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  1. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by FakeAvus in If you could have one game turned into a movie?   
    Wolfenstein: The New Order. I like the alternate world setting that Nazi won the WWII and how to fight back (kind of like XCOM2). But the Jewish people in Hollywood probably don't like the idea... The German probably won't like it too...
  2. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Would you Kindly in If you could have one game turned into a movie?   
    Hmm personally an adaption of Dead Space would intrigue me, though would have to be done right otherwise you end up with the Resident Evil movies . . . .
  3. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in What horror game still scares the crap out of you even though you have already beaten it once?   
    Since I just finished Resident Evil 7 and am now playing the living hell out of Yakuza 0, which surprisingly has 1 side story that creeps me the hell out, it makes me nostalgic about all the horror games of the past. Horror games has come a long way since the first Alone in the Dark. And with a lot of varieties too.
    We got horror games that are basically jump scare city like Condemned
    Horror games that makes you run the fuck away from enemies like Amnesia
    And psychological horror games that fucks with your mind like Rule of Rose. A fantastic underrated game btw, check it out.
    Now most horror games are pretty scary the first time you played them. But most of the time, after you finish the game, you won't be scared of it anymore after more than one playthrough because you have already seen the whole scares. Hell, Resident Evil 7 scared me when I first played it, but now the game is more like a strategic action game to me where I have to conserve ammo to beat the bosses and enemies, but despite that I still want to play it all over again because it is still an awesome game. 
    But some horror games are so scary, that even though you have played it once, it will still scare you when you play it again. 
    So my question to you is this: what horror game scared the bejeezus out of you so much, that even though you have played it once already, you are still scared of it? You can mention more than one game. 
    I'm still scared of Cry of Fear.
    This game........ fuck me this game is something. I already know most of the jump scares in this game, but man, there's just so many well placed scares and horrible looking enemies that personally scares the crap out of me that I can't play this game on 1 sitting. I have to quit the game because I can't fucking take it.
    Then there's Alien Isolation. All because of the brilliant alien AI that just shows up unplanned and unscripted, making me go "OH SHIT OH SHIT" whenever I hear the sound of that Xenomorph dropping from a vent out of nowhere.
    And finally, Dead Space 2. The Dead Space series as a whole is not scary. It's more like an epic monster hunter type game than a scary survival horror game.
    But then we get to the eye surgery
    Fuck. This. Section. It still fucking scares me more than most monster in any horror game ever. I do not want to play this part EVER AGAIN.
  4. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Why No Man's Sky doesn't suck (as much as you think)   
    I'll never change my mind about NMS.
    It's a classical example of overhyped features and gameplay that never made it into the game. There is tons of proof out there, it's not a place for debate. When Hello Games were called out on it, they went silent for months. Yes, they released update which they worked on in peace and it was good, but nowhere near what was still promised and shown.
    All the slack and hate they got is justified.  While NMS is a good game, but it was an indie game hyped up to AAA levels, features that weren't there. If it was released and marketed properly to it's level, it would of been good. Also full triple A price. 
    There is no point comparing it to Skyrim (IMO), because Skyrim was a AAA game and it was mostly advertised to it's level it deserved. You liked it or you didn't.
    You didn't look at the gameplay and graphics and yelled:
    It was all there, mostly as advertised and it was overall a good RPG that won GOTY for a reason.
    NMS is a good game you can enjoy and it's a fun game nonetheless, but what the developers did was a massive prank on massive triple A scale and priced it fully and when released: game was utter garbage COMPARED to what was shown.
    People have the right to be disappointed. 
    This is not like OW, which at start had shallow content, but you knew what you were buying: A ONLINE FPS WITH THIS AND THAT CONTENT! 
    Before you buy it, you knew what you get. All the free betas before it were released, people knew what the game is like and they knew what was gonna be on release. If you buy it and then whine, it's your FAULT! 
    That's the problem with NMS. Not the game, but what was promised.
    If people like the game, it's completely fine, but there is nothing to forgive and never forget what it was advertised as.
    TLDR: NMS was advertised as 2nd coming of Jesus and ended up being a man pretending to be Jesus and when he tried to walk on water, he fucking drowned.
    I know I'm a little harsh, but yeah.
