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    Dota 2 on a daily basis
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    I'm your Dark Souls loremaster, need any help on pc? have a question about mechanics, lore, game progression, or achievements? shoot me a message. I'll be checking my mail daily.
  1. I attempted to start a Dark Souls subforum back in November 2013, but the request was denied and the moderators hinted at better chances once Dark souls 2 comes out, I do not plan to make any commitments to consoles, currently playing it on PS3, so I will wait until PC release and request a subforum once again.
  2. This thread is in place to bring up a question about what kind of gaming is the Angry Joe Show Army is willing to officially support and provide a subforum for. I bring up this question shortly after my thread about officially supporting Dark Souls was closed because: Dark Souls is a very unique and unusual game in all aspects of it's nature, it doesn't hold the player's hand, it's extremely implicit about it's mechanics and very punishing sometimes. When it comes to multi-payer however the game restricts that only 4 players can exist in a specific instance, players can cooperate and help one another through a challenging boss or level, or they could invade other's worlds to defeat them and gather a reward. Now should the game be refused official AJSA support simply because AJSA members can't get together in a massive zerg and rush a specific objective/boss to death? or should AJSA be encompassing of different styles of games and their mechanics, welcoming those who step out of the mold for multi-player gameplay? In Dark Souls players can arrange a variety of scenarios to change up multiplayer, from restrictions in fighting styles (no critical attacks, no evading) to restrictions on equipment (no armor, no shields) restrictions on attack types (heavy attacks only, usually very slow) or even use a specific area for gorilla warfare (a hide and seek type game but the people hiding may not fight back). As you can see Dark Souls offers plenty of variety in terms of multi-player gameplay that we can utilize to get the community to interact and play together. So what do you think? speak up your opinion. If you agree with me please contact the council members and urge them to reevaluate Dark Souls for official support. Original request thread can be found here
  3. Hey everyone, I've updated the main post with a link to our Dark Souls steam group. Make sure to join!
  4. I don't understand! Why is this topic not getting a poll thread? Are we missing a step or something?
  5. Guys do you even praise the sun? Look what I achieved today 666 minutes
  6. We need dat subforum! and with the new mentor system learning curve is really not that sharp now.
  7. The game is SUPER EASY, it's DESIGNED to help players. There are all sorts of items and weapons that are put in strategic places so players don't struggle! and the soft humanity mechanic! that's mercy itself! Solaire is nothing but a filthy casual, although I do love my sunbros our main source of lore, item descriptions, clearly states that he has no unique powers.
  8. Save files in gaming are a very interesting thing to debate, in that there are many many different approaches by developers to best fit their game, but some save file mechanics are simply UN-justifiable. Please note this is save file discussion as in formats used to keep progress, not limitations on characters. The wolf amongst us, allows the user one save file and one save file only. Why? what purpose does that serve? My friend was trying to introduce me to the game on his xbox when he realized he was allowed only one save file, and because it was an online download we could not dodge that but signing in to another user. Dark Souls keeps save files away from the eyes of the player and follows a very strict and powerful save policy, the game saves everytime you open a menu, use an item, exit a menu, fast travel, change weapons, fight a boss, and every time you die. The same happens with MMO's in that save file management is out of the question for users. This keeps save editing at a minimum and adds a great deal of difficulty as pressing F9 won't quickload two steps ago like it did in Skyrim. Games like Skyrim permits the user to have as many save file as they damn wish to, a friend of mine does not believe in overwriting save files so his "load" menu is gigantic full of saves from last year. But that's only because Skyrim is a non-competitive game and altering your save isn't an issue to developers. Still it takes away from the challenge in that you can easily avoid death by reloading. What does the AJSA think? should games allow players to respawn and keep save files out of there hand like dark souls does, or should gamers be allowed infinite number of saves?
  9. And play what until then?.... I always think to myself when I'm gaming; "How much more fun will I be having if I were playing Dark Souls?"
  10. Well I'm glad to see this topic labeled as "HOT" I'm getting really excited for this guys! Make dis happen joe!
  11. If we get enough people we will definately try and host a large scale tournment every once in a while, but until we get our subforums or a response from AJSA moderator personell there are no solid plans.
  12. Well yeah, but here's the thing. The version we played was named Dark Souls 2 Network Test Ver. And From Soft had made it more than clear that it was a beta so did they mean; Dark Souls Beta, Network Test version: Game is in it's final phases, testing network behavior. or Dark Souls, [beta Network] test version: Game is complete, network and connectivity is incomplete. In either ways a Beta is a more or less unpolished version of the game; polish does not include major game mechanic changing decsions, polishing a game is to adress bugs and irregularities, optimize performance and provide a release candidate. Seeing that the limitation still stands in the Beta I'm willing to bet my souls (10mil of them) that the limitation will still be there in release version.
  13. That limitation of phantoms and invaders capping at 4 player per world is still a fact in Dark Souls 2, or at least in the network beta test that I got to play (if cap was removed why not implement that into the beta and test it?) and wait playing what game? as much as I love dark souls 2 there really isn't any worthy games out there right now that include coop and pvp in the same way as Dark souls.
  14. I played all those games. None of them came close to the fun and joy of playing Dark Souls. I Vote Dark Souls 2013 !
  15. Guys, make sure to use Mugenmonkey to show your builds, otherwise these text only descriptions are not that helpfull http://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls/ use this and you'll get to assign stats, specify upgrade path, and you'll get appropriate damage calculations