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  1. Ah, sorry then no thank you. I prefer to donate to guilds rather than just have things taken from me. Good luck with the guild though! Maybe I'll run into you guys in-game.
  2. Heya. My in-game is Resoula. I have a stalker so DPS and Tank. Just have a question, does this guild have a loot tax? My friends and I are looking for one without that tax. If it doesn't, please shoot me an invite. If it does, sorry then but nevermind.
  3. Since the game has seen a few updates I am curious. Does anyone in AJSA still play this? The two severs I mainly played on in my community on Dolby Axon have been closed so I am looking for a new server. Is AJSA's still active?
  4. A chance to win the game would be pretty cool.
  5. I personally LOVED the mod. Played 2 years of it. All day every day. My favorite game for awhile. Standalone? Eh. Steam says I have 50 hours played but say 5-10 of them went with trying to fixed the horribly optimized game to run smoother (to no avail). With no real hoarding mechanics in the game yet there is nothing more to do but fight people, but I've never been a bandit. So all I'm left to do is scope down cities waiting til I see a bandit (Bandit, not Survivor.) and shoot him. Or if that's not working, walk into the city myself and try to approach people. If they're nice, I make a friend. If they shoot, I kill them. Haven't died yet thankfully. They need to add a LOT more to the game if they want it to ever truly be successful. At this rate? We'll have ArmA 7 before this game is done. Yes. Seven.
  6. I currently play this with my small gaming community and we have a server, currently private. But we plan on opening it to the public once the guild system comes out in the next patch! If anyone is interested in joining me on my community's server I'd be willing to welcome any AJSA to it! (Currently we have an 8 player limit but once we open it up to the public we are going to increase the capacity). I will post the server info when we do make it public but if anyone would like to join us now feel free to contact me and I'll verify with my friend (the server owner) that you're good to go. =)
  7. It's also basically just their new upcoming game "Shadow Realms" but without the player-controlled dungeon master. I feel like it's what inspired Shadow Realms tbh.
  8. This is likely because the spaceships are all designed to be aerodynamic. They're a mixture of "spacecraft" and "aircraft". It's just the design and the universe which has been since the original Elite games. This is why your ship will eventually be able to enter the atmosphere of planets as well in the future =) So there are good sides to the designs!
  9. Name's Resoula. Can I get an invite? I'm on Rampage league.
  10. So I've been around for a bit already but recently got promoted to "Member" after taking part in the Planetside 2 event this previous Friday. Before that I was an occasional pop-in with the Guns of Icarus community here in AJSA and I've been watching the Angry Joe Show for years and I loved it. I never upon coming here formally introduced myself so I'd like to do that now as I still don't really know any of you. Hello All, I am Resoula, and I'm happy to be here.
  11. Resoula