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Everything posted by Jez

  1. yeh Im wondering of purchasing it. but need to clan up to play I reckon
  2. Great to see new people coming in! Anyone playing Player Unknowns Battlegrounds? Its soo addictive!
  3. Yes welcome what games will you be playing?
  4. With the Mcree nerf I think its just range damage reduction they're doing. With people moaning about Bastian, Widowmaker takes out Bastian easily all day
  5. With the GTX 960. I would recommend waiting and getting the new AMD RX480. The Price difference between GTX 960 and RX480 is pretty low in USD.
  6. adde me: Jezzathor #2591
  7. Didn't reach Level 10 in time
  8. Agreed. I would wait for pascal to be released as the current as the current Maxwell generation is more than year old now.
  9. Can't wait guys! right now though I'm a bit of a newbie. Going to go through a few levels up first
  10. Cant wait to have a few rounds with you guys
  11. How excited are you about this game?? Can't wait to train a flying dinousaur to ride!!!
  12. Angry Joe has just did a first play through and it looks legit!
  13. I have not played GTA v and waited until 14th of April on PC and boy was it worth the wait!!!!
  14. I can't believe there has been no mention of the Game of Thrones Board game!!!
  15. Just got it! Looks gorgeous on 4K ultra!!
  16. I just go it too. uplay ID jayfone
  17. SC-Handle : Jezzathor Jez reporting for duty!!
  18. Origin Id : Captain_Lash Lets get this party started!
  19. I do! Would be awesome if we did
  20. just got it been playing it non stop! add me guys!"
  21. Defo getting this but are you guys willing to get a nice little exploration/wrecking crew going?
  22. now you can use off shore money to bet on cards!
  23. I've signed up for the Beta last week! Going to be a crazy little Chua builder!
  24. any of you guys interested completing heists together? I presume we'd be much more efficient if we used team speak
  25. I just signed up for the beta quite excited about this