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  1. darkspacemarinex on ps4
  2. hay guys need help going though either borderlands game of the year or borderlands 2 on ps4. im a psycho level 20 on 2 and a siren level 37 (going thorugh the DLC now) anyway anyone wanna co op? Darkspacemarinex
  3. Hay the names conor looking for people to play Titanfall 2 with. hit me up a message
  4. when did it get canceled?
  5. Did you play the game, to be honest in my opinion the only thing to be ashamed of is the price, i love it, probably the most refreshing multiplayer shooter in a long time, player base dying off really had not noticed
  6. watch dogs 2 has been announced and i am pretty pumped not to the point to buy it with my own money but the fact that this game actually has parkour and not some stupid crap where its just simple running, 3D printed guns which is also a quite interesting idea, the setting is also cool with San Francisco and the fact the main character is a victim of racial profiling gives way to interesting ideas and looks to be a more vibrant setting, Marcus is more of a interesting character then Aiden for one he wont be a god damn batman rip off, but what do you think
  7. Its coming this year so i am excited never played it was litteraly one of the only reasons to get an xbox
  8. Just got overwatch and its apprent to me the game is more fun with a group as it gets boring quickly by myself, add me darkspacemarinex
  9. Very sorry i thought enough time had passed Your not i guess arkham asylum is the oldest so u4 would have to work harder
  10. I agree the game was built on unreal 3 now until i see more gameplay i will be skeptic, but the developers have ported other games Here is there website besides arkham knight they did a lot of good http://www.virtuosgames.com/ Luckily i had a fantastic time with arkham knight the only problem i have is a story element that makes no sense the whole joker blood shit makes no sense joker is a person not a fucking virus
  11. well Warner brothers have answered my prayers finally and announced the Batman: Return to Arkham and some cool features 1080p visuals possibly a higher frame rate and the big surprise on unreal engine 4 which is a first for the series. Now I love this but the visuals feel a bit off for one those games graphics were great because they set up a broken and destroyed world but this seems to clean that which to me I dont like because it feels like they have no idea whats going on but then again I will buy but the issue still stands, now it does imporve visulas and it does look amazing what this engine can do but it feels like the game has lost some of its personality what do you think? Now this is when i was afraid they look nice but really weird when compared to
  12. I played the beta was not blown should i get it?
  13. Hay your back those creative faces scare the shit out of me
  14. Are you a strong Christian because to me the ideas they put forward make a lot of sense like when neil degrese Titan came on the screen to me it does not anoy me because that is how we would see such a being many people see the saviour because louis lane said this is all some people have
  15. Oh nooo you review is fine what i am saying is i loved the movie I loved it in my opinion they did not f it up i could say more and i will but my score 8/10 Really sorry here spoilers lets start with superman death yes i was surprised but i know what coming next DARKSIDE!!!!! and superman will be bought back by batman and the gang to fight him or darkside will bring him back as an dark warrior. i understand why joe is mad but i think most of it is the fact the had superman die and doomsday. doomsday at first he was shit like shreck put through a lead machine but in the fight he does change and that good all spiky and shit yaa jessies isenburg was ok but i understand the route they were going this lex is a character caught in his fathers shadow and it hurts him he was obvisioluly shuned as a child by him and in a way he not only resents him but idilese him. yes he is not lex but its like even he knows that himself and i like that loved every minute i belive this film got way to harsh a response ben afleck look the most hurt i loved it but i know this film will spilt the internet. I think joe yet again was way to harsh and yes Jessie is not good at times like i was laughing at the prision scene and the fight between the two titans was good. Fight scenes were glorious and music hans zimeer you fing geinus tremendous marvel should learn from sound design when it comes to characters introduction and build up well done hans zimeer batman was great, wonder woman was great but a little underutilzed understandable of course. I dont get you Jessie part he orchestrated the entire fight