EXACT SAME AMOUNT. I cant help but laugh at their stupidity. I cannot believe i am reading this. The whole point of a subscription is to do EXACTLY THAT. A subscription guarantees good quality content. It may be content not aimed squarely at you in particular (and i know many developers who place priority on the high end raids and PvP that i have no interest in myself) but it is intended to be high quality and a lot of it. Free to play/freemium games CANNOT DO THIS. Even if they tried, they could not possibly do it consistently simply because their bottom line is not pre-determined. They have no way of knowing what they will be getting in profit for the next month so they have to keep it clean and concise, whatever content they do release. They cant even tell how many will be playing their game next month, much less how much they will spend on the in game store. Subscriptions give a guaranteed income and therefore the more subscribers they have the more and more higher quality the content becomes.
  12. When it comes to MMO's, why are so many gamers so damned cheap? They want every game to be free to play, free to download, free everything! Completely unwilling to pay the price of an MMO, its subscription cost and will flat out disregard a game because of that - even when they will turn around and buy a $60 USD game. A discussion on another website resulted from someone unwilling to buy an MMO and pay a subscription fee. We all know a subscription fee ensures much higher quality content than a free to play game can manage. Take Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn for example. Non-sale price on Steam is currently $25 and includes 30 days game time. The game even has a 14 day trial you can freely download and play. Add in a 90 day set of game time on a recurring subscription and you JUST BARELY brake the standard price for a retail game in America - $60. It would roughly work out to be $68 approx. If you included the 14 days worth of trial time, you can get 134 days of game time plus the game itself. $68 for 134 days. Can anyone say they will play the average $60 game for 134 days? Why people complain about a subscription fee or the price of an MMO game up front when it used to be the normal. /sigh
  13. I didnt know a multicrew ship was available in AC.
  14. Then that game does not qualify. The point is to name and shame the one game you played all the way to the end despite not liking the game at all.
  15. Name that game you actually finished 100% DESPITE the fact that you hated it. By finish to 100% i refer to games that can be completed and that have an actual end of the main campaign. For example, I hated Aliens: Colonial Marines BUT i still completed it. I completed the main campaign 100% despite hating the entire journey.