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  1. PSN ID: Eaudaemon Currently Playing: Final Fantasy 14, RIGS MCL, Starblood arena, Farpoint Hopefully to find other people with PSVR to play with
  2. Just Wondering if there are other people here that bought the Playstation VR and is playing RIGS? Would love to play with other people for a change since matchmaking takes too much time for me to even go through the effort.
  3. Hey there if your still looking for players for overwatch you can add me: PSN name eaudaemon
  4. If by some bidding from the gaming gods, a Street fighter game were to come out of the ps4 hook me up. I remember counting hours fighting against people, I'm not a pro or anything but I do dish out a good fight.
  5. I had been searching for some news myself and as far as I can get there is nothing about a next gen version of street fighter 4 nor any news pertaining to its release, that was why I was hoping it could atleast come out on the playstation now, but i was sadly dissappointed as well.
  6. End of an Age, Beginning of our Destiny. (sorry for the double upload can't seem to find the delete button)
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    From the album Destiny

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