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  1. Im gonna be mainly a hunter, i cant wait to try out the blink ability. becides im like playing it stelthy. I will have all three though to kinda dick around though
  2. from what iv seen there saying you can rep for them all
  3. So im looking at a bunch of videos on youtube about destiny because im nerd bombing hard since the beta, and I was just wondering if Joe or the AJSA is going to be in support of a particular faction?
  4. boiled420
  5. with any luck ill actually finish 8 lol but im setting the deal that theres no 7 till im done with 8 fallout was pretty good lol and iv never actually played any kingdom hearts
  6. Hey all, so im pretty new to the compter gaming sene. and lately iv been playing final fantasy 8 on steam, which as someone who was only a child when the game came out on playstation I think its a great adaptation to steam. a I was thinking about getting ff7 as well but i was wanting some feedback first because the reviews on steam are kind of mixee also as well what are some throwbacks that you guys love playing even today?
  7. Hey all, My gamer tag for xbox 1 is boiled420 the games i have are Titan Fall Dead rising and watch dogs
  8. Hey, my gamer tag is boiled420 on xbox and harbour_christoher on steam. about me I am A Marine Corps vet ( I made it to the rank of CPL in the 4 years I was in) thats been to Okinawa japan, Honolulu Hawaii and Afghanistan. I am also a certified scuba instructor that loves all things water. Im pretty new to gaming communities as well as i cant say im the best at the games i play but I am super excited to meet everyone and play some games with some awesome people.