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  1. Hey everyone! Figured it's about time I introduced myself. My RL username is Sean. I'm a 25 year old with a degree in Middle Grades Education. For the past 25 years I've lived in more than 15 different places in PA; however, I took a 2 month road trip earlier this year and drove all over the US, from Atlanta, to Austin, Vegas, LA, Seattle, and much much more. After my trip I decided to move to LA and well this week I just flew out and moved to LA. I've been playing games nearly my whole life starting with games like Heroes of Might and Magic, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, and Age of Empires: Age of the Kings. I then moved on to Star Wars: Jedi Knight (I think that's what its called haha), Counter-Strike, and then Warcraft. After Warcraft I found myself in the World of Warcraft Alpha/Beta thanks to a close friend. After 4 years of WoW's release I had over 400 Days played... lets just say I spent over 95% of my free time on that game (The other 5% was my internet or the game being down....) I played WoW till WotLK raiding orginally in Blood Legion on Illidan (Horde), participating in massive PVP events and other activities. Another think I did in WoW was bounty-hunting, but i'll get into that later. After I lost interest in WoW I tried other games from LotRO, Guild Wars 2, Aion, and others but usually just playing Counter-Strike. I became interested in Wild-Star by actually joining a Pre-Guild for ESO and members talking about Wild-Star. I got into the WS beta when cap was 36 and played my ass off, but sitting at 36 got boring after awhile and I stopped playing for awhile until ESO and WS released. After looking at both games I decided that WS was a far better game ... in general and definitely for me. (Not getting into how many things I hate about ESO lol) Anyways there's my journey to WS in Short.... Now back to that bounty-hunting stuff... Alright, this may be slightly lengthy. How it started:During my Early WoW years I had two accounts, one of which was mine, the other belonged to a friend of mine but he never got into WoW so he gave me his account. In WoW PVP servers you could only have characters on one faction. For example, I was a gnome rogue so I could not make a horde character on this server. The second account took this handicap away. My Gnome Rogue was named Xadrian and my Troll on the Horde was named Xadrianlol. My horde character did not leave the main Horde city, Orgrimmar, very often. I originally used my two accounts to play the auction houses, certain auction houses allowed you to buy and sell from the other alliance. I also used my second account to talk to other members of the Horde. Usually it was friendly talk, but I also would trash talk enemies that I defeated or were able to defeat me. So what happened? Well, my friends that I had made on the Horde did not like everyone else on the Horde obviously. I also had a name for myself in game and on the WoW forums even before level cap for being a ganker. My friends that I had made on the Horde started to ask me to kill people for them. This really started in the elemental plateau (BC). My one friend offered me some gold to sit in the plateau and kill any other horde that was farming the same elementals as he was. (He could kill all the alliance that were) And that's where I made my first amounts of gold to kill/camp and demoralize players from returning. Sounds cruel I suppose, but it was business. My Days as a "Bounty Hunter" I made a list of rules on the forums, rules that unfortunately got lost when Blizzard trashed the old forums. They laid out what a bounty was, what the player was entitled (Usually just screenshots, more if specified), what a counter-bounty was and so on. (Counter-Bounties were the means for me to stop camping someone and move to a new target, I required 2x the payment to move to a new target and 3x the payment to camp the person that set the original bounty.) The rules were pages long of technicalities that I don't fully recall anymore because it was so long ago. I started off taking any amount of payment to camp someone(There were times when a player would be camped for upto and over 3 hours.) I learned the trade well, using my Horde character to track the other player, killing them in the air on their flying mount, killing them while they quested, killing them between BG or Arena Queues, killing them even after they took rez sickness to try and escape. I was ruthless, but again, it was business. As I made a name for myself as a Bounty Hunter my time became under a higher demand and I soon started a pricing system that started at 50g/hour of camping. As my prices in gold grew, some people began to offer me real money via-paypal. My personal Highlight My most memorable event while doing this started in a place called Hellfire Peninsula. Here there was a Raid Boss named 'Doom Lord Kazzak'. His mechanics were rather simple. He had an enrage timer, when this timer hit he shot shadowballs out in every direction basically killing everyone. Also, if Kazzak killed anyone he regained a large percentage of his life. One death often meant everyone died (because of the timer, having him heal made it extremely difficult). So where do I come in? Well, Kazzak was up. There was an Horde guild there attempting to kill him. However, there was an Alliance druid that saw them there as well. The Druid decided to screw them up, flew down behind a rock and used 'cyclone' on the tank. Cyclone makes that person invulnerable to everything, heals, damage, and... aggro. Kazzak ran wild, killing people and healing. The druid continues to cyclone the tank when able until the raid wiped. The Horde guild Tank asked me to relay a message, to tell that druid that his whole guild was reporting him for griefing during a raid encounter. I relayed the message and the Druid shrugged it off saying to tell them that they all suck. Well, about a week went by and I received a message from the Druid again. Apparently he had received a three-day ban and missed important raids with his guild. He was extremely pissed. He asked me for my paypal email. I gave it to him, he sent me $300 USD and told me, clear your next 3 days and do nothing but camp and kill anyone and everyone in that Horde guild. Not only cause the money was this my best moment, but trying to camp 5+ people all grouped together was very challenging and exciting. (The guild normally did stuff together) Sooo I guess the biggest question is... What happened? Why did I stop? Well, the answer to this isn't quite as long as you might think. I use to be able to guarantee the death of anyone and everyone. The release of Death Knights ruined this as I was not able to guarantee that I could kill and camp a Death Knight.... to this day, I hate Death Knights lol.... And there's the story... Unfortunately, any material gathered during a paid camping was sent to the buyer and deleted as I stated I would not copy or use any of the screenshots/etc and that they would be for the buyers use only. I have some screens of people I camped just because though.... hah For the above picture, I was camping a group of people and they asked me to stop.... I told them I'm sorry, I just had a bounty on them. They took that as "Oh I'm sorry I'll stop..." so they all rezzed and I killed them all again - They were less than happy.....