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  1. It IS HARD I WILL NOT LIE... Its a shame all those places have been invaded by people that DONT like avp. Hell take a look on the avp wiki Avp is noncanon on avp. I can tell you some huge ass personal fighting because of that, and the damage that has caused, but that would be too much. The only fandom website that has it worse is fact files.
  2. And that is the thing, I will gladly invite anyone to come play this game with me to see that the AI is different, or I could recorded it. But be warned the quilty would suck really bad. I very partially joined Joe Army because of ACM. As a whole I joined because of the whole franchise, I am very much here because of Alien Isolation as well. It does a bad job representing the Alien, and I don't understand why Joe would be cool with the idea you are fighting androids, or running from, a lot in this game, more so than dealing with the alien, but he isn't ok with dealing with a lot of humans in ACM. As far as locking goes I am ok with that because all he has to do is come on here and see the posts. I was going to make comments on his newest videos, and or on his twitter with links about this topic. I am sure he could have a special about alien games that also address what I have posted.
  3. Yes I am saying it is a good game and for many reasons. I am just sorry most people somehow didn't get a version with lethal enemy ai. Two things. 1: I'M ok with it being locked because then Joe can still read the original posts without seeing any attacks. 2: Dude or Dudet (please don't be offended I didn't look at your profile to see if your a guy or girl) I'M from AvPgalaxy and AvPwiki. Theirs nothing on this website that worries me about cyber space attacks. I have been stalked personally attacked, I have been told to kill myself in real life many many times, I have been labeled as scum because I like AvP, I have been labeled as scum for liking ACM, And because of those two last things I need to be banned to help keep AvPgalaxys reputation good because AvP fans are worthless stupid pieces of shit. I have been viciously attacked because I don't like Prometheus or Riddly Scott. After going through that for years I can take someone here telling me they are going to teabag me if they find me in Halo or ACM.
  4. I also did defend the mechanics, at the least the ones I presented. I had zero of the issues that were shown in the video or have been talked about on other websites. I am not lying when I say this but it was one of the hardest first person shooters I have played. The only thing that can count as more difficult is AvP2 on directors cut mode, or Halo 3 and 4 with at least mythic and thunder on, more than that for Halo 4 then I would give it to Halo 4. The issue should be looked into more, the only reason I can think of for why I didn't have the game mechanical issues most others had was because I had the newest version of Xbox 360. That or somehow like 99% of the ACM discs were faulty because of bad data transfer and I got lucky. The story itself though I liked because from character perspective it was realistic when it concerns Winter, besides Frost from AvP 2 and Hicks Winter is my favorite Marine. He and his unit are the last guys to be woken up after all that happened in Aliens: Infestation they are in the dark, there current leader, The Missions commander died in Infestation, is very eager to find out exactly what is going on and how they are going to get out of the situation they are in. Excluding the Capn I liked how there characters interacted with each other and how there training barely kept some of them alive and functioning, while for others the stress of this conflict caused them to go back further than basic traning and they used there own survival instincts to stay alive, which is why you see some of the Marines turn on each other. As far as the story goes the two things I can complain about is 1) Sega didn't advertise enough that Aliens: Infestation is a complimentry game too ACM, and explains a lot of stuff Winter doesn't know happens, and what WY is up too. 2) I want there to be ACM2 but they shouldn't have left the ending so open ended. Those are the only two things I have a problem with and they are only minor. II will agree, people that are not hard core about a thing will not care about back story information about that thing. But if someone has issues with a story, and these issues are explained with lore, that is excepted as canon, then it should be brought up. Joe says hes a huge fan of the series so this stuff is stuff that should be brought to his attention if he doesn't know about it.
  5. You have to understand something, the Alien, Predator, Prometheus fan base might be one of the most passionate fan bases there is. BUT it also is one of the most hostile. I am used to fighting with them, and what I wrote is a medium light post. In order to make a point though I had to post as much as I did, if not people would say I'M lying because I have nothing to back up my statements. EXAMPLE (The Aliens Bio-Imperative) If I did not name all the references about there evolutionary response capabilities people would say I made it up, OR say its none canon, hence why I had a whole section covering canon.
