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  1. no such thing as 4K gaming until the GTX 1080 and R9 390 comes out (and personally, waiting for an additional 6 months ~ 1 year for technical purposes such as reliability and pricetags after it all comes out) which are supposed to happen between Q1 & Q4 of 2016 minus the wait for the tech purposes so in short; not anytime soon even JayzTwoCents isnt going to switch to 4K gaming for at least 2 more generations and i easily understand why
  2. thats basically what i was explaining a major leap means its dangerous to spend money too quickly as the older technology might become outdated barely 5 years later even if its the latest tech available at that time and it also means you might end up overspending on new hardware usually new hardware is not worth buying right away but in this particular case, its hardly true so its really worth waiting for the pricetags
  3. im not sure if you missed the point of the thread, its merely a reminder about the new generation of hardware if you look at all previous GPUs all the way back to the GeForce 6 series and ATI Radeon HD 4000 you will notice that there hasnt been much in the way of truely "new" hardware, the same about AMD's Athlon 64 series and Intel's core 2 duo series im not saying dont buy a PC, what im saying is before spending $2000 on the "latest technology out now" wait for 2016 Q2 to be over if you dont want to spend money on hardware that will become outclassed due to the new generation of game engines and coding languages with that said, things are constantly evolving however you have to understand the next generation of hardware is doing a major leap forward and the current latest hardware will barely be able to keep up with games made for the new hardware 5 years from now, a major leap like the one we are about to do hasnt happened in a very long time so simply put, this is no mere "new hardware", there will be a significant gap between the current one and the new one therefore spending thousands of dollars on a system now is definitly not a good idea if you want your hard earned money to be properly spent
  4. so ima go straight to the point basically if you CAN wait until Q3~Q4 of 2016/early 2017 (Q1~Q2), dont buy components in any way the reason? new generation hardware 1. Intel and AMD's new generation of CPUs running on DDR4 2. DDR4 (its already available but its still not perfect and good enough for safe investments) 3. NVIDIA and AMD's new generation of GPUs (GTX 1080 & R9 390, both able of smooth 4K gaming) which will unleash madness 4. new generation of PowerSupplies by multiple brands (im actually still trying to find more details about that stuff) 5. new generation of Operating System codings for both Linux and Windows (and possibly even FreeBSD and Mac OS) so before even considering buying any components for your next PC, check out their features and what these do best and compare them with the OS that you will be using (most likely Windows 10) that will support them at this point, all companies offers good deals and great features so its more of a matter of what YOU do with your computer PERSONALLY, i love Intel alot with my workstation and it also have an NVIDIA Quadro 6000 thats not really suited for gaming anyways (any GTX have failed miserably for development, even the Titan) while my gaming PC is actually using 100% AMD components including the RAM, the CPU and the GPU currently, theres no GPUs or CPUs im recommending to buy because i dont recommend to buy anything just yet but if you cant wait and need a replacement GPU, you might want to let the $500 GPU idea go and try something more-cost effective and less expensive until you can get your hands on one of these beasts coming out in 2016
  5. both AMD and NVIDIA are a decent choice really i dont like when people still mention ATI when describing the Radeons because thats soooo far from exact now, the drivers are better and the Rage-200 (and soon Rage-300) is very good if you wanna stick with NVIDIA, id say the current generation of GPUs (any NVIDIA GPU up to the recent 900 but the GTX 770) is shit and far from worth it and the GTX 1080 is worth waiting for so you can at least compare older GPUs with it even i have a hard time recommending someone to buy an R9 GPU, thats how bad the timing is but if you MUST replace the GPU and quickly then you might want to considering spending as little money as possible before upgrading to the new generation IF you are willing to take the guess the catch? altho the revealed specs of the R9 390 & the GTX 1080 are very promising theres always the possibility that it wont be worth it but my logic is, if the GTX 1080 is too expensive for no reasons, the R9 390 is surely going to be an interesting choice as it will still outclass all older GPUs and WILL systematically be less expensive anyways so due to the "magic leap" we are about to witness its most likely going to be a win-win situation where waiting is the best option