  5. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Why No Man's Sky doesn't suck (as much as you think)   
    I'm so sick of people using the "it was a team of twelve people" excuse. As a consumer, it was the equivalent of $60, so to compare it to other games from AAA Dev's that also sold at $60 is totally justified. I find it amazing that nae-sayers point to Skyrim when the launch game had fairly few problems at launch, when the PC port of No Man's Sky was beyond broken.
    That's not even the biggest problem. The game is BORING! What is the point in creating such a vast universe to explore when there is nothing to do except mine for materials in it. And that's without the wave of false advertising and lies about what the game had to offer to boot.
  6. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Fanboy Melts a PS4 pro then post picks online... and the worst part?   
    Was among one of these idiots who "reported" this "news" being CrapGamer?
  7. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Fanboy Melts a PS4 pro then post picks online... and the worst part?   
    People are actually believing this!
    Now, let me make it clear, I AM posting this as a very one sided point. That side being me... and actual common sense. The purpose of this is vent a bit on how annoying fanboys can be and a plea to anyone who reads this to not not jump on their bandwagons of idiocy like so many, including websites and journalists, have been drawn in by.
    I'm not gonna link the website or article I found this as I don't believe any website taking this seriously deserves to have to have more traffic sent to them, but here is the image that's had every Playstation hater dancing before thinking it through;

    This is fake. This is work of someone so sad and desperate to say bad about his nemesis "The Playstation" he/she bought a $350 console just to do this to it and claim the the PS4 Pro melted itself. How do I konw he/she's lying? Well, thankfully I know enough about engineering materials to see right away that is bullshit.
    First off, to cause this kind of damage the plastic would have to get so much hotter that a PS4 Pro can actually get under normal working conditions and with every electrical fail-safe in the console and the persons house connected to the console to fail. This is only possible with a sever manufacturing fault, not a design fault. This could be a faulty unit at worst, but it's not. This was done on purpose, and I can prove it.
    Plastic, as well as most other materials, expand when they get hot as the chemical bonds are weakened and become stretched. The expansion is more severe the closer the heat source is to the the said material. In other words, when a source of heat is hot enough and close enough to a material and if said material has a lower melting point than ignition point (as is the case with the plastic on a PS4 Pro and most other plastics), then the material will expand and eventually melt AWAY from the heat source. It simply can't move/expand towards it as the material closer to the source is expanding faster than the material further away.
    So that brings me to back to the picture. You can clearly see the material is concaved, as is deformed and moving into the console. That means the heat source was on the OUTSIDE of the console. If the heat source was inside the console, the damaged material would be convexed, as in protruding out.
    Now, to see some fanboy do this is pretty sad, but not that surprising. I could also see somebody wanting to get a reaction. If so, well done. Let's see where it gets you. It's also not surprising to see Xbox/PC fanboys jumping all over this and dancing in the rain. The disappointing part is that legitimate websites are actually buying this to. What happened to people? Why do people "Take Up Arms" for and/or against an electronic device that's made to provide nothing more than entertainment in one's free time? And games journalists totally pander to this because it brings allot of traffic to their websites.
    Having opinions and expressing them in civilized debate is totally fine with me, can even be enjoyable and worthwhile, but this shit is hardly within bounds of normal. If anyone is wondering why some game companies don't take what we as gamers say seriously I think you have your answer. What if it were it to turn out there actually were a severe overheating and fire risk problem with the PS4 Pro? Do you think Sony are gonna take that seriously and address the issue quckly after this?
    We're gamers. That doesn't make us anything special, but how can we be this stupid? Ultimately it doesn't matter what platform you spend your time gaming on, we all want the same thing, to enjoy this hobby we share, so can't this stupid shit just stop?
    Anyway, rant over. Thanks for letting me vent. I know this wasn't a huge deal and much of my opinions on this are pretty obvious, but I had to let this one out.
  8. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in COD Infinite Warfare. How is it?   
    Except you don't buy weapons in this, you buy supply drops, which are very random. There is no guarantee you get a good weapon, or a customization part. Also these vary from different classes from Standard to Epic, I haven't heard of any other way of obtaining new weapons other than random Supply Drops, which are obtainable though playing the game or spending money and making a gamble. The microtransactions in this are no different than with the Battlepacks which were also completely random and a gamble if you decide to spend your money.
  9. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Battlefield 1 Singleplayer trailer   
    Sorry, I meant as good as the movie. Should've been more clear.
    That, and needs more bayonet.