  6. See thats part of the issue that should be looked more into. That never happened when I played the game. Ps even without the crown I am using the Purple King Alien from Aliens: Rogue. In my case though you can tell were you stopped reading and come back later, which is why I my post into more than one. I don't have to, I will make a brief summery, and if you have a issue with that you can skim through the longer posts because my references will be up there. My issues are as follows. 1: Angry Joe has given ACM way too little credit to things that are good that this game has done for the Alien Predator Prometheus fandom. Mainly making the Aliens a credible threat or added lore for the USCM core as well as adding more lore for the United Americas NAVY. 2: Angry Joe is giving the designers of Alien Isolation way more credit than they deserve because they are not following the lore set down about the alien itself from all the other canon mediums. (reference are in previous posts) ACM actually did a fantastic job following the lore of the four canon mediums. (Side note, Isolation might as well just have the alien edited out of the game, and have the story be about a person stuck in a space station with a malfunctioning computer trying to kill the people living aboard with its androids, and your task is to survive till you can find a way out. it would be a better game if they had went that route 3: Some of the reasons that Joe gave ACM a bad score are stupid, one being because humans are a main enemy. Most of the Alien or AvP games have humans as the Main enemy yet no one, including him had a problem with it in the past, he doesn't even have a problem with the fact that androids will be the enemy you deal with most in isolation. This is one reason I want to see him review the older Alien and AvP games, I want to see if he over looks the above point, like most others or if he will attack those games, despite them being rated the highest in the series. 3b he "Joe" had an issue with Marines knowing the names of Aliens they encountered in the game, as I pointed out "Aliens Infestation" takes place hours or even a day before ACM, and explains a lot of the stuff he felt was missing lore from the game.
  7. You may be asking why I just showed you all those references. The reason is that Gearbox did what they said they would do. Go through all the storys in all the canon mediums and use them as reference material for ACM. They HELPED STRENGTHEN THE CREDIBILITY OF THE ALIEN ITSELF AS A VERY LETHAL THREAT!!! The reason the Alien is the way it was in ACM was because of ability established in the Alien lore. It was first introduced in Aliens Omnibus Volume 6 (Once in a Life Time) page 101 panel 3. This ability is known as the "Bio-Imperative" The Alien adapts ultra quick to hostile powerful foes. Take note going by Alien Anthology the alien only need like a couple hours to grow from burster to 8 foot tall monster. The Bio-Imperative was expanded upon in AvP:Extinction, talked about a bit in AvP Capcom, and more was added in ACM. The have a vast biological database of evolutionary responses to enemy threats. All those times there acid blood seemed weak may have been because it was acid, but something else real nasty, they are shown in Once in a life time changing there blood. So with this Bio-Imperative this is were you get all these Ravagers, War Empresses, Carriers, Razor Claws, Arachnoid s, Rangers, Crushers so on and so forth. And I grantee there are unlimited different versions of the one listed above and more yet made that can exist because of this ability. Because of this ability to evolve rapidly, and its not a generational adaption, all the aliens, old and young adapt. They have a cocoon process that speeds up the evolution @_@ I promise you Tyranids, Zerg, Flood, Hell Bugs don't amount to shit compared to Xenomorphs. In Aliens Destroying Angel (Omnibus volume 6) it is established that the Aliens have destroyed all advanced life in the past, including on earth, in the UNIVERSE, and they may have done this more than once, its like cycle. The imagery from that comic is used panel by panel in Prometheus, cities of dead Engineers piled on top of each other, wiped out by the Intervacius-Raptus (Xenomorph) Excluding the damage Winter, or any player character really, can cause in these games the scripted events and in game lore depict the Aliens as extermly lethal. They took on a detachment of WY mercs, they took on two Marine Battalions, they did not have the numbers advantage, and the humans were ready for a heavy duty fight, and yet it was STILL THE ALIENS THAT WON. It was because of the tactics they employed, and there ability to evolve very fast. THIS IS WHY THE CAPTAIN DIDN'T GO BACK FOR THE QUOTE UNQUOTE MARINES BECAUSE THERE WAS NONE, THEY WERE ALL DEAD WITH THE PLANET LOST! On top of that and Gearbox showing the other mediums as canon THEY DID HELP THE ALIEN AND THE SERIES. I think is very disingenuous to say they dishonored the series when they helped use hard core completest fans get what we want, and a story that shows just how lethal the aliens are. Trust me with all the fighting, civil war against avp fans and completest fans on the AvP wiki and AvPgalaxy we fans deserve. Other things I like was them actually showing what the emblem for the United States Colonial NAVY looks like(we only here about that branch in Alien Predator Deadliest of the Species), and all the new USCM Marine weapons like the Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle!!! On that note Joe please reconsider your stance on ACM and Alien Isolation. Its the Isolation that can really fuck things up.
