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  1. networking

    Deezyfesheezy Been here a minute, no introduction needed Timezone Eastern Central
  2. I've never played Birth By Sleep so I'm kinda obligated to buy this collection now. How much is 2.8 by the way? 50 dollars for what amounts to a Kingdom Hearts 3 teaser is a bit much.
  3. So disappointing. I knew that game was not gonna be an online deathmatch but I was fine with that. But there is just no reason to play this over Dark Souls/Bloodborne. It plays, runs, and looks like ass. It's unbalanced as hell. And its buggy. I had gotten stuck on terrain twice by the time I reached the first boss.
  4. Never played Birth By Sleep or 385 out of however many days. So will most likely get this collection. Hopefully I'll have finished Witcher 3 and Deus Ex by then. Might even get FF15.
  5. Who cares about how good the games look? If it can do 1080p 60 FPS on 3rd part games that is more than fine enough.
  6. Yeah Legolas pretty much went over why it isn't that good. Other movies and games have done this period excellently (COD 3 and WaW). Valiant Hearts is great. Rather then have have 6 badasses it has 2 family men being drafted on opposite sides of the war and that has so much emotion in it. You can see their pain. Meanwhile BF1 its just shots of guys storming over hills waving flags we've seen a million times. But what's your problem with TB? How is he biased? He has slammed games from indie and huge AAA devs with way more hype than another Battlefield.
  7. Everyone knows Super Mario World is the best Mario. Sunshine is really good honestly though. It's a lot like Beyond Good and Evil in the sense they didn't try to be another generic platformer. They tried to innovate and put in more ideas and even puzzles. I don't know why people hate it. The game plays really good, has a waaayy better camera than Mario 64. Looks amazing even today. Chances are though most were people just disappointed than thinking it sucked. M64 was huge jump at the time and Sunshine is just an improved version of that honestly.
  8. Nintendo had some of those 3rd party titles. The Wii U sold terrible though so they were scrapped most likely.
  9. The campaign is pretty bad. I would suggest you watch the Total Biscuit vid but the skinny of it is this: Great voice acting and visuals. But it's the same "fight for your country" crap with patriotic stuff all over it. All 6 of the protags are generic. All of their motivations are generic. And even though the game preaches "war is hell" they constantly have you fighting and defeating larger forces consistently. Not to mention it's not that historically accurate and none of the protagonists are Serbian(main faction that lost the most troops in WW1). Oh yeah and that plane section can go to hell. Why does it control different to the MP? MP is pretty good though. But it feels a lot like Battlefront without the space stuff.
  10. Fallout 4 was the biggest disappointment for me. So mediocre and bland. Worst main line FO title IMO. No wonder Witcher 3 got all the GOTY awards. It's way better.
  11. Framerate>graphics If you are a console player or not is irrelevant. It's just better.
  12. A solid 30 FPS is playable. 60-120 FPS is just infinitely better though. It's a smoother experience. ME Andromeda doesn't even look good enough to warrant the frame drops.
  13. discussion

    This thread should be renamed crushed dreams. Damn, I'm so glad I always had my doubts. Sean Murray really screwed Day 1 buyers.
  14. I forgot to get added to the new rooms. So add me to one of them. PSN: Deezyfesheezy When are we gonna have that SFV Game Night or KOF or something?
  15. I honestly think the modders don't wanna work on the game, is becuase it sucks. New Vegas and Skyrim still have thriving modding communities, the base of FO4 just stinks.
  16. I just don't understand why they even charge for multiplayer? It's not like the games run any better online. The party system malfunctions alot. And the "benefits" all suck. Like why would I want a random game I might not like? This goes for MS too. I think I am done with consoles after this gen.
  17. It looks ugly as hell. I think I will stick with the current model.
  18. Video games have come a long way, looks almost like real life.
  19. Atleast Hardline worked when it came out and has a decent single player mode.
  20. Fallout 3 and 4 are good games. With 3 being great in it's own right. But they are bad FO titles. New Vegas was really what Fallout 3 should have been. I hope they let Obsidian do on in New Orleans.
  21. They confirmed from some reviews that there are no boss battles at all. Just increasingly harder missions with more enemies. (Thank Jeebus) But in HR I tried to usually do a stealth/hacker approach but if I was spotted I didn't hesitate to start a shootout if I couldn't evade enemies.
  22. Recently at Bethesda E3 press conference they announced Quake Champions. A new Quake game in the works. But there is lots of speculation it will be a hero shooter like Overwatch. https://www.google.com/amp/www.macrumors.com/2016/06/13/id-announce-quake-champions-at-e3-2016/amp/?client=ms-android-metropcs-us# I for one don't want another hero shooter when we have Overwatch and Lawbreakers coming out.
  23. The Kingdom Hearts games double as a Disney and Final Fantasy crossover. Every KH has a couple of FF characters. Even the spinoffs. But yeah, Lightning might squeeze into KH3 especially when you consider that there will be a Frozen world and that whole theme of female empowerment.
  24. The new Unreal Tournament is in alpha right now and free to play actuay. It is almost just like the old ones from what I have played so even if you aren't interested in Quake Champions(if it does become a hero shooter) you can play Unreal 2017 instead.
  25. Like a month ago I was trying to get Tekken Tag 2 on my Xbox One since it's backwards compatible. I was sad to discover you had to purchase any Xbox 360 game digitally with a credit/debit card. I caved in though becuase I love Tekken. So we are having this ultimate Game Sale and I see Red Dead up there. I thought they would've fixed the problem but it still requires credit/debit money. So I don't know what to do. Well I can afford Shadow of Mordor or Metro Redux.