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  1. Wasn't sure what section of RTS the historical Paradox games fall under so I'll leave it in the general RTS section. Anyways, is anyone else excited for Hearts of Iron 4? I've been watching their weekly streams and I'm loving how it looks. The production systems seems great and makes sense, the battle plan drawing looks easy and intuitive, and the division planner looks like it can be a number cruncher's dream while also easy to understand for newer players. The 32 player multiplayer should lead to some VERY interesting situations, and the developers have said the game is extremely moddable and proved it by streaming them making a fallout type mod for it. Is anyone else planning on getting it?
  2. I read that it's the end of GERALT's story, not the end of the Witcher series and that they would possibly be back in the future. One of the developers said the team was getting a little bored with only doing swords and sorcery and was really keen on doing Cyberpunk2077. I'd guess they return to the Witcher universe after 2 games in the Cyberpunk universe, so maybe return in 2024 depending on how much of Cyberpunk2077 is complete
  3. Originally thought my friend was trolling me until I saw the trailer and now I'm pretty excited. Graphics look a little cartoony but hopefully they are placeholder textures. I'm also pretty sure Chaos will be in the game but not playable in the campaign. I mean, thousands of bodies falling into a huge pile that looks to be in some sort of shrine or well seems kinda chaos-y. I'm also glad Gabriel Angelos is back as he's just a boss.
  4. Over on the xbox side of things we actually have weekly ESO events on Fridays and Halo events Saturdays. We also have several other weekly events. We usually have an event going on every night, so there's sure to be something to your tastes during the week. I'll post the link to our schedule. Currently we just had a special event week for games we don't normally have events for, but our regular schedule will be posted soon. The schedule is always updated in the first post of the thread I linked.
  5. Looks pretty cringe worthy so i'm not very excited for it. Then again, I thought ep 7 was very mediocre so ep 8 better be the new ep 5 or I'll probably not see another one in theatres unless my friends say it's awesome. I just want an Old Republic movie done in the style of the SW:TOR trailers. The studio that made the trailers definitely knew how to do action right.
  6. If your thinking of doing it soon, maybe wait until their election is over to make sure the President and the country's future policies still work for you. I'll throw in a new fact for myself. I very much enjoy writing stories and get very excited about them, but never finish writing them as I get too busy with other things in life. Maybe this summer I'll finish a few of them and share them on here.
  7. I still can't find out how to look at my notifications or messages while on mobile, which is a problem as that's what I use 90% of the time I check the forums. A get a little red dot with a 1 saying I need to look at something but I have no idea where to go to look at what needs my attention. Very frustrating. I click on the "menu" with the red dot and it's just things like managing my account and what not.
  8. Just sitting here waiting for the other 2 Mass Effect games to be backwards compatible...
  9. So is it a mod that combines both? Because I saw environments from both KOTOR and KOTOR 2. Also if it is a "new game", didn't the Endar Spire explode? looks very impressive, graphically an hope it gets turned into a full remaster, showing there is a demand and maybe they'll consider a new, proper KOTOR 3 rpg.
  10. I'm on mobile as well and while I agree it looks better, I find a few things annoy me. For example, I can't easily find my messages or when I get notifications, and the stupid background selector (with the gears) icon blocks part of my posts as I'm typing. My browser has also crashed a few times already when loading it. Hopefully these get ironed out soon
  11. Pretty pointless if you don't have a 4k tv, which are still pretty expensive if I recall. I've also heard rumors that the next generation of consoles is suposed to be out in 3 years anyway, so its probably best to just get a 4k tv when the new ones come out as the tv's will be much cheaper by then.
  12. For fantasy, I'd also recommend the warhammer medieval 2 total war mod as you can right click on just about anything for a description of that unit including a bit of lore for that specific type of unit. For 40k, I'd say dawn of war. Also the DoW 2 trailer is pretty hype. For a comedic/meme version of 40k, check out 1d4chan and select warhammer 40k. Has a wealth of knowledge that is broken down into layman's terms but still represents the content faithfully
  13. Those movies were absolute garbage. Turned the 2nd one off after about 20 minutes
  14. I'm fine with some episodic games but for a game like hitman, no thank you. I'll wait until the full game is out on disc...which is apparently next year.
  15. I actually try to use grammar properly when posting online so I can avoid picking up any bad habits that may transfer over, which would make it harder for me to write research papers and business emails. Examples of what I mean: -using single letters to represent whole words (u instead of you) -run-on sentences -lack of clarity when referring to something -jumping around topics People are judged by their posts, as that's the only information other users can judge them on. Posting nonsense and incoherent things makes people view the poster as incoherent as well. That would have been quite the interesting topic.