  8. This concerns canon and references for the Alien, Predator, Prometheus, AvP saga, and your point that Sega / ACM has dishonored the Aliens name. First I will point out that everything that is video game, novel, comic, and movie is equal canon. Except you know movie versions of those games or books... You can get this information from the Alien Quadriliogy special features disc, look at the section with comics. My other references are. "The Alien Saga" it flat out says the four things listed above are in one saga. You can see this in the Alien saga dvd or in the Alien Anthology blu-ray special features. Thats nothing though. The AvP AvP:R two disc blu-ray set has a W.Y. Industries database full of in universe information, a lot of it is stuff only scene in AvP Prey, AvP War, and I think Deadliest of the Species, as well as stuff from the movies. It even has information linking it with Prometheus and the Comic "Aliens Colonial Marines" in the 6th Aliens Omnibus. Those are still nothing though. Here is a link from Gearbox, stating that all the other storys from the other mediums take place in the same universe. http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2011/08/25/gearbox-on-creating-a-canon-with-aliens-colonial-marines/#more-46236 Thats still nothing here is one of the Prometheus writers saying the AvP movies are canon. https://twitter.com/jonspaihts/status/174584310261751809 The same writer said that AvP was part of the Alien legacy in the special behind features for the 3d Blu-ray Prometheus movie set. And if that was still not enough the new writers for the Alien, Predator, AvP, and Prometheus comics (DarkHorse) have said the old comics are still canon AND AVP the MOVIE IS CANON! http://io9.com/see-dark-horses-first-alien-predator-avp-and-prometh-1500505424 ref Xenomorph mind control and mental attacks, and very detailed Alien tactical plans (Aliens Omnibus 1 Aliens Outbreak page 28, 31, 55, 56, 60 panel 5-8, 61, 62, 81-85, 90-98, 135-137, 142. Aliens: Nightmare Asylum page 56-61 2nd panel, 63-66, 67-75, 90-94. Outbreak 142 panel 1 has one of my fav line "DAMN THEM Damn them all to HELL. They thought they could BREED the MONSTERS. The Monsters were breeding us! Female War page 272 panel 3-6, 285-287, 330-331, Aliens Omnibus 3: Reapers (The whole event is a setup more than likely, I will explain bellow. Elder Gods Aliens vs Predator Omnibus volume 1. AvP Prey special edition page 9-16 Aliens vs Predator Omnibus volume 2 Deadliest Of the Species page 206-208, 215-216,231, 234-236, 257-260, 266-268, 281-286, 292-304. AvP: Pursuit AvP Gold (Alien story) AvP 2 and AvP 2 Primal Hunt. "Warrior LV-1201" story and "Pred Alien LV-1201" story. AvP Capcom arcade AvP Extinction. Nightmare Asylum page 3 5th pannel "DARWIN WAS RIGHT" Nightmare Asylum page 93 "The Old Guard Must be overthrown they must be defeated! I see now, She's trying to turn you against me. YOU FILTHY BITCH! My God YOU USED ME! You wanted your precious children back and I--I brought them to you. Female War page 272 pannel 3-6 "The Pilot of the derelict ship had discovered the aliens genesis the source of there power. I felt her Strenght, her utter supremacy. We assumed the alien infestations were sporadic, arbitary, that they bred wherever coveient, like some horrible canncers. We were WRONG. They move with PURPOSE. She's calling her children back to her."
  9. Angry Joe... This is what I want you to do... In the same manner you judged ACM as a piece of garbage I want you to do the same with Alien Isolation. But I don't want you to stop there... I want you to judge AvP Gold, AvP 2, AvP 2 Primal Hunt, AvP Extinction, AvP Capcom Arcade, hell you can do the AvP Super Nintendo and Gameboy too but I wouldn't disagree those suck. With same scrutiny you used with ACM I want you to use on the games listed above. I will tell you this right now, using what you said in your video about ACM you will judge them all as bad. You didn't like the idea that you fight humans in ACM... Well you fight a lot of humans as all the races in all the games mentioned above, hell there is like maybe three levels you fight a Predator in AvP2 when you are a Alien. You actually fight a lot of WY combat Androids. Every time I point these facts at to people that let is slide, BUT NOT WITH ACM... In Alien Isolation you are dealing with just ONE HANDICAPPED ALIEN, and crap loads of crazy humans and T-600s, and the space station itself. How can you let that slide Joe?! TO SUM IT UP THE ALIEN IN THIS GAME WILL NOT BE ABLE TO KILL YOU, STORY WISE, FOR 8-12 HOURS BECAUSE IT IS INCOMPETENT.
