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  1. Thanks, I guess where these guides always lose me is when they start talking about going into the game's files to reconfigure code. That can't possibly be necessary, can it? Is this considered something players should do? I've been practicing using the "a" key, and then left clicking, but I'm worried I might be learning it wrong.
  2. Gbay99's daily video mentioned, among several other mechanics, using the "a" key to attack click move. It was supposed to be very obvious, so he didn't elaborate, but I've never heard of it, and even after looking around Google and the in-game menu, I don't really understand it. Can anyone who's been using this function all along, like I apparently should have, explain to me and other noobs how to set it up, and how or when to use it in matches?
  3. Yeah, now that you mention it.
  4. Aw man, now he just looks like a cross between Darius and Urgot. And it's dark. Why are the new splashes always so dark? I'm complaining too much, I guess. I do like that the splash gives us the PoV of a soldier looking through his helmet, that's a clever touch. =)
  5. Okay new rule. No one is allowed to compare their idea to a pre-existing character, especially not another champ from the League. X) Let's try for something original here. =)
  6. Actually, I would guess that if anything's going to be improved by this change, it'll be the individual champion's lores, going by the logic they've put forward. At least for new champs, anyway, retconning some of the old ones may continue to be awkward. Here's hoping.
  7. Damn this is cheesy... But boy is it my kind of cheesy.
  8. Too right. =) "Twin", "yordle", "Ionia", "Bilgewater", and "grappler" are the ones that jump out at me, if I were to distill each idea so far down to a single word. I don't really have a selection process in mind, but maybe others want to weigh in on one (or some combination?) of those ideas. I'd stear us away from trying to establish a kit just yet, until we've got more of a consensus on a theme, that is.
  9. I find that I can't listen to anything when I'm really trying to win, but if it's just for fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19vQPM5u904 Seems you can't go wrong with Metal Gear. =)
  10. Hey Angry Army, let's design a champion for League of Legends! It'll be fun maybe! Here's what I think we should do: Step #1: Pick a theme. Let's start by choosing a general design guideline for our champ to follow. This can be pretty much anything so I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with. We can draw inspiration from a concept, a philosophy, a personality, a mythos, even an object. If you feel like playing, post your suggestions and we'll pick the best one (possibly more?) to move forward with, design a character around, and choose a name for. Step #2: Abilities! Once we know what we want our champ to be, we need to decide what they do. This will, of course, follow from the chosen theme, as well as what role we want him/her/it/them to fill (AD, support, mid, jungle, top, tank, fighter, assassin, etc.). This will likely consist of the usual three standard abilities, an ultimate, and a passive, but not all champs fit that mold, so who knows! Step #3: Appearance! Bring it to life with art! I imagine this will involve some visual design discussion and notes, followed by some concept sketches and maybe even a sexy splash! With any luck we could get someone a little better 'n me to work on the visuals, but I'll do what I can if need be. Or this whole thing will be ignored and I'll just be talking to myself. Up to you guys. X)
  11. I love my Blitzcrank. =D I was sad when, for a long time, he was a consistant ban (in Bronze anyway), but that lead me to picking up Leona (if I can't bring them to me, I'll go to them!) who I also love. =D I've been trying to get good with Lissandra lately, because I need more mids under my belt, but... I'm not sure she's even all that viable. X)
  12. Well, we just got our first dose of the new lore today, which I'm happy to see. From the original dev blog it sounded like they had big plans that they couldn't talk about, which made the whole exercise a bit frustratingly vague, I think. But now we get to see what (at least some of) the payoff for this huge slate clearing is. From what I can see, it looks like the first order of business is rounding up some of the "homeless" champions and tying them to a new location, Freljord style. But with hot instead of cold this time. My question is, doesn't this actually accomplish the opposite of what they were talking about in the announcement? Connecting several champion's origins to one place or event makes the world feel smaller, not larger, doesn't it? And it doesn't help that the way they did it was, if we're being honest, pretty clunky... Personally, this does little to ease my fears about the consequences of removing the game from its own story. But I'm looking forward to seeing what else they've got, and hopefully being proven wrong. In the meantime, I'll see you guys in Ascension. =)
  13. Most to the reaction I've seen to this has been negative... and I understand why. Me, I've always thought there were a lot of problems with the lore, but I would brush it off as an inoffensive quirk of a game that I loved for the gameplay, not the story. And yet... something about this rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's because they're talking about seperating the story from the gameplay, something that always raises red flags for me, as somone who tries to pay attention to game design. We don't get to be summoners anymore... now we're just some people playing a video game, with characters who are cool for reasons that have nothing to do with anything we see or do while playing... I mean, they literally made it so that the League of Legends is no longer canon in League of Legends. That's kinda fucked up.
  14. Please be a were-yordle, please be a were-yordle, please be a were-yordle...
  15. Cool, I sent you a friend request (Nikarei). Get in touch and maybe we can work something out. =)