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  1. youtube haters, content

    I'm a long time lurker and fan of the Angry Joe Show. I don;t do much posting anywehre anymore, but... I feel this situation is sufficiently serious enough to warrant me putting fingers to keyboard once again, and offer up my opinion and advice if anyone, Joe included, wishes to see it. While I disagree that disabling comments and ratings is the way to go, I understand perfectly well where Joe is coming from, and the position he now feels trapped in. It's a little outlandish that YouTubers, who watch the content free of any charge on Joe's part, feel entitled to any specific form of content on a channel. It really is. Joe is not simply doing Angry Reviews anymore. He is trying to branch out into other entertainment that interest him. Movies, TV, Board Games, hell he could do music reviews tomorrow if he wanted and that is entirely his decision, just as it is their decision to not watch the content they do not want. I do not think Joe has ever said he would stop doing Angry Reviews, nor specifically say he would slow down the frequency of them deliberately. On top of this, he actually meets, then exceeds the quota he has had for prior years for Angry Reviews MEANWHILE keeping up with creating the new content. I honestly do not know what else he can possibly do to placate the hardliners. It Boglins the mind (To steal a quote from Jim Sterling) to see the uproar in most cases. But, to be fair, I think most YouTubers are under the illusion that because Joe is doing other stuff, that he somehow must have time to pump out even more angry reviews than what he has, and because the Angry Reviews are seemingly few and far between, with lots of content in between, it creates the illusion that Joe is doing fewer of the reviews than prior years. In actual fact, Joe is matching the quota of prior years. I'm going to be blunt here to those who demand more, Joe is not obligated to stick to and perform even more of the same content and ONLY that content. He is simply not. To demand he sticks with the same stuff but with more frequency, you are going to burn the guy out on fatigue AND passion for what he does. Don't make this man hate what he does. He LOVES his videogames, it's part of why he became a reviewer and critic in the first place. But if you make him do that and only that, he will learn to hate it. I do not wish to see an end to the Angry Joe Show anytime soon. Now, to the other side of the coin, this is for you @Angry Joe , You worry way too much about what Tube Trolls think, dude. People who make such demands of you, and cuss you out like angry toddlers when they do not get what they want are never, never to be considered your true audience. If they had any legitimate complaints (And no, that whole Schedule thing, while a bad move, wasn't your fault.) I understand that you feel like you don't have any other way of maintaining control of the situation, but I do disagree with disabling the ratings and the comments. However, than is simply an opinion on my behalf. That being said, I do know where you are coming from. In fact, I remember when you did the Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman skits with Doug Walker. You looked like you were having so much fun you could barely sit still. Probably because it WAS fun, and it was different from what you usually do, and it wasn't for a game. In closing, understand this everyone. To do what Joe does on Youtube, you need to have passion for it, and you need to enjoy it. All the hours of writing, editing design acting costumes, things like this, they take time and passion to make. If Joe starts to see these things becoming more of a chore than an enjoyment, then that will show in the work, and eventually he may well decide to shut it all down and just become a gamer again. And we'd all be poorer for it.