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  1. Hey guys just beat Gears of War and I.... Oh spoilers Beware!!!!! So I just finished #4 of this series and the ending kind of bummed me out man. there was a lot I liked about the game, the familiar mechanics, character designs, reopening the wounds of seeing Dom die. Ok tangent here the whole game I missed Dom call me sentimental. Then I got to the ending... so the whole ending after fighting this super grub you watch the girl (don't remember her name... actually don't remember any of the main characters names except original characters). And they bond and then kill the mom and I was like I get I'm supposed to feel for the girl but honestly did anyone care about the mom dying. I felt more killing nameless Grunts in Halo. Then they are like look at this completely not obvious camera angle pointed towards a object that will save the world. then cut, that's it really that's it. At the end of the campaign I was like wait this cannot be the end but it was. Props to whoever created the ending made me wish I could chose a ending with different colors like green, red and blue maybe.
  2. Ok so i'm kind of sick of multiplayer games like the title says. I used to love playing multiplayer games like Halo Reach, Gears of War, WOW etc... but recently I've just lost enjoyment of them and started to enjoy solo games like I just finished Dishonored 2. I guess I've just played to many of them I guess and I was just wondering if anyone else has felt this way. P.S Sorry for the weird rant complain thing.
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has picked up We Happy Few even though its still in Alpha.
  4. I am interested in playing with others on this game
  5. i'm no good with backgrounds
  6. want to grow more attached to characters so if you could create some please do
  7. hi and can you put how you prononce you name? or i'm just going to call you Qwed
  8. Banned because even thinking about a under cover op that is top secret is illegal in the Empire
  9. Finally Announce me running for President of the United States of America, because if any of the other people running attack me I can finally activate my trap card, and destroy the competition by being a boss like Lerroy Jenkins running into a dungeon, going complete rush build, And I Hope you the Angry Army will Support my Bid for Presidency, since really my only competition is Trump(enough said) and a Clinton. the People running are fairly old, so I think that the campaign needs me a fresh face in this race, I know it will be hard being a no experience in Government kid, but I believe that if Trump a bad business man can make it so can I. I may have no experience in Government, I have got experience in toppling enemy states in Rome 2, while keeping public order in check. You can say I have never made the hard choices before, come on, I totally sacrificed Mordin to cure the Genophage (RIP Mordin), You can say i'm too young to run, well was Ash too young to start his Pokémon journey? You say I have no experience in economics, well I achieved a Economic Victory in Civilization, You say I have to be good with people. well I always get all the Caps I can from dialogue in Fallout 4. My Name Is GutsyWiseRobert and I am running for President. I think you for your consideration.
  10. Banned because i need to know what happened to my Charactors and because I want a Knights of the Old Republic remake
  11. I'm holding my opinion on this movie, i don't like will Smith playing DeadShot, though he could be good i did like John Hancock movie he did about the Alchahol addict. i don't have a high opinion of this Joker like were is the Jokers classic suit, i can't wait for Deadpool's movie though.
  12. yes i suck at the witcher, any advice, because i am no good at all.