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  1. OK, that fort is awesome!!!! I feel ashamed of myself always building a 5x5 reinforced shed, lol. Awesome work Deadeye!
  2. I am so mad that this came out so much later than the original PS4. I'd have totally grabbed the white one.
  3. I'd like to push for this to happen as well. If I don't buy Elite during the beta, I'm certainly buying it day 1 of release. Can't get enough of watching Ross play Space Truckers, lol. I want in.
  4. I did enjoy playing Guns of Icarus, a lot, during the 24 hour stream. I'll definitely look into it!
  5. Hello everyone! Up until just recently I've always leaned towards MMORPGs and have suddenly found myself pretty bored with them. What I'm looking for, now that I've joined the AJSA, is a new game to focus my attention on and hopefully distinguish myself in the AJSA. After the 24 hour stream, I found a few games that I really enjoyed: PvZ: Garden Warfare, Planetside 2, and Guns of Icarus being my faves. Any suggestions from my fellow soldiers? Any teams out there that could use a new recruit?
  6. Almost seems like a conspiracy......
  7. I got accepted to the Beta this week and played a fair bit yesterday. I'm very excited about opening up my own little Smithy and be a professional crafter.. but to be honest, the linear "tutorial" and force-fed story are losing me fast. If I do make it beyond that, I'll be glad to help out with this.
  8. I certainly wouldn't hate on the game for that! I'm excited to see that kind of stealthy game play outside of the AC series. I mean, people keep calling Destiny a mash up of Borderlands and Halo... and all I can think is... "this is a bad thing?!"
  9. Actually, LaserBunny's comment is precisely why I'm so excited for this game! That, and the Nemesis system... so much potential... gonna be fun!!!!
  10. Heck, I'll give it a shot! Twitch: Aeetos Games I'll play: MIDNIGHT (CDT): Elite: Dangerous Multiplayer! (tent: depends on budget) 8 AM: Unturned 11 AM: Plants Versus Zombies! 2 PM: Guns of Icarus Online with the AJSA! 6 PM: Team Fortress 2 with the AJSA! (Server: The AJSA's very own TF2 server:, and others) 8 PM: Guild Wars 2 with the AJSA! (Server: Northern Shiverpeaks) 10 PM: Planetside 2 with the AJSA! (Server: Emerald, Faction: TR)
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! Conan, were you in the Planetside 2 stream that Joe did a few nights back? I actually installed PS2 after watching that and I'm looking forward to joining in the war there!
  12. Hello everyone! I've been a fan of the Angry Joe show since last year and FINALLY joined, lol. Glad to be here and I love watching the live streams and reviews! I met a few of you officially last night during the Team Fortress 2 stream with Sgt. Ross and Tons0fun. Looking forward to kicking butt with you guys! (For those of you that were watching, yes I know I totally suck at Team Fortress 2, had fun anyways!) Currently I'm interested in PC games and PS4 multiplayer. I've already been playing a fair bit of Destiny for PS4 and I'll definitely be looking for fireteam mates for the bigger events there! I will see you guys on the battlefield! Aeetos