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  1. They don't delete the reviews and they aren't hidden, It's very clearly shown if they flagged a period of off-topic reviews with an asterisk beside the "very positive" or "overwhelmingly positive". The period of those reviews are just not counted in the recent and overall average calculation as explained in the description when you hover over them to see the percentage. The reviews will still show up, just not on the front page score that says "overwhelmingly positive (12345)". If you really care about that number then the preferences button is right above the steam reviews with the note "* Period(s) of off-topic review activity detected Excluded from the Review Score (by default)". You can see this yourself if you look at the borderlands 2 reviews.
  2. Not sure what you mean by strategy of RTS games. Like being a single soldier in a massive war like Planetside or the ability to command AI troops on the field. Or are you just looking for a game with player-driven elements and massive pvp? Also since you mention Kingdom Under Fire 2 as a suitable game, there is another upcoming sandbox strategy MMORPG called Conqueror's Blade (War Rage in China) which is planned to come to the West. It seems to be like Mount & Blade + Tiger Knight: Empire War or any other similar games. It also has an "overworld" to move to other instances and player owned castles (and I think real time instanced sieges). There isn't really much info on it aside from the fact it just finished CBT for the Chinese version (that also has a lot of English). Though as a Chinese game it might have a high chance of becoming p2w, but still cool and a rare type of game to be an actual mmorpg.
  3. So thoughts on quake now that the NDA is down? I haven't gotten to play it yet but it looks Quake enough to me.
  4. Yeah and there are a lot of mmorpgs in progress right now too. The only reason I paid attention to this was because the person who put the studio together (Steven Sharif) was an old Archeage player (went by in-game name Sorcerer) on the server I played on and the guild leader of one of the most powerful guilds at the time (The White Order). Basically he was loaded both irl and in-game so he was the biggest whale at the time you could say. I think #1 most geared player at the time and probably half the server hated him if not more considering the drama surrounding him and his guild lol. Rumour is that he got tired of archeage (probably because of the repeated screw ups of Trion) and decided to make his own game. Though people did spin it like he rage quit the game lol. I don't think anyone took him seriously but now he has a bunch of people from old MMORPG development teams so.... Still no idea how he was able to make millions and at the same time lead an extremely active guild for months.
  5. Goal of 750k has already been hit within 12 hours. Kickstarter is up. The core game is already funded by the founder/devs and the kickstarter is just for stretch goals/additional features. Website: https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1791529601/ashes-of-creation-new-mmorpg-by-intrepid-studios?ref=category_location Official Discord: https://discord.gg/ashesofcreation (sneak peeks and exclusives can be found here) Google docs of information known (huge source of knowledge on the game): https://docs.google.com/document/d/14luppZ3Ub8jmcw_aK65QWxYY4xa8qAo9zRfpYWBxOXE/edit More videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfbi2EvzQmIJ55TJvZumNZw/featured Ashes of Creation is being made with Unreal Engine 4 and will be an open world MMORPG that is "themebox" a themepark with sandbox elements. The game will have a node system where regions level up which unlock new content in the world, trigger world bosses, or other events. The devs think of this as "choose your own adventure" where the players affect what happens to the server and no two servers will be the same. The game will be monthly subscription based ($15 USD). The game has been in development for a bit more than a year. Kickstarter alpha is planned for 2018 (no NDA) while there are currently weekly random and selected drawings for late 2017 alpha (under NDA). Some Videos: Also there is a referral system so if you want you can use mine to register https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/skullhead51/ . Note that referrals do work for kickstarter so 15% value at release will go to the referral's credits for subscriptions and cash shop cosmetics. It can also be withdrawn as cash but I intend to put it towards subscriptions. Edit: I should probably mention if you register on the website, they have weekly draws you are automatically entered into for the "friends and family alpha" which is suppose to be in Q4 2017 but is under NDA.
  6. So line 3 still unknown and the last line is a double transposition cipher?
  7. This gives me flashbacks of one time when there was a contest for an alpha key hosted by devs and people got stuck at files with numbers in their name and encrypted messages inside them. Turned out the key was the letters in each message, like filename3534 would be the third letter in the file, then the 5th letter starting from the 3rd letter, etc. Total BS that someone figured it out and you couldn't spam the key attempts. lol
  8. There is a difference that the NMS trailer screamed "space exploration game" and has first person and a UI shown. While the death stranding trailer didn't really say anything about the game aside from some characters and the strange world the game takes place in. Currently, the world that Kojima is creating and the story around it is more interesting than what you can do in the game.
  9. What they have right now are a bunch of modules which are basically tech demos. The actual Star Citizen MMORPG is pretty much a gamble at this point until they successfully combine everything. Then they still need to fill the world with content. Squadron 42 will set the tone for how people will receive Star Citizen. If it's totally GOTY then people probably won't care as much if Star Citizen fails since (as an MMORPG) it just means waiting longer for more/better content. Though if it totally flops, at least they have the game engine they could sell so more games can have planetary/star system scaled proc gen combined with handmade areas (might even be possible to completely edit an entire planet) with AI and creatures so it's a win for me since I never backed Star Citizen.
  10. Don't forget this.
  11. Retirement at 42? Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy? XD
  12. I think angry joe manages that by himself lol. The AJSA website doesn't really get out of date since all the latest news and events are run by the community officers and commanders.
  13. They changed conquest again so that there is no time limit and the score limit is 300 points.
  14. He probably entered the match and scouted the people out first before making a move on them. No way he could have done it all on the fly. Also he posted in the comments an interview: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-virtuallyvain-finds-your-info-for-the-african-drug-lord-videos-2016-8