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  1. Simply said, I enjoyed both aforementioned games as substitutes to the late City of Heroes. Mostly Champions Online since I am a stickler when it comes to customisation within MMO's and some other genres, MMO's mostly. It had wide variety and potential, something that DCUO really did seem to lack, however the number of cosmetic styles you could earn put off that notion for a while at best. Champions Online also kept that traditional MMO play mechanic of hotkeys around, which, basically, I'm used to that more than using my mouse solely for combat with only a small number of abilities, which, admittedly was fun but got tiring quite fast as I like a little more variety, which, again is what Champs had in bucketloads. The combos in DCUO were pretty neat though. Mixing power types in Champs was costly, but at level 40 you could easily have a chainsaw arm toting, lightning arcing hero who looks like a homeless man, also that it was a closer cousin to City of Heroes, which is also why I enjoyed it more than DCUO for a time. I stopped playing come the time of Perfect World International's presence within development, and went back to CoH, but... yeah, NCSoft decided it would suffer the same fate as Tabula Rasa... without the assumption of developer neglect, but just the pure purpose of profit. And I did tear-up sometimes at the emotional videos people had passionately created after the sad news; DCUO is fun, only for a time. And Champions Online is fine, well... used to be. I can't believe I used to complain when Atari had the reins. Now look who's in charge. Lockboxes anybody? Champs was good for a time, when F2P came in, I daresay, is what rang the death bell. The Kickstarter has me hopeful City of Heroes can make a spiritual return, even some developers from Paragon have chipped-in and some are supporting the project.
  2. Hmm, exactly. Elementalists may not shine too brightly in the chaotic arenas of sPvP, but their versatility is a treat to see in a group or a zerg.
  3. Fulgruun is my character's name. I'm on Northern Shiverpeaks still from the last AJ guild there. If you need it, my username is Helbrekt.5712
  4. Yeah, I don't want you guys to have time cut off or early awakenings for my case. Perhaps when you're on work breaks or have some freedom can we probably look into some flexibility. If the time used for the previous session is still going to be used, perhaps I get a nap in before I play. I'm just making sure I don't stay up until 4 then waking up at 3 PM :\.
  5. I'd hate to do this, I really do; is it possible for the time to change for the next Pathfinder game? I still know that everyone has work and whatnot, but I can't really see myself being apart of the party if I have to stay up until 12 AM for it to start and even later into the night when we play, plus I still do want to record. I'm trying to get back into a proper sleep cycle, but if we can't think of an alternate time I'll leave well enough alone.
  6. World of Warcraft. Dalaran trade chat.
  7. Think I might get back into it again. When my friends dragged me back into my Death Knight in World of Warcraft, I got tired of all the trash mobs quite fast. One thing TSW did was that every mob placement felt purposeful and I daresay lacking any trash mobs, unless you count The Darkness War instance, but that's a negligible amount. I might play it if there were more people on Dragon and not making 2-3 Illuminati toons and overflowing Fusang and El Dorado. That and it's quite difficult to find something fun outside of tanking, which I got tired of, but it was fun. Tanking The Ankh and Hell Rising was the most fun I've ever had in TSW.
  8. Think that's bad? Try playing a Warrior until 80. Utterly useless in PvP unless you spec for hammers and PvE exploration dungeons unless you spec for rifles and/or swords. Not that that's worth it anyway since the only instance people only touch in Guild Wars 2 is the Ascalonian Catacombs and Citadel of Flame; only to farm tokens for the armour sets. Regardless though, that picture is not far from the truth. I'm afraid to start playing again since all I'll be doing is spending a day's worth of time trying to re-spec into something remotely useful.
  9. Good to hear that it was great fun. I'm not exactly at liberty to stay up most of the time, starting from 12 AM throughout the late hours. Was feeling incredibly tired anyway; at the point where falling asleep on a keyboard seemed like a decent prospect. Perhaps next session, I will be able to make an appearance.
  10. Whenever we get the game on the road, here's my Skype details. mordicuskruhl (login name). You'll know when you see the picture I use now.
