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  1. Just got ff XVI so wondering if any one has any tips for the game for me and any one else just starting
  2. loved both game dragon age orgines was an awesome game had an amazing story that let you chose from several out comes i like the game play system im not going to lie i liked dragon age 2 system better but the story lacked a bit and i feel they could have done way better it felt more like a little part they had to make to make the next game make any sense as for the new one coming out i look forward to it i love dragon age and i cant wait if they add amazing story like orgines then add the battle system like in dragon age to but a bit upgraded you will have a good game right there and i cant wait
  3. most of us love the teen titans but each has his own versions he likes comic book fans my stay true to the comic while for us who grew up in the early 2000 my love the teen titans show that was on cartoon net work and some my ever like the new teen titans go for its fun joke and references to dc pick which one you liked most and tell me about your fav titan
  4. Dragon because my fav Pokemon is rayquaza when i pull him out not even ice types can stand against me (ice is a major weakness)
  5. A 22 caliber rifle.........case a plastic gun case well i will live longer then the guy with the lotion
  6. I do it but only for a short time i do it so i dont buy a game i hate and be out the money if i like it i go out and buy it or buy it off steam but if i dont i just delete it off my cpu i think you should buy games but theres nothing wrong with making sure you get your moneys worth or if you cant find the game in a store near you i say go for it
  7. dont know if i had the right stuff i would do it have some fun dress up would love to do that
  8. i just want to let everyone know i did not mean go to joes house and sit and talk i just ment us the angry army submitting questions and him making a short video where he answers them its supposes to be for fun things people would like to know or to see his view on a game he cant review fun stuff a 5 min video of questions when he has the time nothing to big and thank you for your comments
  9. ya sorry i wanted to put more i really did but your only able to put so much and if i had to put death note in one it would be more of a violent drama
  10. How do you like your anime? if you think i should of added different choices let me know what those are and recommend and discuss your fav anime
  11. not gonna lie some of those ideals look pretty fun
  12. when i said "what gender are you this should be grand" and from the comments i was not let down
  13. if you love strategy games xcom with out a dout its fun and interesting and no play through will be the same an awesome game but if you just like them but love fps i would go with bf or blacklist friend
  14. to be fair super man has punched through time before think it to 1 million punches also for the hulk you have to think what makes him strong is anger so unless you kill his kid or your dealing with world war hulk i dont think he could take him i mean its possible but if you pit a thousand of them against each other im sure superman would win more times then the hulk dont get me wrong im no fan boy hulk has to be a fav of mine but if you think super man is smart he could just let him calm down before doing anything he dident have to
  15. Dark Souls 2 (who the hell would not want to play this)Watchdogs (you get to hack a city going to have fun with that)im playing Xcom enemy unknown Decks of war: wargames airland battle and comic jumper