  10. This is about Alien Isolation. HOW COULD YOU BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS GAME JOE?! The Alien is portrayed as an idiot, granted in the canon they show that the aliens gain attributes(skills and memories) from the hosts (ref Alien Resurrection, AvP:Requiem, Deadliest of the Species, very likely AvP the computer game) so this alien could have come from a person who has bad OCD. YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED THAT THE ALIEN IS EASILY TRICKED BY THROWING FLAIRS PAST IT TO MAKE IT GO AWAY. Hell hiding from it should be a pointless endeavor as well. In multiple Alien stories, we get information about how aliens see the world. I will give you two examples WHY this game has failed the Alien. 1: In Aliens Omnibus volume 3 (Labyrinth) page 183-188 The Alien just about universally follow a code of conduct on how they deal with non-hostiles in different situations. Between escaping or eating they will choose eating (in a weakend state) Between attacking a armed man or an unarmed man the will pick the armed man. Between attacking a frightend unarmed man and a very brave unarmed man the will choose the frightend unarmed man. In a weekend state they even can have some small influence on the Alien.. These rules are pretty much followed in every medium that the alien is in UNLESS it has good reason to break these rules. 2: Same story as above page 206 Quote "This organ is what interests me most. The surface is lined with compound cells of Fullerite-Encased Hurlantium. The internal structure is solid neurons in two Binary fans. Very, Very Dense. I think it's the Alien Psychic Receiver. The Fullerite and Hurlantium Pick up E-Waves and the Binary Fans Create Interference Patterns from Electromagnetic fields. So it would not only receive brainwaves but enable the alien to assess another animal's physical characteristics by seeing its subtle body. End Quote Take note the alien has more than one sense, and they can evolve to have whatever senses they want. We see the Alien use this type of vision in ACM, and it can see through freaking large walls and buildings and heavy machinery, as well as cloaking devices. They can SEE the intent of there prey. They even show this in a demo in the 6s intro in AvP 3. Hell the aliens that use pheromones to see things as well can do the same. We see them with these abilities a lot in all the mediums. And now I am supposed to believe that hiding BEHIND A FREAKING TABLE IS NOW AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO ESCAPE FROM A XENOMORPH!!!? > Frack the established rules for combat aliens follow, throw them a FUCKING SQUEAK BALL AND YOU WANT HAVE ALIEN PROBLEMS IN ALIEN ISOLATION! IF YOU WERE PLAYING ALIEN FUCKING ISOLATION AND THE ALIEN IN IT NORMALLY WAS SWAPPED WITH THE MOST EVOLVED RANGER ALIEN FROM ACM, OR A COLOSSAL RAVAGER FROM AvP EXTINCTION, YOU WOULD BE DEAD FUCKING INSTANTLY WITH YOUR HEAD SLICED OFF THE SECONDED THE RAVAGER SEES YOU, OR HAVE YOUR FACE MELTED OFF BECAUSE THE RANGER SNIPED IT THE FUCK OFF WITH ACID SPIT. Take in mind Joe I am not cursing at you, I am cursing at the idea that Alien Isolation some how is supposed to portray Aliens the best out of all the games with Aliens in it, and it fails HARD.
  11. Before I begin I would love to say I love the Angry Joe show. All your videos are awesome, except your Kinect Star Wars review and the Aliens Colonial Marines review, and any review that ACM is bashed in. One of my favorite videos is the Shadow Fall review esp at the very beginning. For whatever reason people love my Mega Man videos, dispite how shitty the recording quality is. And I would love to be a serious Mega Man only reviewer. That scene with the rays from the PS4 version of you hitting you is similar to what I would do for a scene if I reviewed the "Mega Man Sonic the Hedgehog" comic where Mega Man becomes Super Mega Man and then takes the chaos emeralds from Sonic becoming a giant Gold version of himself. Anyway back to the heart of the matter. Joe you are disrespecting "Aliens Colonial Marines" and "Aliens Colonial Marines Signal Interrupted" WAY TO MUCH! I may have to make multiple posts because I don't want to overwhelm you with one giant post. Now before I get to story related points, challenges, and Alien Isolation GARBAGE, I want to get issues about ACM game mechanics out of the way. I had ZERO of the issues you showed in your ACM video review concerning AI and other mechanic issues. I have come to the realization that there is SOME kind of issue being experienced by other gamers but for whatever reason I got the golden egg, OR just maybe because I have the most advanced version of the Xbox 360 "Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 special edition" some how its processor is the most compatible with the game. If that were true that would mean the "Halo 4 edition Xbox 360" and the" Xbox live anniversary Xbox 360 edition" would have the same effect. But ether case I have not had any issues up until the patch came out to fix the ai, I noticed the xenos would hide more, which resulted in me dieing less. Ether way I think this should be looked into, and any proof you ask of me to give you that I am not having these issues I will give. In fact the Hardest setting has been extremely brutal I have died soo many