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  1. GNR savagejoe444
  2. You know when there is that popular game or game series you hear about a lot, about how great the reviews are and the constant love people in the comment sections any time it is mentioned? And yet, you have not had a chance to try it out yourself due time or lack interest? Why do I ask this? Well, I just started a new playthrough of Deus Ex Human Revolution on the PS3 days ago. I actually had a copy of the game for years and forgot to even try it out until then. This was mainly due to the fact that I was currently binge playing the hell out of Black Ops and didn't really try to make any time to give Human Revolution a playthrough. It wasn't really until the announcement of its sequel, Mankind Divided, that I actually got around to wanting to play it. The current 10-hours I've had so far in the game have been stellar and now I find myself wanting to finish it and get to its sequel after. It actually made me wish I didn't skip out on it for so long. Same happened with Dark Souls, but that was a different situation entirely. It was the whole "Prepare To Die!" marketing that pushed me away from the series for so long. Now, I'm a patient person now (well, mostly patient), but back then I would get frustrated very quick and did not want to risk breaking my Xbox because I got killed for the 50th time by the same skeleton. Then a little new IP was revealed from the same guys who made the Souls games, Bloodborne. I would be damned if I was gonna let the developers reputation stop me from trying this beauty. To this day, I have probably put about 80+ hours into Bloodborne, and that was mostly without the Old Hunters dlc. Now, I currently have put almost 30-hours into Dark Souls III and about 20-hours into Dark Souls II (which is the cheapest game in the series btw). I'm currently looking for a good copy of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, both of which are really hard to find nowadays unfortunately. Anyone else have the same experience? Any popular games you only just played years after its original release? Hope you guys enjoyed the read. Now then, I've got some augmented terrorists to deal with. Later
  3. I would try it out. But I sick ass at card games. So maybe not.
  4. Oh I've been waiting for this. GNP
  5. I think you need yo get your eyes checked if this looks like "Star Wars" to you. Also, you need to quite wasting your time with these CoD forum posts and come up with different shit to talk about. We get it, you don't like the CoD, want a cookie?
  6. 1. Halo 2 2. Bioshock 3. Alien Isolation 4. Metroid Prime 5. Ocarina of Time 6. Dead Space 2 7. Star Fox 64 8. Metal Gear Solid 3 9. CoD: World at War 10. Kingdom Hearts II 11. Metro Last Light 12. Escape from Butcher Bay 13. Gears of War 2 14. God of War 3 15. F.E.A.R. 16. Soulcalibur II 17. Batman Arkham City 18. Rainbow Six Vegas 19. SMITE 20. Bioshock 2
  7. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the only one I can think of. The original wasn't very good at all and was buggy as sin, but the sequel improved certain aspects and fixed a lot of the issues the first one had (except for several A.I. issues, those are still present).
  8. Lmao, people are still using that retarded ass "ripped off Titanfall" statement with AW?
  9. GND
  10. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/02/26/battlefield-5-reportedly-set-in-world-war-1-according-to-retailer What do you guys think about this?
  11. GNW but no promises.
  12. Where in your brain made you think they weren't making one this year?
  13. This review is quite late, but I still have a lot to say about this particular title. 343 had a lot to prove after many Halo fans, like myself, were either disappointed or just flat out hated Halo 4. So, with the new generation they had their chance to improve the mistakes they made and win the fans back. They had a good, of not flawed, start with Halo MCC. Having a collection of what Bungie (or what's left of them) all compiled into one package was the perfect start. Unfortunately it came with problems; Multiplayer was practically unplayable for months due to a broken matchmaking system that would take literally hours to find a match, locking certain maps to certain playlists, netcode that would only work when it wants to, there was even a save file error for the campaigns, which happened very rarely thankfully. Its hard to blame them for this really, trying to run 4-5 different engines at the same time sounded quite difficult. Now we've come to Halo 5: Guardians which continues the story of Master Chief. Now, compared to the disastrous launch of MCC, more pressure was put on them to make sure the damn thing was working before it hit shelves. Thankfully, that was not the case here. Matchmaking works just fine and there was no issues with your save file being erased for no reason; though there is still some weird netcode issues, but they are few and far in between. They also for some reason did the same shit with locking maps to certain modes again. But overall, they got the launch state of the game right. Everything else however, just falls flat. A/N: Now this review is only going to cover the story for Guardians, not the gameplay nor the PvP. I have never been a fan of Halo's multiplayer and Guardians does nothing to make me get into it. So don't expect this to be a full review of the game. The story for Guardians is complete gibberish. Every bit of dialogue is spat out about characters and places that you never even heard about and tells