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  1. As long as you keep care of it now you shouldn't have to many problems, if you haven't flushed the oil / trans / coolant before i would do that at some point prob at your next oil change or if you change it yourself i would take it in for those 3 things for this one time. ( I do this right away for ever used car i get its just smarter to trust yourself than what they tell you.) Service history always seem to be sketchy everywhere it seems sadly, For the most part I would say you've weathered the mid life storm other than basic care at this point you should expect something more expensive to happen maybe once a year or two. Only other thing at that mileage I could imagine that would need a check is the serpentine belt well if i was never changed anyway.
  2. Honestly it's pretty strange that some of those parts would ware out before the 150km mark. Who ever owned the car before you had to be stingy on oil changes for a distributor to go out at that mileage. The starter thing is pretty normal if you stop and start it that many times a day. The other stuff is very normal though expect the cat I don't even know how you can ware out a cat that early without damaging it or burning to much oil. The amount your turning on and off that car is pretty mind blowing though (I'm not a delivery guy so its crazy to me lol), I'm not sure though what you deliver though if the weight of this stuff is real on the heavy side a civic might not be the best idea to be honest. If its just a bunch of light parcels though it should be fine. The distributor on yours i assume failed from worn out bushing or bad scuffing on the shaft much like diesel fuel pumps do from lack of oil care(So the idea of saving from it being a van here would be pointless.). The different materials thing is not true as well (You get what you pay for doesn't matter van or car), It's just a van is designed to take heavy loads and less stressful than say a civic is. So really at the end of the day this is up to you, I would say road conditions can come into play but i have no idea what the uk is like. Edit: noticed you said miles not KM, that's pretty close to the 130km so it's even less surprising. I would say its pretty normal at that point.
  3. Why do people think this is a security problem lawl, the same thing happened to blizzard to guess what security isn't going to stop a ddos.
  4. Happy holidays everyone, Stay safe if your drinking.
  5. Meh Wii U is by far the best console atm (Given a year or two if actual good first party titles come out on the others they will be better), I doubt it will run 4k that's like shooting for the stars really at this point. To be honest if they keep making games like they currently are I'm perfectly fine with the wii u, If i wanted power i would use my pc. As for 3rd party don't really need them if your a pc gamer to that's just my point of view though.(Which is heavily bias im aware.)
  6. Been around for so many steam sales now that there's nothing left i even want haha, good luck to those who dive in though.
  7. oh my god parries are back, my body is ready.
  8. I didn't like both to be honest i just was meaning in general terms of most people, more of a 6 guy myself. The whole game plays itself and you just shift stances not for me, but yeah i digress anyway.
  9. Honestly never understood why fans trusted square to remake it after games like 13 in the first place these days. They got what they asked for just not quite what they expected.
  10. Working under minimum wage huh, I would refuse to be exploited to this degree but damn ubisoft that's low as hell. Makes you wonder how they need such absurd profit points if the pay scales like that.
  11. I literally wish people would stop asking for this just stop.............Let a good game stay good and oh well you all got what you wished for anyway Square trolling the world lol.
  12. gross not my thing.
  13. Greatest medic ever.
  14. Unless money is behind that reason than capcom will be all aboard, But yeah if its not that than i can't see it being that way as well since its all xbox live for console players.
  15. Meh DA:I is a good game but there were better games this year imo.