times, hell even one time when I was playing with a friend the Lurker "Ninja trolled" me only. It was like it was playing a game with my friend, avoiding me and taking me out as quickly as it could nearly immediately after he would pick me up, this happened 6 times!!! Im not a bad player ether I got all the achievements by myself in Halo 3 except the one that requires more than one person. Hell and in Bug hunt the Aliens evolve to such a point you end up killing yourself with out killing the Xenos if you have a Rocket Launcher because they are so fast and durable. They can even deflect plasma bolts back into your face with there hands!!! This part is about issues you have had with the story. You said you had a problem with the Marine that blew himself up with a grenade that was impregnated... I have to points to make in regardes too your problem with this scene. One The Aliens have been shown as being very skilled tacticians that, depending on the alien, can make multilayered detailed plans that can encompass multiple planets. The Queen Mother is the most skilled of the lot so far. And she has a link to every Alien in the universe. All the Queens have been shown to manipulate the actions of non Xenomorphs to some degree. In the case of the Queen Mother she has had 100% direct control over non Xenos even humans that are dead and extremely rotted. Now the reason I brought this up is that if you think about it, if Winter had been allowed to enter the ship he was heading too, he would not have survived and unlocked the systems containing the Queen on LV-426. Two Going back to the mind control traits the Queens have shown to have. There is obviously different levels of control the different types of Queens have. Only the Queen Mother has ever been shown 100% mentally controling other non-xenos with out aid. Other Queens if they want to have 100% control of non-xenos must use a type of alien chest burster known as the "Infectoid." The Command type Xenomorphs will use these Infectoids to infiltrate and covertly cause harm to enemy forces. This happened in Aliens vs Predator (Capcom Arcade) When a Predator was infected with the Infectoid and it went on a killing spree against other Predators. You next point is that you have a problem that the Marines know about the Lurker. Well I guess what most fans don't know is that "Aliens Infestation" for the DS takes place like days or hours before Aliens: Colonial Marines. Going by the written lore for both games two Battalions of Marines were sent to LV-426, that up to 2000 Marines. Winter and his unit are the last to be woken up, and by then the Aliens have killed most of the Marines, and the story for Aliens Infestation has ended. The Marines that had already been awake and fighting the Aliens for hours to a couple days would have time to give some of the different aliens nicknames. Winter should be FREAKING LUCKY he didn't ever have to fight the FREAKING Gorilla ALIENS and Praetorian Gorilla Alien. They are immune to the most the weapons that Marines carry. The reason the base is in better shape than you would think it would be is because of the design of the base itself and because WY had rebuilt parts of the base as was shown in Aliens: Infestation. Your next point is that the friendly AI has attacks that are weak against the alien... Well the scripted events ARE more canon that the game play. The Aliens KICK THE CRAP out of the humans in this game and Aliens Infestation. The Aliens have adapted for heavy combat! You see them make great tactical maneuvers in these games, like staying behind the Crushers and letting it soak up the heavy attacks of the humans, you see the Warriors hiding in the mountains and striking the WY drop ships when they get low enough. They target the jet turbines sending the Drops ships crashing into the ground. Your next issue is that your Pilot in the Drop ship accidentally fires at you. The reason she fires at you was because she wasn't expecting to get shot at from the sides by WY Mercs. You point out how you like the design of the Weapons used in ACM. I would like to point out the designs are inspired by the guns used by Colonial Marines in the 1st Aliens Omnibus. They have the sub-machine guns, as well as a gun that does look like the WY Assault Rifle. In the Novel the sub-machine guns even carry a special clip that carries quote unquote rainbow rounds, which are like a mixes of multiple ammo types. I disagree with your point about the Motion tracker as well Joe... I needed it in story mode when dealing with the Lurkers because how damn stealthy they are. So far in your video, because I am basing my responses as the video is playing, the only thing I can agree on is that the easier modes will be easy. You can say that for any game though. You make some points about the Smart Gun and the Powerloader not being used in game, or enough. You might have a good point for the Smart Gun but the Power Loader is a death trap. You don't want to fight Aliens with them unless they are the combat types like the Alice in AvP2 with an anti anything laser, twin gat cannons, anti-tank rocket launcher, flamethrower. The regular one may have worked somewhat ok against a injured Queen in Aliens, and against the Raven, BUT against like say a Ravager your fucked, or even any type of Ranger Aliens or Crushers.