you certain plot points you had no idea existed. "Cortana is alive? What? When?" You want an answer to that? Well you ain't getting it here. You would only know anything going on in the story if you managed to read every bit of lore in the novels; the game relies so heavily on this that it never explains anything to you to begin with. This was the same 343 did with Halo 4 and they didn't learn their lesson from at all. Oh, it's also boring as piss. From what I am getting at is that 343 was trying to make another Halo 2 with its split campaign. One of the differences they did make is that you don't play as Chief in the game. Nope, you play as Locke, the Spartan leader of Onyx team, while Chief leads Blue team. However, the difference between Halo 2's split campaign and Guardians' campaign is that when the Arbiter was introduced that was he actually had some relevance to the story and had a good back story to make his appearance valid. And on top of that, his campaign missions were actually fun to play Locke for Halo 5 is an absolute joy killer. What is his purpose in the story again? To make me want to put a gun to my head and kill myself out pure boredom every time he speaks? Maybe. Locke is nothing more than a failed attempt at making an original character to replace Chief for 80% of the game. Besides Locke you have Chief, the return of Arbiter, and whatever the names of their teammates are. All I know is Buck is back from ODST and he is somehow a Spartan-II now. Who the hell is Blue team? Who are these random dudes with Buck? Everybody, besides Chief and Arbiter, are completely forgettable and might as well be put on the expendable list for the grim reaper. It also doesn't help that 80% of the campaign is spent playing as Locke. I am completely fine with having a new character take center stage in Halo, I truly am, but little backstory for Onyx team with Locke's personality being on par with sand paper just bring it down. In short, Locke is boring and offers absolutely zero reasons for his existence. Don't count on Chief's missions to be better, they're just as shitty. Oh, and the "Spartan Vs. Spartan" marketing is complete lie. There is one point where Locke and Chief are smacking each other till one wins, but it is done through an non-interactive cutscene that last 5 minutes. There you go guys, the big fight that we were all hyped to see is literally a non-interactive 5 minute long cutscene that happens a quarter a way into the campaign. It wasn't even a good fight either. The game does do a great job at making awesome set pieces; like one where you are run down the middle of one of the Guardians before it pushes them off, but they are too few and far in between. I almost forgot to mention that there is boss fights in game. If you thought the battle against Guilty Spark from Halo 3 was underwhelming, just wait until you go against the Warden Eternal. The Warden is a recurring boss as he has and is quoted in the game "Multiple bodies". A boss like this can and has worked before, but that is only if the recurring boss has a different set of attacks each time you face them. The Warden Eternal only has two attacks: a charge attack that can either one-shot or put you in the 'down but not out' state and a some sort of energy ball of death he shoots out at you. These are literally the only attacks he has and you fight him 6 times. Near the end you have to fight three of his bodies, making the final part of the entire thing an annoyance. It is a very cheap attempt at trying to make the game difficult and it fails miserably. But it doesn't surprise me honestly, as the entire campaign is literally devoid of any originality. It is the same formula as Halo 4's campaign: humans vs. Covenant vs. Prometheans. The campaign will last about 5-6 hours on Normal, which makes this the shortest campaign in the series. And don't you fucking dare give me that "Play on the harder modes to make it longer!" crap. I see people on IGN, YouTube, and Gamespot spitting this shit out as if its suppose to make it better. I should NOT have to make it "harder" to make the damn thing last another hour or two. That is a pathetic argument and if you are one of those people that have been making this claim to defend what is factually the shortest game in the series, you're a fucking idiot and you should be ashamed for it. The entire campaign of Halo 5 is a complete mess. Nothing about it is either memorable nor fun and the characters are so lifeless and devoid of any worthwhile personality that you almost wish that they had been axed off in the EU stuff they came from. I felt like an idiot. I gave 343 a second chance with this game after the mediocrity that was Halo 4 and was willing to let go of the past, hoping they would have learned their lesson, but they didn't. What ever the hell it was they planned with Halo 5's campaign in the first place better be scrapped while they are making the sequel. Absolutely lazy and disappointing. 2.5/10
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they half-ass it. And a TV series sounds like a waste of time.
  15. I have yet to play Demon's Souls (Bloodborne was my first 'Souls' experience), but I would like to add something to the conversation. The only thing worse than a game being overly difficult is cheap ass game design as an excuse for difficultly. I don't mind if a game is made to punish you on purpose, but throwing shit at you that has the ability to instantly kill you in one hit is where I draw the line. I mean seriously, how does that shit equate to 'challenging the player'?