  11. Well, turns out that 2 PM GMT for you guys... that's literally on-the-point midnight for me, at 12. Good thing I have coffee then.
  12. "Alert: Specimen is inhospitable between 7 AM to 12 PM. Coffee and moderate dosage of death metal is required for proper interaction. Do not machine-wash. Store at temperatures below -10 degrees."
  13. What's really irritating is, is that the argument of the 'pay 60 on top of a standard 15 p/month subscription fee' is always being thrown around by those who see TESO as the second coming of Jesus Christ, not to say the game is bad, I don't love it since the beta, and if others do, that's great. But when both sides of the conflict put that one reason first, it's always taken as an insult or something similar. To established fans, (I won't use the term 'fanboy' since a derogatory term isn't a good way to make a mediated opinion) when criticism comes about the game's asking price, I think it's justified. Sixty dollars or closer to 80-90 around my country is quite a medium to high asking price, on top of a fee that when calculated bi-yearly, equals up to 180 dollars. (or more depending on your country you reside at currently) And you have to ask yourself, "is a game that's been mentioned as somewhat equal parts good and bad worth that much of my time and income?". Depends really, it's up to you to assess the product and decide on making an investment. But, what some fans truly believe is that, coming from YouTube -- yes, yes, I know... is that if you can't seem to afford TESO, you should either... Get a job. Not taking into account how difficult it is when job-searching. And I doubt the first paycheck is going to be spent on a game.Stop buying cigarettes. Because somehow failing to meet the asking price means that people are 'poor' or have an outstanding nicotine addiction. This pissed me off quite a bit. It's a minority that's going about saying these things, when I saw it, but perhaps that mindset has grown in size since last time I checked. It's always irritating to see people getting bashed when trying to justify the price of a product, it's being a smart consumer. Games aren't a business commodity, however it shouldn't stop people from critically analysing what the game's offering instead of blurting "because it's an Elder Scrolls game". We don't really know if TESO will harbor any additional content -- sure, the argument can be made that the money will go towards more of it for the game, but TESO already has the entire breadth of Tamriel. Patches and fixes? I don't think so, that shouldn't really be affected by cash-flow. If the game wants to continue enjoying the benefits of a subscription package, it should maintain without waiting for a fat wad of green. Could be wrong here though. PvP seems to have some good going for it. I don't think that a lacklustre PvE experience and an impressive PvP experience warrants the asking price. Perhaps it's a temporary thing to get the game's income into the black quickly and will then have a less dearer expense, time will tell. I hope for the long-run that TESO succeeds, even though a good number of people won't touch it for the reason mentioned above, I'd hate to see the rich IP that is the Elder Scrolls, tarnished by a simple step into a new frontier.
  14. Wait, are we doing next week, or this week? I've been out for a few days trying to manage my group, so I haven't caught up with recent replies concerning dates. I didn't mean to imply that Sunday tomorrow was THE day to play, I'll edit that out.
  15. There's going to be some major changes to classes as a result of this new ex-pack. Some good, some bad. Including changes to Warriors and their abilities and the nerfing of Charge, not that it's any issue, there's still Victory Rush. This is coming from a friend who's played for years, not sure if it's credible, perhaps someone can verify? Another thing he also told me was that Blizzard was also taking into account the astronomical numbers one usually sees and is going to mediate gear/stat scores over the entire game to 'simplify' it all. Classes in WoW will probably never stop taking a flavour-of-the-month stance, but it's not like it makes the game nigh unplayable. I'm still wary of some of Blizzard's decisions and the way classes are going to operate in the new ex-pack. But I'm hopeful. The new race models are a welcome sight. For those who don't know already; Worgens and Goblins won't be changed since they're still somewhat 'new' compared to the near decade old original models and textures. I'd love nothing more than to step back into the game with the AJSA, roaming the new primordial world offered to us. I keep thinking of new games and how they do things better in all, most or some aspects, but it's just the faith or memories coming back, and when you play with friends or a group, all the issues seem to disappear. I agree that there's many games greater, but even the most stubborn of trees bend to the wind some day; the formula works and has for years now.