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  1. Pic related 100% xDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. Runescape. xD Another one:
  3. Yeah, this year was probably worse. GamerGate was/is huge. I've not heard much about the Game Jam thing, but I heard it was awful. People are just fucking horrible and stupid. Not even close to enough people in the world use their common sense. The ones we normally hear about, anyway. Wish it could fix itself, but not sure what much we can do except condemn this bullshit. Idk.
  4. Was looking for something else L.A. Noire related, but found these gems.
  5. I have never really had an interest in Far Cry games but now I need this game soooooooo bad. That was beautiful. xD
  6. My backyard yesterday. I don't think we have ever gotten snow here this early in the year for as far as I can remember. Lol
  7. His head looks awkward xD but I tried. This was the first time I've drawn him, too, so... I'm trying to get better at art and drawing things and stuff because I think it'd be cool to go animate for somebody when I get outta college. Like Disney, Dreamworks, or maybe some gaming dev. Sorry for Baymax's awkwardness ;u;
  8. Yeah, I think it'd be really cool and interesting to see Joe on here a little bit more. It would certainly be a morale boost, per se, to me because I don't really get on here that often because of laziness (I know, pathetic, right?) or some other reason, lack of time or whatever. It'd be nice to see even the occasional shitpost imo. The written reviews would be really awesome, too. I'd read 'em. That being said, if he does decide to pop in here more often, the rules regarding Joe and how the community should treat him would probably need a little tweaking.
  9. I've not gotten a gift link yet? :c
  10. Ooooooooo! Me! Me! :3 Who doesn't like free stuff? Thanks m80s.
  11. "Shrek is love, Shrek is life."
  12. I probably have been watching too many of these things, but I still love them anyway. Who do you think makes the spiciest meems? What is your favorite parody? Mine is probably either Pyrocynical or Senpai Kush.