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  1. CarneddVoltage liked a post in a topic by Jez in Hi everyone   
    Yes welcome what games will you be playing?
  2. Jez liked a post in a topic by Paterlotus in Whatsup dudes!!! New PC dude here!!!   
    Hello and thanks for taking me in guys!!! My name is Armando (or just Mando) and I'm a new PC dude that joined through the Battlefield platoon system. I saw AJSA's ad in the BF1 forums and I was like Woah no way, I didn't even realize they had a platoon for BF1. I play mostly BF1 and Overwatch lately, but especially BF1 and got sick of not being in a platoon. I haven't been in a decent sized active guild/community since my days of being a Wrath-Baby in WoW. Those were some good days, but now I play alot of Battlefield. I've been looking for a good gaming community to join once again, where players are actually active. You know how I mean? Once again, thank you guys and I look forward to many enjoying many a match in BF1 and other games too!
     - Mando 
  3. Jez liked a post in a topic by Conan in The Division event #1   
    The first The Division EF event will be held this Saturday, 12th of March, from 4PM EST (9PM GMT) onwards. We'll be using the Expeditionary Forces TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak to communicate for the duration of the event. For the first event we shall head into the Dark Zone - the game's PvP area - to extract some loot. Acknowledging that level differences severely impact the relative performance of players, we shall split the attending players according to their levels into groups, corresponding to the level caps of the different Dark Zone sections. Additionally you might have the chance to see some High Value Targets within your section of the Dark Zone, namely some of the members of the EC (Acepilot666, Arising Flame, Brandykins1982, Conan or DigsGambit), any other Commanders or perhaps Lord Commander Joe. The person that kills the most of those high value targets shall receive one of the rare Contest Pips.                                Dedicated Players   Please remember to give your actual forum and TS name if you want us to track your attendance across all EF events for the this month. If you turn up and are active for enough events, you'll be awarded with attendance pips that will adorn your name on the forum. You may even be eligible for other prizes as well.                                     If you want to suggest ideas, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the EF forum here: http://angryjoeshow....itionary-force/   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the EF leaders, namely Acepilot666, ArisingFlame, Brandykins1982, Conan or Digs.

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  4. RavenJuice liked a post in a topic by Jez in Calling All Aussie Battlefield 4 Players!   
    How about Hong Kong? Aus is waaayy closer for me
  5. Jez liked a post in a topic by ELACaster in Cool pistol only server   
    I found a pretty good pistol only server if you guys want to level up your side arms.
    just search this in the server browser.
    First Kill Gaming | PISTOL PISTOLS ONLY | All MapsPost up any other cool servers for leveling up.
  6. Jez liked a post in a topic by Gone the Third in If you could be a Super Hero...   
    If I could be a Superhero,
    I would be Awesome Man.
    I'd fly around the world fighting crime
    According to my Awesome Plan.
    And if I saw criminals trying to lie
    Hurting other people and making them cry
    I'd haul them off to jail in my Awesome Van.
    Because I would be Awesome Man.
    Points if you get the reference. 
    Anyways, if I were a superhero:
    Name: The Shadow Uber
    Job: EA Games Marketing Executive (no one'd think to look for me there)
    Nemesis: Corporate Commander, who is also my boss (he's a tad dense), and wants to- you guessed it- take over the world. (OF COURSE!)
    Principle: Never be seen, except when dramatically appropriate. 
    Powers: Ninja reflexes.
    Weakness: bullets, sunlight, my in-laws
    Why? Some guy on a forum asked me what I'd like to be if I were a superhero. 
    And justice and stuff, I guess...
  7. Sonarok liked a post in a topic by Jez in Your BF4 soldier name.   
    My battlefield 4 name is Captain_Lash. See you guys on there!
  8. axewax liked a post in a topic by Jez in Looking for an Angry Army Guns of Icarus Online Crew   
    I love Guns of Icarus!! I've kick started their adventure mode too!! 
  9. Jez liked a post in a topic by Tons0fun in Latest Update from Rockstar on GTA Online!   
    At least they are still planning for content updates, now we just need the PC version!