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Lament Broom

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    Lament Broom
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    Lament Broom
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    Lament Broom

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    Atlantic City, NJ.
  1. I would like to start receiving invites again, please. Gammer Tag Lament Broom.
  2. Add me just bought game Xbox Gamer Tag Lament Broom
  3. Forum name: Lament Broom Gamermtag: Lament Broom
  4. I am down Lament Broom just got to make my character and shiz.
  5. I am mainly on titanfall, among other games.
  6. I own titanfall as my main multiplayer game but will give neverwinter a chance i wonder how it will be.
  7. So are these events weekly or once?
  8. I joined.
  9. Destiny when that comes out I will be on a lot. I am free any day but mainly Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, and all other days after 8 pm I am free.
  10. add me Gammertag Lament Broom
  11. I am in for this my gammer tag is Lament Broom.
  12. I liked the conference overall much better than last year's. I am a huge Halo fan so happy to hear about the collection, Witcher 3 looks amazing, and sunset overdrive are the three I am really looking forward to. Also the new crackdown brings me back to the year 2006 in a good way based on the trailer alone. Overall, I would give it a 7 out of 10. Wish, there was something really big to send the show off.
  13. Hello, my name is Lament Broom which is my xbox live gammer tag which I am mostly on. My real name is John, and I am from the "wonderful" state of New Jersey. I discovered this through Angry Joe's review of Planetside 2 which peeked my interest in what the Angry Army. I been gaming since I was seven years old getting the first PlayStation before getting a n64 soon afterwards. The main games back then I got hooked on were fighting games, and wrestling games made by THQ such as No Mercy since I was a big wrestling fan. Over the years I have played almost every type of game that there is, on many different platforms ranging from the Playstation all the way to 1,800 dollar gaming rig that died on me. I mainly play on Xbox Live my main multiplayer game is Titanfall though I have Ghost for the same platform, and watch dogs. Though hoping to make new friends and play with others in this community as well.