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  1. It depends on the experience you want. WoT is much more arcade based with smaller, more close range maps. WT is more realistic with more focus on getting a simulator feel.
  2. 1) Witcher 3 2) Fallout 4 3) MGS V
  3. I have it on XB 1 and it's exellent. No micro transactions or paid dlcs. Free updates and amazing support. It's a genuinely good game for $35 no less.
  4. So has anyone figured out how to implement/if there are any mods for Fallout 4 yet. There are a few out for PC and was just curious if they'd been brought to consoles yet or not.
  5. I'm a little depressed Legacy of the Void drops the same day... I'm not gonna get to play it for the next few months *sniff*
  6. I'm going mercenary. I'll be doing whatever makes me the most money or gets me the best gear. My builds going to be focused on agility/perception/intelligence sticking with stealth and ranged combat.
  7. I'll jump on and help u out tomorrow morning. Gotta work tonight.
  8. Cool. I'll hyu when I get on the game next. Friend request sent
  9. Sort of... you have to earn color schemes and logos but everything else you can buy at starports. The only thing you can't change directly is the ship chassis but you can buy new ones if you save up enough.
  10. It does take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it, from what I've seen the control scheme is just as fluid as it is on pc.
  11. I agree. I've played a few hours now and had a blast but you tend to need a wingman for some situations. Add me on live: DummyParachute0. I won't be on as much as I'd like due to work but I'd be glad to lend a hand when I can
  12. Hmmm... sounds interesting... I'll watch some gameplay videos and get back to you
  13. What does the game entail? Is it just a flight Sim or is there more to it?
  14. Nows the time to get starcraft 2. Legacy of the Void launches in November and considering the last 2 campaigns it looks to be absolutely amazing.