  10. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Battlefield 1 Singleplayer trailer   
    Well honestly I prefer preaching war in a tragic way and I think it fits this setting a lot more. And it's a lot better than the average, "marines, kill everything" and super cool cocky guys with deathmasks bullshit like we had in COD and BF3 and BF4, sniping everyone.
    I mean if they manage to create the SP to have interesting characters that you care for, already a big win. If they manage to add variety in missions like some stealth gameplay, then some crazy running in no man's land over trenches, some combar in air etc, another big win. Already decent for a shooter.
    If it's just gonna be same shit all the time with no interesting characters...ehhh..I probably won't even care about it.
    On the plus side as someone who only enjoys the MP because the previous SP were so bad I didn't even bother, this one actually is making me legit interested in the SP and I might play it if it will be good.
    Trailer impressions for me personally so far are great and better than BF3 and 4, but we will actually see how the game will be played.
  11. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Battlefield 1 Singleplayer trailer   
    Yeah I'm confused to.......  Battlefront didn't have a campaign and it doesn't seem to much resemble or have any other direct relation to any other Star Wars media I've ever seen.
    As for the trailer itself being as generous as I can be without lying, it's pretty much what I expected.  Clichéd, non-specific preaching about how tragic war is interweaving between allot of gunfire and shit blowing up.....  Which I guess would be fine if we learned a little bit more about our protagonists here, but It is DICE so I'm not expecting well developed characters anyway.
    The voice acting/character animation seems very good though and the presentation is brilliant in that "Michael Bay/Hollywood" kind of way. I'm sure the beautiful but mindless action will get a rise out of some people but I would have SO much preferred something grounded a little more in reality.
  12. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Battlefield 1 getting back to it's old theme roots. No more dubstep "farts"   
    I think the lack of dubstep and the ability to climb are my favorite things about Battlefield 1 so far.
  13. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Battlefield 1 getting back to it's old theme roots. No more dubstep "farts"   
    They sound familiar........
    Hehe!!!!  I'm just kidding!  As much as I dislike Battlefiled they they do have have some good themes!
  14. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Game still in Early Acess - Gets a paid DLC before full release.   
    Yeap, exactly!
    I agree with SC hype. I'm very skeptical of that game. I don't see it as a savior at all. "Saviour of PC gaming" is too much marketing and uncessary hype. Last time I saw, nobody told me that PC gaming was dying so I don't see how can a game be a saviour of PC gaming...
    While I think it's great, I'm having my doubts about it. It's SAME SHIT as NMS. A huge game, so much to do and...bam!
    While I'm not worried about SC content, I'm more worried about the business model and prices and the overall launch. Game is bound to be buggy as fuck...I think.
    And yea, same shit for this game. While I think it's a good game, but doing this shit is baaaad.
    Yeap, it's exactly why I said there is really no difference between 3A gaming and indie. I mean both have their ups and downs. I think Indie used to be better, but now as it grows, greed grows too. Honestly it will also become a dangerous hunting ground. Soon people will have to be careful who to back up because more and more devs will just stop production on the games or just turn it all into shit because they got money already.
    At least with triple A gaming you know you are getting the game...whether that's in a good or bad form.
    This is why I think people should just enjoy games. People nowadays pay too much attention into what to support and taking sides. PC gaming is now like indie gamers and normal triple A gamers. Indie gamers often attack Triple A gamers for supporting EA, Ubi etc, but honestly same shit is happening on the indie front.
    I'm staying pretty simple. If I see a game I like, I'll buy it. No preorders, but I'm buying it at least when I read the reviews. Will I buy DLCs? That entirely depends on the DLCs and the game. If they are good and worthy, I'll.
    In last years literally the only DLCs I bought was for BF3, Witcher 3 and Skyrim. I'm 100000% happy with all of them. I put over 500h into BF3 DLCs, I put over a 1000h into Skyrim and it's DLCs and over 250h into Witcher 3 and it's DLCs. I know how to spend my money and I know what I'm gonna like mostly because I wait for reviews and think hard before I make my purchase. I can't remember last time I bought a game and thought it wasn't worth it.
    People should just enjoy games and not look  too much into it. Would be nice if less preordered and fell for hype instantly, but would be nice if people also didn't think too much, "Am I supporting a bad company now?"
    Jeez, if you like the game just fuckin' get it. You dont suck their balls just cauze you bought one game.
    At least it's how I do. I don't take sides and I just get what I like.
    Back on topic...