  6. Domination is alot of fun :3
  7. if you can afford to, wait for the GTX 1080
  8. well thats pretty horrible at least its both CM & Corsair so its not THAT bad :/ personally, what i would do is show it to a local-ish "expert" and then make a decision, if the problem is just the thermal paste well there you go (go for artic cooler or something decent) but if the problem really is the CPU cooler which i would doubt, well then i would personally go with a Corsair cooler (the H110 is watercooled) last but not least beware of water-coolers as they can be quite complex to install and might require further modifications depending on the case which is why i suggested going for more fans/well-ventilated case
  9. i would find that not-so-hilarious and very ironic id also be a bit worried about the steps the conglomerate would take in the future considering Samsung's monitors are really not my cup of tea (luminosity vs coloring ratio is fucking exaggerated, even when turning luminosity down, it hurts eyes unlike my Asus monitor) and i dont like what Samsung did with their SSDs where they faked performance of their reference-products to sell more but most importantly, their televisions... EEEW!!! yeh, i think AMD is doing just fine right now and i would get quite a bit worried about it all, i might actually switch to Intel and NVIDIA just because of that
  10. honestly, i find Rich's gaming PC builds a bit mediocre, he makes compromises alot of people wouldnt want to make
  11. ugh, i pass for Dx12, at least Win10 will also incorporate Mantle
  12. more and more games are being supported on Linux, Windows 10 is intended to do just that: compete directly with Linux as it incorporates everything Microstuff could possible put in it that Linux has including a super lightweight distribution Linux is on the verge of breaking right into the Windows territory of the market, thats why they came up with Win10, another Win8 means they loose more than half their marketshare overnight
  13. thats exactly what i just said it also raises the costs of manufacturing, the smaller it is the more expensive it is and not necessarily better in terms of performance compare the 4th gen CPUs with the 3rd gen and 5th gen on Intel's side you will notice alot of funny results, like the 5th gen having considerably lower micron scales yet generating alot more heat due to their cache (which is pretty much meaningless in gaming as a fast core clock speed is required along with a fast core in order to process and reprocess textures and geometries) so yeh, stuff is dependent on cache so the upside with Intel is the faster single-thread but when it comes to 2-core games a faster clock speed will catch it back and in a 4-core games it will top it an 8-core enabled game? anything dependent on cache will get demolished by a faster core clock speed
  14. microns only means the hardware may require less power to produce as much at better speed (and that depends ALOT on the chip) so no it doesnt really matter alot of people keep claiming lower micron means better performances, not necessarily, as such they have overlooked the Rage-200 series until reviewers tested the R9 270, R9 280 and R9 290 benchmarks will always say X item scores "better" and thats why i hate benchmarks: its virtual evaluation based on testing while live-testing (running a game live and filming or report it) is much more accurate, hard to dismiss and honest than a program that measures virtual performance with that said, thats why i always say benchmarks are irrelevant and pointless as both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs will give pretty much the same Frames with the same features in the same resolution with the TDP and the price being the only difference, CPUs are a bit more complicated but the same still applies for the most part so in the end you go with the brand you have no or fewer issues (excluding random technical issues based on poor choices, ex; insufficient PSU or inefficient GPU brand) that offers you the best price (hence my preference to AMD for gaming)
  15. agreed, it occurs to me the CPU's strange temperature despite all the test is hinting to CPU paste altho its unlikely if it was properly applied i also agreed that the RAM might be the problem unless it wasnt overclocked (ex; stock speed 2133Mhz) besides that, the only 2 other things i could see making such a retarded high CPU temperature is the airflow, however if the GPU goes in 50C'-60C' full load then the GPU isnt the problem everything seems to be hinting at the CPU personally at this point my conclusion is either a component makes your CPU heat up alot (overdrive) or the paste put with the CPU either doesnt do its job or isnt properly applied