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  1. And what about the HDD of the console? How much gigs does one need to install something like, let's say GTA V?
  2. Hmm... Thanks for the tip! And if I wee to buy a PS3, should I get a slim or the new Super slim?
  3. Hello, I don't really know much about console gaming to be honest (well I do own a wii, but it's purpose is to collect dust untill some friends come over) and looking at the fact that last gen consoles aren't THAT expensive I'm thinking of picking up one fror the exclusives, but which one? I'm thinking of the PS3 with it's Uncharted, TLOS and maybe heay rain. What do you lads think?
  4. Not to say that's PW is bad or anything, it's just there's no real goal in the game, nor character progresion of some sort, all you have to do is either work for in-game curency that you will loose eventually or conquer enemy forts (even if you do, you don't really get some kind of reward). Not to mention the RDM'ers which the server is plenty of atm....
  5. And the price is not that high, might be worth picking it up
  6. Yup! finnished the game on WIndows 7 and I had no problems whatsoever!