    Yeah I dont know. This is really damn bad. AS I said I dont think it's bad what they did for themselves and this game, but what might happen later...other devs doing it
  15. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Game still in Early Acess - Gets a paid DLC before full release.   
    Is it just me or is there a great deal more inde devs doing shady ass shit these days?
  16. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Game still in Early Acess - Gets a paid DLC before full release.   
    Why are people complaining? Star Citizen has been doing the same thing for years and apparently they're gaming saints!
    But seriously, this is bullshit. Just more proof that companies keep games in early access/betas/alphas and so on to make money on half baked games they may not even intend to finish. People can't complain about missing features, bugs and so because "it's an early build". And also, this being ARK , I get an additional whiff of pay-to-win in this as well.
  17. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Game still in Early Acess - Gets a paid DLC before full release.   
    The game should be fully functional before even considering paid DLC..
  18. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in So bored with the new recent games   
    I find new games I want to play and enjoy playing all the time, though from your liked games my tastes might be very different than yours.
    The games you said you like are between 5-10 years old, if you haven't found anything good since then I would assume that you don't enjoy games as much as you used to and haven't for some time or you haven't been looking in the right places.
  19. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Star Wars Battlefront,ideas/suggestions for the game for Dice   
    Teams consists of Rebel, Imperial, and Sith, much like China, US, and Russia from Battlefield 4. They should've been an open-world FPS campaign than just a linear campaign like Battlefield where you just follow the objectives to the waypoint and stuff. But here, you are playing as a generic protagonist from an independent faction and you just have to speak somebody and do missions for you, in the middle of your quest, you have to pick which faction are you going to work with and you'll get a different ending depending on which faction are you working for, it's better than BF4's Ending. Also, you have to collect stuff in order to get rewards such as concept arts for this game and new skins for multiplayer, and also there's an extra mission which is also required for 100% completion.
  20. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Titanfall 2 Open Beta   
    I disagree with respawn's decision, but if we're all telling the truth somebody probably would have hacked the game and posted shit all over the place.
    Even so, i have to say if they had just said the game isn't yet optimised for different hardware configurations then that would have been a valid excuse on it's own, but by saying they were worried about PC players hacking the game is kinda digging themselves into an unnecessary hole.  They obviously knew the security safeguarding wasn't in place, that's thier fault, but there's nothing people can do.
    Still, it is odd they wouldn't want to test on what's (arguably) the most difficult platform to develop for.
  21. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in So, what's your opinion of No Man's Sky?   
    I haven't played the game myself, but friends have. From what I saw of them playing, it doesn't seem like a BAD time killer, but for $60? No bueno. Might consider during a sale when it's $20-$30.
  22. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in So, what's your opinion of No Man's Sky?   
    I really enjoy this game....... when the damn thing is working properly!
    like just now, I land to check out a beacon and I spot a cave with some Gold out front and I figure there must be more inside and there is... ALLOT more!  So I load up on it for trading when it happens (AGAIN!), the frames drop a crawl!  Now obviously I don't want to lose all the sweet Au I just picked up so I have to go all the way back out the cave, to my ship then fly to an outpost so I can save then restart the game... all at 1/5 the speed!
  23. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in So, what's your opinion of No Man's Sky?   
    Not worth 60$
  24. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Zieglobaz in Final Fantasy XV. Delayed. DELAYED!!!   
    This is really a lose-lose situation for them.  If they put out they game on time but with a big day 1 patch, they get blasted by 1) people with bad/no internet, 2) reviewers who get the unpatched version and complain about all the bugs, and 3) people who are going to claim it's DLC that should have been on disk.
    But if they do delay it, they get static from 1) people who say they don't care about bugs, 2) people who think every problem should have been fixed months/years ago due to how long it's been in production, and 3) their shareholders who want to see sales money coming in.
    Personally, I'm glad they chose to delay.  Too many companies are relying on that "eh we can patch it later" mentality and pushing crappy rush jobs out the door.  To quote Shigeru Miyamoto: "A delayed game is good eventually, a bad game is bad forever."
  25. savagejoe444 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Final Fantasy XV. Delayed. DELAYED!!!   
    I don't know why you would want them to release a game with bugs or poor optimization issues that would effect player enjoyment, review scores, sales, and could cause problems for people with poor internet connections.
    Looks like the delayed had the same kind of reaction as No Man's Sky delay did (though no one threatened to kill Jason this time)
    Final Fantasy XV Delay Rumors Trigger Fan Meltdowns